Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II Guitar Outfit – Demo Review

Dagan shows us how to get that classic Appetite For Destruction tone with the Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II Guitar Outfit.

Check out the Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II Guitar Outfit over at PMT online: https://goo.gl/disAst

The Epiphone Slash “AFD” (or Appetite For Destruction) Les Paul Special II has been designed with Slash himself to reproduce the iconic sound of one of eth greatest albums of all time. However, don’t think for a second that this guitar is only for Guns n Roses fans, as this is a fantastic option for beginners, intermediate players and those in need of a reliable, powerful sound electric for stage and studio.

The Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II features an Appetite Amber finish with a AAA flame maple veneer top with ivory binding and dark Cherry back and sides – a truly beautiful guitar to behold. The mahogany body and bolt on neck ensure a deep, rich and resonant sound whether you’re playing beautiful chords, huge lead tones or Paradise City style riffs.

One of the best cheap electric guitars and also one of the best beginner electric guitars, the Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II Guitar Outfit not only includes an Epiphone Les Paul designed by Slash, complete with Shadow E-Tuner built-in to the bridge humbucker, but also comes with a host of added extras. In this great guitar starter pack you get 3 x Dunlop Tortex Slash signature picks, a guitar strap and an official Epiphone ¼ inch standard guitar cable. In addition you also get free online lessons provided by eMedia included – just check the leaflet in the box!

An excellent guitar for beginners, Guns n Roses/Slash fans and those who just love high quality, budget friendly guitars that last a lifetime.

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dave King says:

87! Good review!

brogo ram says:

Why epiphone? Whyyy? Really?? The toggle switch is placed there??? Whats wrong with the normal position?? Wait a minute…they said slash design it? So it means Slash is the one who pointed it there right??? Why slash??? Why???

John564 Holloway says:

Nice demo, Dagan. ‘Bout as close as you can get to Slash.

Earl Bato says:

Whats the song at 2:21?

ghostfire23 says:

Does it have the same issue like the g string does not stay in tune? I’m planning to buy this guitar or an epiphone les paul or the gibson one.

Tucker MacDonald says:

Appetite For Destruction Was released in 1987!

Paulohiroto says:

That is the really sound of this Lp? Or he change something?

Mihai Blaze says:

great playing, but the guitar is buzzing, and even fine tuned still has a buzz sound on the cords which ruins the cleans and slight distorted. This is a ALL DISTORTION GUITAR only…

Steve Elliott says:

I wish I had this guy’s energy.

Creative Journey says:

I like how he is just rocking away and then just randomly stops and yells, “SLASH!” Funny

AndreAgonia says:

If this guitar had the toggle switch in the usual position and LP’s signature fret indicators it’d be my perfect guitar!

Andrew Levister says:

I currently have this guitar with the amp starter pack and it’s the only reason I’m playing guitar. It’s a beginner beast. I love it. But solos are limited so my next purchase will be an SG so I think Epiphone is my favorite guitar brand

Mr. Mrphy says:

Epiphone sg g310 review pls

Allen Freeman says:

Only person in the world that could sell this guitar better than D, is Slash!

Sudz and budz says:

What about the built in tuner, do you ever have to recharge it or something?

Luke Steward says:

Not gonna lie for the price this looks like a wicked guitar, I always worry about whether the quality won’t be as good by going with the budget brands though :/, Awesome vid though dude 🙂

Ian Smith says:

Just ordered this exact pack from Dawson’s can’t wait for it to come now!!

Cian T Martin says:

Is the Slash signature on the headstock easy to remove? Sounds shitty but don’t really like Slash but this is a beautiful guitar

benzolekkerkaalkanaal says:

What amp is used?

Navodit Singh says:

Which song is at 3:35?

Thunderbolt says:

1:39 ’59 is what you mean

Felipe Neves says:

Que drive perfeito…qual vc usou?
Pois a guitarra chegara pra mim na proxima semans…graças a seu video!!!

Jhonatan Silva says:

What Distortion Pedal is Used?

POLARG says:


DC Bon says:

Does it have jumbo frets?

North Shore MTBer says:

Im sure many people have bought this guitar due to this review… and when they get it home, why doesnt it sound the same as Dagans…amp makes an inexpensive guitar like this sound amazing


Is this guitar really better than a LP Special VE or LP Special II Ltd Edition?

gekkestuntvrienden says:


Jacob Wagner says:

you are good dagan

Blackbrooke says:

Nice sound, I’d be interested to know what amp/processor its playing through?

Eric S says:

Damn not too pleased with mine cause often out of tune .

Turn 'Em Sideways says:

Dagan is very entertaining ……I don’t know anything about guitars….not sure why Youtube said to watch….but I stayed for him lol

Wagner Music says:

Definitely getting this one. Only thing I’m not crazy about is the toggle switch being down by the volume knobs rather than in the normal spot.

Criminals1103 says:

Anyone know what equalization effects amp etc he is using ??

The Land of Ktulu says:

Is it good for Hard Rock and Metal ?

Smeltie says:

Whats the difference between this guitar and the epiphone les paul special ve?

The Hoe says:

it’s heavy like normal Les paul??

Jared The man says:


Tyler Coggins says:

This guitar is great. Owned one for 3 years and I prefer it a lot of the time to my other more expensive guitars like jackson

Dwayne Langley says:

1987! Lol

The Atomic Punk says:

Best demo ever, he makes it sound awesome lol


This one sounds really nice. And its a package.

dave King says:

“Defagolda bear, don’t tell slash”?? Wtf did you just say? I tried about 50 times and that’s the best i came up with lol.

johnny cardboard says:

3:56 the hell was that?

Miss Croatia says:

I want to get this guitar! I adore Slash, he’s the best guitarist in my opinion! And you’re a great one too!

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