Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Electric Guitar Review

Lee checks out the “best dressed” Epiphone Les Paul that you can buy. The Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro gives you the best in looks, playability and versatility all at once thanks to some great design.
Find out more: http://www.dawsons.co.uk/epiphone-les-paul-custom-pro-electric-guitar-alpine-white


David Lamothe says:

Shredding: You’re doing it right

Ullr the glorious one says:

what does the phase mean/do

francisjrn01 says:

This one or an Epiphone Les Paul Tributr plus. I don’t know which sounds better. The probucker in the custom pro or the classic 57’s in the epi les paul tribute plus?

John Holloway says:

Very nice, Lee! Got my wife this axe.

Nr1from1978 says:

Thanks man. I’m buying an Epiphone soon. But I don’t know which one to get. I’ve been playing acoustic for over 20 years and want to switch to electric. Now, I like the les paul and it has a lot of possibilities. But. It is quite a heavy thing to carry around.

TheFifhFab says:

This or gibson les Paul Studio Faded?

Randy Tyson says:

I ordered this guitar in Ebony and I am waiting for Wednesday to get here so I can play it. I am like a kid at X mas. lol

Stephen Sheph says:

I just ordered the alpine white. I am really excited 🙂 It will be a white christmas for sure!

Ahmet Tugrul says:

Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO or Epiphone Les Paul Traditional PRO !??? PLEASE HELP GUYS!!

1960jack says:

I just bought one of these beauties! thanks for the vid.

HS Tele says:

Beautiful guitar and great playing and demo. Thanks.

59 LesPaul says:

This or Gibson lespaul 50s tribute t

OmenRA009 says:

I am considering getting ESP LTD EC-256LDHL Mahogany Body or an epiphone led Paul Custom pro and replacing it with Seymour Duncan Invader pickups. I play mostly hard rock, hip hop, rock and metal so I NEED the guitar to be versatile

iehen says:

I’ve read that the Custom Pro and Standard Pro are just aesthetically different, so why does they sound different?

GurnBograt1986 says:

Sweet notes!!!! Great demo!!

Warwick Smiley says:

Guitar is great.I ended up being taken in by ur playing.

OmenRA009 says:

I know your reviewing this but need an honest recommendation


Is this rhandy rhoads guitar?

Iacopo Gianangeli says:

This or the standard pro?

George Bears says:

Would you recommend this or the Fender Telecaster Standard?

Rodrigo says:

The contrast between the white and gold is so beautiful


I heard that the gold hardware fades over time, how long would you have before it fades

Mark Doyle says:

I’ve just ordered this guitar. As always, great playing Lee and a fab demo. Thankyou.

ducas noemie says:

is this made in china ?

Jam City Music TV says:

This dude is sick!!! He plays guitar like I play drums. We should jam! love it!

Ron Hoffman says:

HI Lee, are you going to do a demonstration on the limited edition les paul custom with the Koa Top so we can see what you think of the sound difference of the 2 tops

Ronen Beniaminov says:

the clean sound is amazing. are the pickups Chinese​?

thegamingguineapig holland says:

it sounds like shit clean but sounds quite good when dirty……….
the pickups seem to have a quite empty midrange (when clean) to me

Giiggle says:

hello everyone i wanna buy a new guitar soon and was curious if you could help me at my decision. i have played guitar for a year now and learned all the basic and some intermediate stuff on an acoustic and on my 200€ ibanez gio, but now i wanna get something a little more expensive. i am thinking between this one and the prs se standard 24, since they are both around the same price. i love rock and metal, but i also want to get a little into blues and jazz soon. thank you!

george georgousis says:

which is better between epiphone les paul custom pro and les paul standard?

Cheyenne Monnier says:

Lee can make a plank sound good!! Just proof that it’s all in the player!! Awesome job Lee

Kevin Motionless says:

this or the Ultra-III?

Ronen Beniaminov says:

the clean sound is amazing. are the pickups Chinese​?

dk RaWk says:

Habibi, love your review here
wanna tell me something that we dont know?
i bought that exact guitar in you hands in August, ive played it 7 times……all the other time its been all over this planet being looked at and fixed. finally AFTER it went through some million dollar machine, it finally feel like a 1000$ guitar that i bought.
imo, its crap crap and nothing but crap out of factory, StandardPROs are even worse.
dont take me wrong, when it wors, its great, but it doesnt work very often and for very long.
if any of you know what Hyundai Genesis is, thats what this guitar is, its fully loaded, gorgeous lookin POS

seth arnold says:

Bro! Your so damn good! You could make a garbage can sound great! Awesome salesmen also.

Tony Senatore says:


whosyabobby says:

Coil split* there is a difference

luckyxever says:

what a beauty <3

shortdancekid says:

Do these get dirty her easily?

White Thing says:

My school has three of these. And two of them are exclusive to me cause the teacher loves me.

59 LesPaul says:

What does phase mean

Ron Hoffman says:

there is a limited edition Koa top that has gold hardware also, wonder what the tone difference is  ?

Tony Senatore says:

Question which guitar model is good Gibson, Eiphone, Stratcaster, Squier?

zxMYKELxz says:

I need some Input. (Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro) or (ESP LTD EC-1000 CTM)?

John Walker says:

Hardest decision I’ve got- this les paul custom or an epiphone casino

Venom Shinjin says:

How well does it stay in tune?

David trueslayor says:

That is the only Les Paul demo ive ever seen where when the coil split was engaged they sounded loader and more focused instead of just quieter -awesome.

Dreac says:

I my eyes were closes, I would eventually think it’s a Joe Satriani signature model !!!

Kenway Koritsy says:

Whats the difference between this and non-pro one?

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