Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar Review

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard is a classic model which is now very much a mainstay of Epiphone’s catalogue. In this video Lee takes a look at the range of tones you can get with this guitar and what it could be used for.
Check it out here: http://www.dawsons.co.uk/epiphone-les…
Also available in a range of other finishes: http://www.dawsons.co.uk/guitars/electric-guitars/brand-epiphone/product-range-les-paul


7Roeth says:

This guy is one of the better guitar players around, seriously, he is super good.

Andy Faith no More guitarist says:

I will buy one! <3 It sounds awesome!

stu80577 says:

They are great guitars, own a gibbo 335 and les paul custom and my epiphone holds it’s own easily, ignore the 90’s ones though god awful pickups and alder bodies with maple necks, go for the post 2001 models with full mahogany bodies/necks and the gibson designed alnico pickups and grovers, fantastic guitars (And les paul was actually endorsed by epiphone before gibson back in the day!)

Bob T says:

2:43 or so , that’s pretty good!

Ken Bone says:

I wonder what he’s using for pedal

Wyatt Nash says:

Sounds like a really really solid guitar ☺

Zovlo says:

Got this guitar today and I love it

My Horror FestEvil says:

Is it a glued neck or bolt on?

Andre Nieuwland says:

A bad impression of Joe? You’re kidding right? Holy cow dude, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing. I would love to know a bit more about the differences between the Standard and the Custom Epiphone Les Pauls.

Admin Alejo says:

@Dawsons Music
May I know what’s the difference between the Epiphone LP 100 and the Epiphone LP Standard?
And which is more expensive ?

Elias Music says:

hi please help me choose between Epiphone Les Paul Standard or Epiphone Slash AFD Special II which one is good ?

guitarcrazy01 says:

this dude is a really good player

blaze demon says:

anyone know how much a ebony standard costs on the epiphone website?

Con Petropoulos says:

I’m not sure it has the maple cap. Mine has a clear red brown finish and its solid mahogany!!??

Michael Eker says:

“A really bad impression”. My guy, Hendricks has been reincarnated inside you

Tyler's flying' Drums channel says:

Shredding it man good job!

Ethan Little says:

How do you take the pickguard off?

Marek Tokarcik says:

really dull and bad sound from pickups ..or is ti amp ?

digitalsketchguy says:

Lee plays so well, i fear he could shred a two stringed broomstick and it would sound great.

Đức Anh Trần Nhân says:

would you recommend this or the plustop pro ?

jimmy page says:

apparently the epiphone is the original Les Paul, and the Gibson is the copy.

Andrew Hughes says:

Epiphone lp standard or studio?

William Jackson says:

He says multiple times ” A Les Paul Kind of Guitar” I guess its not a true Les Paul if it is not  Gibson, whatever man

Cinnamon King says:

got mine today! with the same color, Ebony!!
I’m still struggling at the neck profile :v cuz Im used to thick necks because of my acoustic guitar that I played for almost 4years… LMAO
it’s a very good guitar. I’d rather buy another than an overpriced Gibson LOL

Plastic Apple says:

I’m old enough now to not let my “rock star” ego get in the way of playing an Epiphone instead of a “real” Gibson.  Time to save a ton of money and buy an Epiphone Les Paul Standard.  Awesome video!

Nuhash Bakshi says:

is it USA made or China/Korea/any other?

T Sz says:

sorry i’m newbie what is the diffrence between stsndard and custom?

Anon W says:

“a really bad impression”  Yeah…Right!

Rida Bruier Desmeth says:

what should i take a epiphone 1958 goth explorer or this guitar

Tomek Croydon says:

I’m thinking of getting one of these? If anyone has one would you be able to recommend a color?
Black, blue or red

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