ESP Guitar Review inc. Buying / Collecting Tips! LTD EC1000CTM M Demo and Review

About This Video : Enjoy this review of the ESP LTD EC1000CTM-M guitar. A nice one for fhe collection! Can’t wait to see what ESP has planned for Winter NAMM 2014. They definitely deliver the goods! A great Gibson / Fender alternative. Top shelf quality. Enjoy this DEMO & REVIEW!

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keith ellis says:


Always Rainy says:

Schecter Hellraiser Extreme Solo 6 Maple… Esp isn’t the only company with a single cut and Maple fretboard…

Ad Mack says:

You want a hunk of Mahogany and a huge maple cap?, go for a DEAN EVO CZECH PREMIUM!

Chris Harris says:

some folks just come off as asses.

Efrain Beastn says:

I like your reviews . Love your playing . Please don’t ever stop lol

Niclas Karlsson says:

Maple neck or maple fretboard?

Steven Tauscher says:

I have 2 of them ec1000 deluxe and a satin black ec1000 great guitars.I love em wanna get the double bound ec 1000 thicker body.

Edison Queiroz Villela says:

Made in China?

Greg Roberson says:

This video is over a year old so I understand if you don’t respond but I just got one of the thinner eclipses with the maple board and I was wondering if you would suggest putting in the emg 57/66 set in it?

crazy jerry says:

this is nota review its a sale lol

Michael H says:

except the fact that ltds finish feels plasticy

S Paul Guitars says:

When you demo a guitar, are you running it straight into a amp for its natural tone or are you running it through a interface with effects on it?

kreepthedestroyer says:

are you God and I see heaven? that or its a cut from Red Dwarf. nice I have and esp eclipse with 4 control dials. would love full thickness but emg make no difference with thickness. passive would be the way to go with these. I use the stock emgs and love them mind you. great review man:)

raze101 says:

ESP May make awesome guitars but ESP doesn’t make LTD guitars, their sourced to Asia.

Dustin Barnhart says:

Gibson make a les Paul with a Mae neck/board with inlays …

Jason Jacobs says:

My friend, I can honestly tell you that ESP has surpassed Gibson in quality, anyone who buys a Les Paul now-a-days does it to say that they have one. I attended a guitar show recently, and played a Les Paul straight from Gibson’s booth, I nearly cried, it was rubbish.  The bridge was way too high, same with the nut, and I could have sworn, one fret was high. I then made the walk of shame to  ESP, played a beautiful EC1000VB, and that not only helped me recover my mood, it defined the whole trip to THE UK for me. 

Jude Misura says:

Hey TTK, Have you ever done a full on gear tour?

Ken Black says:

Hey Ernie Ball……….because you hijacked my you tube I will NEVER buy your product!

Ryan Quick says:

thanks brother

Melissa Tucker says:

Bobby keller of Meka Nism will be at namm 2017 please do not support his music he is a child molester!! He is sponsored by ESP guitars.

Sheikhy Baby says:

I enjoy your videos. Just to let you know Epiphone released a black Les Paul Custom a few years back with a maple fretboard with black inlays.


What’s the diff between the EC100 and EC1000 other than binding and pups?

Ad Mack says:

The inlays ARE FAKE!

Nick Cooper says:

please stop making videos. This was so boring….. you just went on and on and took 13min to say what you could have in 3min

Ad Mack says:

Yea but are the Inlays REAL or that mother of CRAP “PEARL BLOCK”?

reso1349 says:

I know that I will get some hate on this comment but anything is a better value than the garbage that Gibson produces.

gaipou panmy says:

thanks for the tips “writing down on a paper”

godfatherNYC says:

LOVE these guitars and really want one, but I do not like Maple necks on any LP style guitars. I’ll be getting on with the Ebony (or whatever the Black material is) Fretboards for sure!

J. N. says:

Just saw this almost 2 years after posting, but as I’ve been looking at the EC-1000T/CTM, what you’re saying regarding feel and the meat of the axe, as well as the part about Gibson v. ESP/LTD, is true. ESP is winning because they go above and beyond what is asked for them in terms of the guitars they produce. They truly do their best to satisfy their audience, which is why I feel so many artists go to them compared to Jackson, Charvel, etc. The only company I see that is working as hard as them is Schecter. Great vid, and thanks for your words!

John Ishii says:

I have the ESP Eclipse 2 and an Edwards LP Gold Top I bought new and a 2013 Gibson LP Trad pro2. The ESP’s are 10x the quality in craftsman ship then the Gibson LP. My Brand new Gibson LP paint job looks like they used a paint brush to paint it. My ESP is flawless and I’ve had it for 2 years got it for about $1k and now its more than double! My Edwards is fantastic and the quality is amazing. 

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