Fender Electric Guitar Review – kurt cobain – Fender Jaguar

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TestMeatDollSteak says:

Cobain’s jag was highly modified, with a Strat neck & headstock, DiMarzio humbuckers, and an Adjusto-Matic bridge…

iceonaboy says:

Its a Jag yoo aar, not a Jag waar!

billab0ng83 says:

u lose all credibility doing vids like this. Purely done for ur self gain. Quite obvious it wasnt ur idea to give that guitar away an its not urs to begin with.

nayrniak says:

What…. so Fender finally makes an affordable guitar that includes my dream of KILLSWITCH and I MISSED IT!!! ALAS!!! I can no longer go on in this life; GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!!!

Ray M. Garcia says:

Jonny Marr made it kinda famous way before…

collhiodudeoo9o says:

no kurt cobains his was his exact model with two humbuckers and wore down to his exact guitar

F Stanz says:

cobain played the jagstang at all of one show.

to think it was his main guitar is false.

VlCK7 says:

did he use the mustang or jaguar more?

Brady Myers says:

Anyone know the pricetag?

a shovel says:

What bridge is on there?

whotookthemoney says:

Pretty sure this was a “Classic Player” Jaguar. It’s not a Kurt Cobain signature model. It appears as though the video’s author put “Kurt Cobain” in the title as a search term. There is a Kurt Cobain Mustang model, however, in a similar price range.

superreverbfreak says:

i thought the kurt cobain jag had humbuckers and came in only one color??

AndreaGaming89 says:

it isn’t kurt cobain jag

eveDjakku says:

wow this guy has totally no idea on what the switches do lol

Adam Ye says:

Dam im 3 years late

Byborne says:

He had a jagstang as well, yes, but he started out with the jaguar, then later came with the ideas for a “jagstang” and then got it made for him.

Maksim Shekhovtsov says:

Damm i’m 3 years late…

Marco Dellorusso says:

Hey dumbass, this is not the KUrt Cobain Jaguar.

charly88888888 says:

Y’know I sort of wish they could finally work out once and for all what the hell the Jag controls all do. I know of at least four completely different setups as stock.

Kamil Kamaletdinov says:

Can yon make a lesson for Picture me Broken:Dearest so sorry.. i thing its very difficult song to play 🙁

marlonmm says:

Damn I’m 3 years late…

Callsign Diesel says:

Damn im very very late shit

David Gogoladze says:

Stupid review !!

Jevgenijus Sergejevas says:

i have subaru in my garage and i have jaguar in my house
and i realy can spear those sounds ,they are realy have their own sound,beutiful sound

Brett Benson says:

Was this guy completely stoned when he did this video? He didn’t even know what to call the pick ups

Utopía grunge says:

that’s not the Kurt Cobain’s jaguar!!

piglos says:

Fuck me. I have seen this bloke’s videos before and thought he had a clue. NFI. If you don’t know, don’t pretend you do

AdrianVino says:

Cool video.

This….OR…the newly released 2017 Fender Jaguar Professional…….vs Gibson SG 61 reissue

? Anybody?

Bazzabazeman says:

God such an orgasmic guitar

Bernardo Vinagre says:

he has no clue what the switches are for… please xD that’s not even a cobain jaguar, it has no humbuckers.

Chris Arnold says:

I don’t see a Kurt Cobain Jag anywhere in this video. 😛

Good Tutorials says:

Kurt Cobain Tone
Fender Jaguar
Mesa Boogie or Fender Twin Reverb or Fender Bass man
Ds-1, Ds-2, EHX Polychorus, EHX Small Clone, Tech 21 Sans Amp
Amp Settings: Bass-6, Mids-8, Treble-8

Pelucho says:



I don’t see a Cobain Jag anywhere in the video.. :/

Fraser Ward says:


viktor iliev says:

more like 3

JacobAcLoz says:

Marty please hold another contest like this one again soon. I got here a little late…

Logan Edwards says:

He never said it’s Kurt’s jaguar, just that he made it famous

Michael Brohl says:

Cobain put humbucker’s in his Jag. Personally I prefer the original single coils.

Jude Chapman says:

He has no idea about the pickup switching he’s got it all wrong!

xBDizzLe says:

not a KC jaguar man. its a classic player

Jamie Wood says:

He never said it was a Kurt Cobain jaguar; he stated Kurt made the jaguar famous again in the 90’s

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