Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Electric Guitar Review

This is my review video of a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Electric Guitar. Overall I think this is a really great instrument.

Thanks to Sky Music for letting me borrow the Epiphone Les Paul Special Guitar – http://www.skymusic.com.au

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Watchman4u says:

Those are awesome pickups. You might like the “Traditional Pro” version more, it has the big fat neck w/same pickups & hardware but the pickups are uncovered Zebra style I got a Gold top but had to send it back because of the truss rod was moving in & out of the neck , I got honey burst version it say’s “Limited Edition” on the back I put some chrome cover on the pickups looks much better imo. I’m liking the bigger 50’s style neck never had a guitar w/that big of a neck. Try splitting the neck pup w/the bridge humbucker together they sound great.

JohnnyG says:

Oh man, you made that clown-burst rock!  

It’s surprising the neck is thin on that LP. My Epi Les Paul Ultra has a fairly beefy D profile neck. Alas………….   my Ultra doesn’t sound anything like the one you’re playing. 😉

Dean Laster says:

Shane try the 1960 tribute with the Gibson 57 classics when you get a chance.

Ed Axeman says:

White Zombie is back??

Thing Stuff says:

I like the look of les pauls, but when playing them they’re just not that inspiring to me

Martin Kilner says:

Love my plus top epi LP, pickups are perfect and it has a thicker neck that feels like a wide tele, rock solid since 2010!

Mario Caine says:

hey shane, how do you think this compares to the chinese tokai?

Kevys Rc & Music says:

i been looking at that one but in black same pickups as in my Epi pro400 sg but they sound to much alike to me so iam going to go after either an older lespaul or one with out these pickups either way nice guitar

Scatabrain says:

Turning one volume down just a bit on these when on both PUs has a cool effect.

quiksilver78 says:

Y’know, you obviously are no slouch at playing the Blues licks and anything in between, but I am sure you also grew up listening to the Aussie “heavyweights” in INXS, Midnight Oil, AC/DC, Crowded House, Silverchair(!) how about covering some tunes from these guys every now and then? Show us some Aussie pride! xD

DMSProduktions says:

These Epis are getting way better! Build looks good, love that neck p/up, wouldn’t kick it out of bed in either mode. Bridge is a bit ‘meh’ imo, a bit weak and bland. A bit of room for improvement, but hey it’s built to a budget.

ben galvin says:

HEY SHANE! i have always wondered with demos like this where some one [ in this case you ] takes a guitar for a few days or more and brings it back is that guitar second hand now. now i know the answer to that is no it is not.but how long does a guitar have to be used outside the store before it becomes second hand a week? a month? .

James Nava says:

I didn’t like the pickups in my guitar I changed out all electronics plus put in seymore duncan pearly gates pick ups all with vintage style wiring and orange drop caps with coil splitting on volume controls and it sounds great now. before it sounded muddy.

Jon Baker Music says:

Is the White Zombie poster supposed to still be there?

Craig Larbes says:

Which do you prefer. The Epiphone or the PPS? Would love to see a comparison video.

kingstumble says:

Recently sold one of these. Not bad but I really didn’t like the D shape neck. I prefer my Vintage brand Lemon Drop and since I also have a Gibson LP Tribute, something had to go!

Guitar Fender says:

Crappy wood is never going to sound that good that’s what they use nice paint job though LOL

xxxxneoxxxx says:

Those pickups are great. I all those electronics including switch, jack, pots and pickups. I had them installed on my Korean les paul studio and it sounds fantastic. Their clones of the Gibson Burstbucker, hence the name “Probuckers”. They really sound great.

Mitch Haman says:

Great video Shane. I just got a used one this past Friday at my local Guitar Center. I had returned a new Schecter Omen Extreme 6 that I had for a couple weeks and just didn’t like it. I was going to order a new Epiphone Standard Plain top. I tried several they had hanging on the wall, (including the Standard Pro) but it was hard to get a feel because they all needed a setup. I even tried the Les Paul Faded T that to me was no better then the Epiphone’s I was looking at. I looked over where they had used guitars and there it was. A 2011 Standard Pro Heritage Cherry Sunburst. This was in MINT condition and setup the way I like them.. Sounds beautiful and it came with a hard shell case. I bought a better guitar and I even spent almost $100 less then I was planning.

tim groves says:

£500 for a MIC Epiphone is a bit rich

styx85 says:

Hi Shane, nice demo. Just a heads up, you forgot to add the link in the description 🙂

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