FENDER vs IBANEZ – Guitar Tone Comparison!

Need a guitar that is versatile enough to cover most genres?
Check out two of the best: STRAT VS RG!
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Position 5: Couldn’t Stand the Weather – SRV
Position 4: Darrell Braun
Position 3: Endless Sacrifice – DT
Position 2: Kindred Spirits – LTE
Position 1: Virtuality – Rush, Peruvian Skies – DT

American Standard Strat
Ibanez RG870 Premium

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Eric O'Brien says:

They both sound awesome. But it is no mystery the hum’s vs. the single coils!! It is the pickups more than the guitars most of the time. Both sounded great with your playing.

Karym Willemsen says:

Ibanez is a great guitar, but imho it misses character. I just cant feel the guitar

Sam says:

How much of a pain is that locking tremolo?

Its All About Gaming. says:

For me the Fender American stratocater has the cleaner soumd of all guitars

PrankMx says:


Alexander Mielke says:

Nice endless sacrifice riffage 🙂

gosh darn says:

Just goes to show that the Ibanez is meant for metal. Always has been and always will be. The pickups are way too hot to achieve a good clean tone.

Bhaskar Maity says:

I like both of them.

Darrell Braun Guitar says:

Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnlFY421Xis

Zakkyl says:

I found out that Fender has thicker strings. You gotta play full power on your fretting fingers if you play Fender, I don’t know, but it seems pretty hard to sound good with tapping, for they are much crunchier sounded, but with Ibanez, I feel much easier in speed solos and tapping.

Intern Primas says:

The strat sounds much louder with all of it’s single pickups.

ΛΝDΗΣΣ says:

in this video, ibanez has more dirty sound n fender has more clear tone… i dunno how you set the amp
the original artist creating that riff is using ibanez and his sound is very good

Christopher Hubbard says:

If you compare them you should play the exact same riffs and solos note for note and don’t dumb down your attack. Just saying. Clearly all instruments sound good. It just depends on what you want them to do.

Riley Maier says:

You don’t need to use your thumb to mute the top strings if you’re accurate

Mula Imami says:

If we gonna talk about tone then i’ll go fender all the way, its just vintage, its set standart on how a tone should be, I have fender strat and i loved it soo much, but if we gonna talk about playability like dive bombing, shredding, fast play, ibanez all the way.

Pablo Deuliand says:

Ibanez copied Stratocaster design.


I like Ibanez guitar, it’s like my first guitar I had

shred5 says:

I liked the sound of the Fender better here. If there was something heavier, I might prefer the Ibanez for that.

Abhimitra Karreddula says:

4:44 Ibanez is not loud

Ariq Sino says:

Ibanez is better

Daniel Hartman says:

Had a new RG 550 sent it back to Sweetwater. Opted for the Fender American Pro Strat instead. I am no shredder and the wizard neck I could not get use to.But the Ibanez RG is a very nice guitar.I just prefer the playability and the sound more of the Fender strat.

Jesse Williams says:

The fender is good for those blues, Ibanez is not as good in my opinion for the clean tone

Professional Youtube User says:

I would go for Ibanez because their rock sound is much more better.

charles meadows says:

They sound the same

Trolly Studios says:

As big on glam metal I am, I’d probably default to the Ibanez guitar.

Michael King says:

That ibanez sounded great on the slow blues demonstration. Made me smile haha.

Zohib Iqbal says:

What is the tune he is strumming at 5:28. And where can I find the tabs

Testify: A Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan says:

he played “Couldn’t stand the weather” i approve

Kuro Neko says:


Hostiles Full Movie,2017 says:

Good guitar

Neil Regan says:

I don’t think this is a fair comparison, not sure at the price points of these two guitars but stock pups in a Fender Am Standard are ready for the stage and studio. Those pups in the Ibanez are rubbish and worth about $15 from China IMO. Throw in anything mid price range in the Ibanez and the tonal range will kill the Fender, but it won’t ever, ever, sound like a Fender Strat. I’m a huge fan of both brands.

Golden Warrior says:


Ben Miller says:

Don’t by Mexican stratocasters. By Japanese or American. Ibanez made in japan over a strat made in Mexico. Trust me.

Julius Caesar says:

Wow the Strat sounds so much better, especially on the clean tone

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