Fender Modern Player Short Scale Stratocaster & Telecaster electric guitar review demo

Full review in Guitarist issue 386
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earthlydescent says:

That’s the best tone I’ve ever heard out of a Fender Blues Junior (and I couldn’t find a good tone when I’ve played thru one). Killer work.

Cyprien TM says:

It’s the music that corresponds to the first three chords of the telecaster?

Alexis Ollivier says:

I want to play Nirvana style and I was wondering if Fender Modern Player Short Scale Stratocaster is good

michael jordan says:

Does it lose any sound?

Maafa 1619 says:

That thing is an abomination.

Silica says:

How the hell did I not know short scale guitars existed?? I’m not even 5 feet tall and my guitars look massive on me, this is something I need.

Darius Lazar says:

Are these guitars good for rock?

broomsterm says:

I grew up playing a Fender Mustang and a Gibson SG Junior. When I switched over to a 25.5 inch scale neck, I didn’t like it. Still, I put the shorty’s in the closet. Once in a while I pull them out and they feel like old friends…Love the sound of the Strat here.

flips220 says:

These dudes are all pro at putting together these demo tracks.

Fabio A. says:


Kevin McLaren says:

Available left handed????

inveigle says:

Awesome licks, who is this guitarist?

Serge Palmers says:

like your carpet 

estebandeloso says:

Lol they have 20 frets. Also, I feel like you could just save some $ and buy a Squier Mini Strat.

jonthorsigmunds says:

I loved this demo, good job +Guitarist! But that Supro was what really caught my attention, any chance of a demo?

rubén cárdenes santana says:

what strings gauge?

Robinson & McKay says:

Is it just me or do the lead parts seem a bit low in the mix of this demo? Usually you can hear them clear as a bell on your videos but this just seemed like I was struggling to pick out what was being played. Is this a recording level issue or are both guitars perhaps a little weak or single notes?

Cidraque says:

What’s the point for a shorter scale?

Samuel Campos says:

They have less of that quack

yamitanomura says:

That Telecaster is really great guitar !

ylcn77ylcn says:

very nice great

Zola Zon says:

Its good that fender make 24″ short scale strat again, they made one in the 90’s. I like the short scale especially for my small fingers. SX guitars also produces great 24″ scale strat too. Durango guitar works exclusively make 24″ scale electric guitars.

Bourne Accident says:

Hey Chris – Great guitar work.  You work for a magazine, but do you play in a band?

IT'SME says:

2:08-2:38 seems to not be correct at all

Blue Regard says:

The music being played sounds like a dodge truck ad

Don Hendrix says:

just purchased one at Guitar Center for 399, very happy. Pickups a bit bland but if you have small hands it is excellent. I definitely recommend using at least tens, the nines sounded thin. My first Asian build guitar…..I’m impressed.

kingstumble says:

Both sound really good but don’t know why they downsized the body and reduced the number of frets.

Mire Shen says:


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