Epiphone SG G-400 Electric Guitar Review

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Roy Domela says:

You talk about tone…get a foot pedal….give you all the tone you want. The tone out of the guitar don’t matter anymore. It can be altered by any good foot pedal system.

Dylan Cockburn says:

Does this guitar have the feature where you pop the volume knobs up and it changes the sound?

Norman Ettawacappo says:

I got this guitar for Christmas 2014 and it is awesome..great to play and sounds fantastic. I got it right out of the box, took it in for set up and no complaints at all…other than my playing..but I”m getting better. Balanced and great feel, play rock and metal and looking forward to learning more and checking out these features.

RSProduxx says:

okay… so what´s the main difference between the G400 and G400 Pro? Only the coil splitting (which is a very cool feature on the Pro), or are there different pick-ups in them as well and such?

René J Simonpietri says:

wich amp would you choose to start with a sg without commiting to much to a certain sound? Cheers

NitroTV says:

Anybody know what color that is ?


Richard Lopez says:

i love the pronounced midrange of sgs

SyMTiK says:

went yesterday to guitar center looking for my first electric guitar. tried this and an lp 100, and i was amazed how much more guitar this was for only 50 more bucks. the lp 100 felt like a toy while this felt like an instrument, ended up getting one of these and paired it with a blackstar id core 40 amp. really happy with both 🙂

Taylor Zomer says:

This may be the first bridge humbucker I’ve liked clean

Xylan Narag says:

Is this better than G&L gts ascari? Which is better..

Bibek Davis says:

Does this guitar have coil tapping?

Elliott Patrick says:

What Amp Was Used In This?

Strabbs12345 says:

Sounds a lot like Angus to me!

intrsoul says:

love your Martin shirt 🙂

Doritcool says:

Do u recommend Epiphone SG G-400 PRO?
Cause I have one

Atheist Jesus says:

Guy in the video is baked

kfir levy says:

Which one is better, Epiphone Sg400 or Les Paul standart?

Jeremiah Wilson says:

epiphone solid bodies are not made with real mahogany. its made out of a totally different species of hardwood thats grown in indonesia. but were talking solidbodies here. So called tone woods (haha) for electrics are about 2% of the guitars total tone. pickups, neck scale, hardware, electronics and amplifier/Speaker gives the tone. Woods matter very little to tone but a whole lot to the manufacturer buying the wood to make them. This is for solidbody electric guitars and basses only. semi hollow and acoustics guitars are a while different world.

Andrew Allan says:

A full on demo ,,great stuff my man!

Henrii01 says:

Thanks for the vídeo! I’ve been studying for 2 years now, playing mostly bossa nova on my nylon string classical guitar. A friend of mine is looking to sell his SG G 400 Black for roughly $250,00.

I was wondering if it’s good guitar to keep on studying jazz. Is it a good bet to go for this one or are there better jazz guitars in this price range?

(considering I live in Brazil and buying new guitars from stores here has been basically impossible because of recent inflation figures)

Rick Grimes says:

Do they have this exact guitar same color lefty ?!?!

G O D M A K O T O says:

is this guitar better than the greg bennett tr-1? and Why?

Brodo Swaggins says:

what’s the name of the song that starts at 3:50?

Pat ChoKo says:

Ive been playing guitar for almost 30 years and i have tought guitar so I know my way around a guitar and i know a quality instrument from a crappy one. That being said, I have two of these. For $300-$350, you’re getting a huge bargain and a beast of a guitar. The stock pickups sound alright, but if you upgrade to Duncans, Gibson USA, or EMGs (whatever you prefer) you have yourself a gig worthy/pro quality axe.

-T-X-M- says:

So for metal which of these would you say is the best choice?

Epi G400
Vintage VS6/V100 (should be similar just different shapes)
LTD EC50/MH50 (also same hardware, different shapes but also different scales too)

I don’t play gigs or anything, just bedroom playing.

guitarist 22 says:

which color is that

jason watrous says:

Its called worn brown I have that guitar its gteat

honey badger says:

What´s that song starting at 3:16 ???

Fogertian says:

Mahogany ….. nah!, thinner that others …. nah!, darker tone …. nah!. It´s the lenght of the scale what dictates the brightness of the overall tone. Gibson –>24.75″. Fender –>25.5. Go and check and compare: Gibson Custom CS Les Paul Long Scale has a Tele tone even with Humbuckers !. In the other hand, check Fender Modern Player Short Scale Stratocaster & Telecaster guitars. The scale is the factor to get a bright tone. The humbuckers can suck bright tone IF they are wired in series ( one humbucker wired with itself in series ), BUT if the humbucker is wired in parallel the tone is less muddy and less dark.

prasenjit zankar says:

Great review, what amp are you using

Liam Giuliani says:

tone wood isn’t real.

TheSeriousCelebi says:

Hahaha, you can see him reach for the toggle switch up where a Les Paul’s would be. I’ve been playing Les Paul’s forever, and then I tried an SG and it was just flat out WEIRD not having the toggle up high

Mike F. says:

It’s great for playing Ernest Tubb

Ryo Watanabe says:

i wonder if the neck is thin, and if the neck surface is wide? cuz i have short fingers but i really wanna grab some of it

bclmax says:

bought my 66 sg epi reissue..love it

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