ESP EC-10 KIT BLK Electric Guitar Review – The Best Cheap Guitar For Metal

Dagan checks out the ESP EC-10 KIT BLK Electric Guitar – one of the best cheap guitars for metal and beginner players.

View the ESP EC-10 guitar over at PMT Online:

The ESP EC-10 KIT BLK seen here in a menacing black colour is a fantastic option for those in need of a cheap electric guitar with a huge amount of power thanks to the two ESP-designed LH-100 humbuckers built in. These two pickups deliver a thick and rich voice which really shine whether you’re enjoying a clean tone or a heavier distorted tone when you’re busting out those huge gain soaked solos.

The budget friendly price tag ensures that this amazing guitar is available for all players. In fact, it’s one of the best cheap electric guitars under £200 you’re likely to find!

Again, the ESP EC-10 KIT BLK is perfect for beginner players and professional shredders as the thin U-Shaped neck is completely comfortable to play and perfect for playing chords and scales. The contoured body has been specifically designed to be comfortable whether you’re standing up or sitting down.

High quality, professional hardware, beautiful tonewoods and a focus on playability – what’s not to love?


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Sebastian Michaelis says:

I picked up a slightly used M-10 that someone bought and threw a couple of EMG’s in. Being more of an Ibanez person, I have to say the quality and workmanship of this instrument is second to none. As far as it’s playability, it is worth far more than what it goes for and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn guitar as a first model or even an intermediate and above. When put against other budget models such as GIO’s, Squires, Epiphones etc, there is no comparison

Ammo Man says:

I purchased a black satin finish EC-10 at GC for $99 on sale on a whim and I have to say that after replacing the tuners with some cheap chinese locking tuners from ebay, it’s one of my favorite guitars and one hell of a value even at normal sales price. Glad I took a chance on it.

Daniel Brennan says:

More Dagan, please. Thank you.

Johnny Appleseed says:

I can’t make up my mind between this, the viper 10 or the m 10.. any suggestions?

sai moody says:

I was planning on getting this guitar as my first electric, but what amp can I get for 150 bucks or under that is decent for metal

ISAAC says:

Awsome vid dagen

Will Wolfinger says:

I found one of these at GC for 80 bucks. I friggin love it. It’s got the best feeling neck that I’ve played. It stays in tune amazingly well for such an inexpensive guitar. Best 80 bucks ever spent.

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