Firefly $139 Gibson ES-335 Style Guitar(Amazon) – Demo / Review

By popular demand, here’s my demo / review of the Firefly $139 semi-hollow body guitar from This is in the style of the classic Gibson ES-335! Nice transparent red finish on this one! Check it out!

Download this full backing track for FREE here:

Played through my Blackstar ID Core 10. Link Here:×5-watt-2×3-Stereo-Combo%2F173039559408

This guitar is CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK, but check back in a couple weeks! Link Here:

Rubric: -5 points for Danzig references. -5 points for not reading the description. -5 points for not watching far enough into the video to answer your own question. -5 points for misquoting me in your comment. 20 points possible. Everyone starts with an A!


george cland says:

The red color Firefly hollow body guitar looks beautiful and sound great!

kenneth kofler says:

After watching your video we still have no idea how the guitar actually sounds; all we heard was your digital effects unit, which sounds the same no matter what you plug into it. There’s nothing wrong with that tone if it’s your style, but it’s not a representative, or even competent, attempt to display of the GUITAR’s tone. I’m thinking that if you were to use a clean, unprocessed tone with that guitar, it’s tone and sustain would sound as cheap as it is or worse and we’d hear all kinds of fret-out, dead-fret and intonation issues. I’m also thinking that your “reviews” are really just ads for Asian knock-off guitar mills.

Hank Montgomery says:

Looks and sounds good, but I’ll stick to my Epiphone Riviera p93

Sanford Rush says:

Yes Nugent plays hollow body. I also think a good guitarist can make crap sound good…

Zoran Arapovic says:

Have you reviewed a Shengze guitar yet?

john sikora says:

Does it come in any other colors?

kev b says:

You are not really much of a player to be fair

SS Sandman says:

LoL at the Rubric comments. Pretty crazy value there. Nothing close to the original, but for $139? Come on. Don’t see how they make money.

Jennifer WhiteWolf says:

I have enjoyed my 1966 Guild Starfire V for 52 years now. It is also a solid center semi hollow, just like this… Back in the 60s, the ES335 and Starfires ( if you could afford Guild) were very popular in rock, even some thicker bodied Gretch. Kids today have no clue of what was really played back then…

liamLFC11 says:

Do you know when they’re in stock again?

Steve Lee says:

I don’t much care for accordions

Bronzesnake says:

I have an Epiphone Casino full hollow and I play Dio to Beatles on this awesome guitar. The first day I had the guitar I plugged in at band practice and smashed out a heavy duty rendition of Holy Diver which caused chin to floor reactions! It was priceless seeing their gaping pie traps like that, they were absolutely stunned…well more so tan usual!

Who cares what it looks like!
Jack – Canada

Jake says:

Nice speaking voice

Joe Dov says:

Hey Ted Nugent played pretty Hard stuff forever on a hollow body Bird land.

mattgregorio says:

How’s this compared to the Epiphone es 335 pro??

Tony Ambrosi says:

I dig the Metaltronix head in the background!

Kombiice says:

2:29 reminds me to Pink Floyd!

1bulldog998 says:

I`am buying one…. great sounding and built really nice … THANKS FOR THE REVIEW

eroticblack says:

your playing always impresses me. I have subbed you!

Billy Blaze says:

I have had a couple Gibson 335’s and you are right they are excellent rock guitars, in fact they are extremely versatile. There’s something about the electronics in a true Gibson 335 paired with 57 pickups that is magic though. The dynamics are top notch in overtones and string nuance. I miss mine a lot. I am currently using an Epiphone Sheratan pro 2 and it’s as close as you can get to a real 335, wayyyy better than Epi’s 335 copies.

J Zero says:

Wow!!! sound really good, I’m looking for another guitar for a good price

Raindrop Services says:

Thanks for the video review. Question… I think I’m seeing that the nut is slightly crooked, under an angle. Or is it just the camera angle that gives it that appearance?

Rod Longuestte says:

Great review, thank you. I figure as long as it doesn’t look like a shredder or some other current sweetheart guitar, they’re going to need to sell class workmanship as a great price.

Jamie York says:

This guitar isn’t available anymore far as I know, I’ve been looking for one but no luck

Charles Wassman says:

Thanks for the review. I wanted to begin learning to play guitar and your praise for this guitar convinced me to order one o (a tobacco burst). A few weeks later, I’m stoked to practice basic stuff like strumming open chord changes and picking up the pentatonic and blues scales. The action has been really easy on my beginner hands and it makes learning to play a joy. I’m grateful for your help to begin my journey as a musician.

masael255 says:

I’ve got a full hollowbody myself and I love it for cranking up the metal sound on it. It’s a lot warmer and thicker than solid-bodies, in my opinion, but that’s something you might either like or dislike. I hear there are issues with feedback but I’ve yet to experience that issue. But aesthetically, it does look a bit strange but it might be what makes a metal guitarist stand out more. 🙂

jgeraci1 says:

Yeah a good friend of mine in the music industry told me when I confessed that my favorite guitar was made in China, “they have wood there too ya know”

Dr. Gonzo Goes Berserk says:

Welp, now I’m interesting in getting one of these as a base for a project. To answer your question: My guy, you can play whatever on anything you want, as long as it sounds good. I’ve seen people shred on Hello-Kitty strats as well as mini Les Pauls. Hell, David Allan Coe plays country music on those Dean Dimebag guitars all the time (he knew and hung out with Dime, so it doesn’t surprise me that he uses them) but I digress: if the you can do it and make it sound good, then do it.

Mark James Meli says:

Right on Mr. Max!! Much like the “craft beer” industry that is becoming commonplace in the United States, you’re finding many worldwide companies that are making guitars with high quality standards that don’t cost as much as you’d think. Online vendor’s are where you’re gonna find them, as what’s left of the retail stores won’t sell them, because of educated consumer’s who know how much they’re actually worth. The stores can’t justify a high markup and who gets a commission out of it?

Brooks Guitar Lessons says:

Firefly should become more popular now after Gibson’s bankruptcy.

hockey14822 says:

You know how to market things that is for sure why this guitar has sold out. Did you know nes games got really expensive when there were guys like the angryvideogamenerd coming out with funny videos of himself playing classic video games. Well what happened was there were people who wanted to do the same because of all the really good content on YouTube he and a few others have made. You could inspire a lot of people to play guitar much like youtube users did with the video game industry, only also you’ll raise the prices on guitars and guitar gear by having such great content and being truthful and good at guitar. Your channel will grow because you know your shit, there will be people trying to copy your content. Let’s hope guitar collectors don’t suffer the same fate as video game collectors did.

Jay Budington says:

Ibanez AF 75D with Bigsby and roller bridge is also a good find… No longer made…

Luke Bullitt says:

May you review the $500 cheap Byrdland copy from DH Gate?


Great playing!

Steve Daigneault says:

Did you just knee the cat in the face at the end lollllll.

Peter Lichota says:

Out of stock at present…

TheBearFamily Vlogs says:

I’m new and submitted to your channel great content love the Firefly guitar ive looked them up there now running for$ 250 range now can you do another video of where to buy cheap guitars like this one plz

George Petersen says:

Get a better player first.

Follow The Sun says:

OMG, I was on the hunt for the same body style as the Gibson but wanted an affordable price, Here it is displayed for me and I’m buying it on payday! it’ll be great for my intermediate self! Thank You!!

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