Etherial 10 string Guitar review

I ordered this guitar a while back, it took me a little over a year to obtain it. It’s an Etherial 10 string electric guitar. I use it for playing everything. I am giving an honest review.

The tuning (lowest to highest) C#, F#, B, E, A, D, G, b, e, a

For those that hate, you’re entitled to your own opinion, however the day you put out an album, I will welcome that with open ears. I am doing just fine without your approval.

Etherial guitar’s website


José Suárez says:

6:10 Rings of Saturn!

George Ag says:

Ληθη greek mythology κορη της Εριδας Ληθη=λησμονια

I Don't Know 0123456789 says:

+Lefal Injection Hey man, is that low C# string tight enough on the 28″ scale length? I’ve seen as long as 30″ before.

Anonymous Prime says:

I can barely play a 6 string holy shit you can play. Also dope ass guitar

Ron Taylor says:

Very nice Guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manne says:

Wtf seriously?!!! 250k pots?!

TheDiabolic1337 says:

you should for sure do some covers of regular 6 string e standard tunings.

OW_it_broke says:

Holy shit that is one gnarly ass guitar

trey sword says:

I’ve wanted an etherial since I saw the eight string used by lucas mann and it was just insane watch the end of the Video shards of scorched flesh guitar play through by Lucas Mann to see what he explains a little bit about

Kvlt Goat says:

Ouch those fret edges.

Jack Barger says:

I went into this kind of expecting some djent kid to be like “HOLY SHIT A T E N STRING WOOOOW supreme chug lord” and to see you actual deserve to play a ten string guitar was amazing

ExtronMadosOfficial says:

I personally would try to tune one low to high G#(yes, G#0) D# A# D# G# C# F# B E A

Warlocke says:



Siszej says:

C’mon go to drop G# on this monster and cover After the burial

Squidward Tortillini says:

Was that some Russian Hotel Aftermath I was hearing?

Ike Davis says:

I’ve been playing metal fast as fuck for years. Now I have the money to get quality. This is crazy sounds great bro wish we were neighbors. I’m gonna make own bc rich bich style 10 string. Live long and prosper, back to keyboard cat.

ExtronMadosOfficial says:

but this is pretty sick 🙂

Ajani Brunner says:

what’re the scale lenghts?

Azazul Soulmeister says:

I’ve heard a lot of negative things about Etheral’s quality control. Did you hear anything before deciding to buy this guitar?

Jasmine Mendoza says:

you need to upload covers or originals! something man

Flavio Esteban says:

crazy dude. What’s that neck profile like?

BoopyHooves says:

i just bought a 8 strings guitar but the 10 strings sounds so good 😀 i think its gonna be in my sight x’3

nosmohttff says:

Been playing a 6 string for almost 4 years now, I don’t know when to go for the jump for a 7 string or if I should skip that and go straight for an 8 string.

roadregu says:

Oh man – that playing! Is that your own music / riffage, or is it from other artists? Are they specific tracks? Sounds like some music I could really enjoy.

MetalHeadache says:

Pushed like when you played Utopia c:

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