Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar Review

The Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar is a true performers guitars, with an Epiphone KillPot giving you the ability to throw some serious style in to your playing.
Want to know more? Click here:
Cherry: http://www.dawsons.co.uk/epiphone-sg-special-with-kill-switch-cherry
Ebony: http://www.dawsons.co.uk/epiphone-sg-special-chrome-hardware-ebony


Julek Rytter says:

Great video!!!

Rick Johnston says:

Looking at buying this guitar used. just a beginner (as far as my ability) who’s played a while, but always an acoustic and now finally have okay from the wife to buy my first electric. thought about a squier strat, but this looks like the SG bass my brother played years ago in the bands he was in. Loved the look. thanks for the demo.

theoldiemusician 1998 says:

I’m trying to get this guitar for a 60s vibe band of mine I’m starting

Ricardo Aguilera says:

me la recomiendan?

Dhyanu Bhardwaj says:

Bought this guitar 2 years ago because it sounded good in this video..Commenting now..This guitar is superb..Now i have money to buy any costly guitar but i am still stuck with this guitar..Its awesome..Sounds awesome especially with line 6 and marshall amps…Its been a month since i played this guitar..Checked today and its mostly in tune..I change strings once a year. Use ernieball power slinky with this guitar and u’ll not regret it..It sounds better than my friend’s gibson SG standard.

donald mooney says:

i like any guitar and this guitar looks badass and i like it

Kevin Broomall says:

just got one for xmas – i like to have a guitar tuned up to E standard lying around, and so I got this. It sounds and plays great – nice quality for the price!


Found one for $60 bucks at a pawn shop 2016 model

Jacob Fair says:

That guitar work, tho!!!

Bruno Giglio de Freitas says:

bad tone

Dan Losgar says:

Great review…I know it’s over two years old but I just ordered one of these to get me out of the Strat single coil rut I’m in! ‘Love these Dawson gear reviews, always right to the point and very informative…Thanks!

1995 2001 says:

I want this one in Pelham Blue

Jaeden Wilson says:

Only getting this to play some buckethead

Nel Diaz says:

Just bought one of these sg special. And it sounded so great. Because of this review I’ve decided to buy this one.

saumya semwal says:

which is more versatile….pacifica 112j or epiphone sg????

Noé Avila99 says:

This or Ibañez GAX30??

Jakub D says:

PLEASE tell me how that technique on 2:16 is called! My encephalon exploaded xD


is a good guithar for 100 dollars?

ryan401 says:

That kill switch seems so pointless, especially for those who don’t use it in their playing… coil tap for different humbucker tones would have been way more versatile.

ラルフ says:

dude question
why is the EPIPHONE logo different??? asnwer pls

LawbringerKnight says:

Wow I need this

earl hogvomit says:

this or special ii?

EElectric_M says:

The Les Paul Special II looks like nothing, but the SG Special definitely looks like a Gibson SG basic model.

KrustynailsVideo says:

I have an Epi SG Special and it doesn’t seem to have that “kill switch” capability… is there something i’m doing wrong or is it on just on some models?

Fireball XL5 says:

just pick one up at Guitar Center for $164… it’s got great tone feels exactly like a Gibson SG didn’t want to spend the money for a Gibson. It sounds fantastic to me Crate 100 watt Stealth tube amp, it produces great Blues clean tones right down to an awesome crunch. glad I finally got an SG without having to pay the exorbitant price of a Gibson.

Jamong U says:

lol i have that

Daveed Siyam says:

it sounds good for the clean but its shit distorted tbh

aaroh dhotre says:

awww my dream guitar

DLS Gaming says:

it’s actually clean and overdrive not dirty but same difference

minebros teaex says:

i have a Gibson sg special and a Gibson sg standard a nd a EPIPHONE SG special and a gretsch 1963 jet firebird

TL;DR :P says:

Thinking of getting either this or the les paul special 2 for a first guitar, which one should I pick?!

Iggytommy says:

blinded by the orange

Michel Cortes says:

Is this the model or the brand? 2:47

Mas Daff says:

how price??

Joe White says:

Love the woodgrain stained color

lovewalruss says:

Thx great review

Maciej Gryszun says:

I like the fact that lots of fans of AC/DC bought this axe (mainly coz is affordable) and then they hit the dissapiontment wall(Thats how i got mine for only £40 used maybe twice;)
The guitar doesn’t sound nothing near the orginal sg, you will need a good amp and pedal or multi to catch this r’n’r phrases.
But i think is a good thing! No need to notice it is masterpiece, crafted very well with this touch to the details, make me put aside my Ibanez rg340 for over a year now!
But the best of all is: all proper old school death metal heads have now sg to do the work with very litlle! No need for funcy pedals and amps, distortion will do (however any Zoom multi sounds just like a killer on it!) and a good amp with drive will sound meaty, gloomy and heavy!
On the other hand, you still can play jazz, blues and some sort of groove.
Best pickup ever and nicely made weapon!
PS: what is the scale that lad shredding?

Sam Lyons says:

Picked one of these up just today, a quality guitar for $180 love the distorted tones im getting.

DLS Gaming says:

treble rythem and middle

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