Epiphone ES-339 PRO Electric Guitar Review

Get all of the semi-hollow charm you could ever need in a compact body shape with the Epiphone ES-339 Pro. This model was made for those who find the original ES-335 body shape a little bit too large for comfort, giving you dimensions more similar to a Les Paul.
Find out more about this guitar here: http://www.dawsons.co.uk/epiphone-ltd-edition-es-339-cherry


kenokid says:

best reviews om the Net. Thanks.

BruitDesBottes says:

Isn’t it a splitting and not a tapping ?

Jerry6750 says:

Nice to see someone who can actually play MUSIC review a guitar, and not these shred freaks who think distortion is so cool. NOT!!

Forrest Billman says:

4:10 You good bro?

Dave Puzz says:

Bought one last week along with a vintage Vox amp… Thank you Lord ! R.I.P. Alvin Lee…

Hugh McElvain says:

Thanks for the great review…I just picked up a ES-339…..take care!

Paradox says:

It’s sounds a bit ‘thin’ in my opinion. Would probably be a really nice guitar if you put in better PUs.

rallyrep1 says:

Awesome love the sound of this only started playing in July, already have a Wildkat Royale & Lp 1960 Tribute plus and think this would make a stunning addition. Ps hope I can play like that someday…Evan half as good would be nice.

John C Michelson says:

Rhks for the Hreat Video Review.
I am very Interested In purchasing this guitar.Question when the guitar is played standing up, is the neck heavy and do you have to constantly hold the neck up.??

Plaman Butak says:

Can it sound heavy as Les Paul?

Jarrett James says:

Sounds great clean. I love it

My Fingerboard says:

Very good reviews like always Dawsons Music.

H Kay says:

Damn, these guitars are great. They are excellent for semi-hollow or hollow. Lee should be the boss of the store !

Freddy Mclain says:

find one with the P-90’s…you won’t be thinking about swapping out p /ups.. The humbuckers
bring a lot to the tonal spectrum, but the P90’s bring EVERYTHING.

whosyabobby says:

Is it tapped or split?

Bflatest says:


Juan Davila says:

Good demo!

Bobby Jon Key says:

Best reviews .. Always

Jose Cardenas says:

Lee, do you prefer this model or the P90 model? thanks

Wayne Kieft says:

Got one of these ,but my son’s Benson es 335 blows it out of the window at a fraction of the cost,the bridge pick up sounds like trash,, and had to file the frets and had to have it set up because I was getting fret buzz everywhere even with high action,don’t waste your money,a decent guitarist and amp can make a piece of shit sound like a dream,don’t be fooled just because this guy is getting a pretty good sound out of it,doesn’t mean you will get the same quality tone

Jeffrey Hill says:

Lee is a great Guitarist.

Phillip Holt says:

I love this guitar because you can stratocaster and telecaster exact sound from it.

Jack Baroso says:

Could you please make a demo with ES 339 playing with rock or punk songs.

milk monster says:

are there any in pelham blue with humbuckers i cant seem to find one

Philip _ says:

Only if they had those block inlays in the 339s.

Gavin Juge says:

What amp are you guys using in the video?

ssef15 says:

You’ve possibly sold me on this guitar. It was between this and an HSS stratocaster…that tone is amazing.

Plaman Butak says:

I want semi hollowbody guitar like es 335 but it look big with my height(1.7m)so this guitar will be my choice.

Natalya Dieuparis says:

Lovely guitar; great guitar playing .
could you tell me what the backing track is called, thanks.

Tim Morphy says:

A great review showcasing the features. Love this Epi and the value for money I think is hard to beat. Thanks. Phoenix, Arizona.

Infidel14? says:

I honestly believe that the ES339 design has effectively bridged the gap between the LP, ES335, and SG designs. I might have to get one for myself.

mike moe says:

Nice 339 but Ibanez AM 93 is superior !!!

vegetablejoe says:

Hi! May I know what OD pedal you used with the ES-339 Pro? Loved the tones, clean and overdriven!

peacetrain says:

Really super playing!

Rob Stevens says:

Jesus I forgot I was even watching this vid for the epi 339..ridiculously good playing.

Nick Hansbauer says:

How does this guitar perform for rockier /punker / popier songs with lots of power chords? Cheers!

Giovanni Paolo Tedesco says:

Bellissime sonorità. quale amplificatore a quali effetti sono stati utilizzati? Grazie e complimenti.

Frank Cruz says:

Nice review, very informative filled with some great playing. Thank you! I have been on the fence about pulling the trigger. Your smooth tones have convinced me. I will buy a 335 tonight.

Terry Worth says:

Thanks Lee, I am torn between getting an epiphone wildkat and the epiphone 339. As far as tone, I like the dark, liquidy and rich sound of the 339. I have never heard a tonal comparison to the wildkat. Do you know if the kat has a similar rich sound as the 339. thanks

satrsmndri says:

I guess he doesn’t know how to play any jazz…

Jomyr Nico Alfaro says:

very versatile guitar 🙂 i want that!!

keith shwalbe says:

As always, a very fine good quality review. thank you .

J-Rod26 says:

I really wish this came in the wine red color that the ES-339 Pro P90 comes in. Oh well, cherry is still pretty slick.

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