Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar Demo & Review

Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar Demo by Matt Stottmann

For as long as I’ve been playing guitar, I’ve always wanted a cherry red Gibson ES-330. There’s something about the history of that guitar, the awesome transparent finish that shows the wood grain, the vibe, and the killer tone!

But here on my channel, you know that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a great-playing, pro-grade instrument — and that’s where the Epiphone Casino comes in.

Do these new, Chinese-made Epiphone Casino guitars live up to the hype, or are there better ways you can spend your hard-earned gear dollars? Let’s start with how the Epiphone Casino sounds clean, through my Fender Blues Junior amp.

The Epiphone Casino features a mahogany neck, fully-hollow maple ply body and 2 Alnico dogear P-90 pickups, which are really high output — 11.5k for the neck, 12.3k for the bridge. That’s crazy hot for what’s supposed to be a vintage P90. Right now I like ’em…but I doubt they’re gonna be in there forever.

The guitar is incredibly lightweight and plays fabulously — with super low action and no fret buzz. There’s one thing I’m noticing, however — with just 2 months of play, I’m already seeing some significant wear on the tops of the frets! Granted, I usually play for a couple hours every day, but I’ve noticed this on other recent China-made instruments, and I’m beginning to wonder if one of the cost-saving areas these factories are employing is cheaper, softer fretwire.

As for fit and finish, the guitar is flawless. Epiphone has always been known for their great semi-and fully hollow axes, and they really haven’t disappointed me here! This would be a stellar guitar for beginners or pros alike.

Overall, this guitar is for sure gonna be a keeper — it’s just too much fun. And I’m already looking forward to swapping these P90’s for something a little more classic, which means another gear demo coming soon.

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Bronzesnake says:

Shut the front door!! I always wanted a Cherry Red Casino also!! And I got one, and I freaking love it!!
Threw a set of DaDario nickels on and the first lick ever was revolution!!! Wow…Shwing!

Brian Bouman says:

Nice job Matt

victor dias says:

Nice tone! How was your Blues Jr configurated? I just got my Casino but trough my blues jr still sounding little dark.

fudballerski says:

Hey man, awesome guitar! Great playing, bit of advice though, if you don’t want your strap folding in like it does in the clip, put your strap lock (if you use em) in through the inside of the strap. 🙂

Brettkatze says:

buying mine (in vintage sunburst) at the end of this week. Can’t wait.
Thanks for the review and you inspired me to ask my guitar teacher to work on “1979” by Smashing Pumpkins. Totally forgot about this beautiful song.

Captain Hotlicks says:

This is officer grade playing.

wurst brot says:

cherry red es-types are just the sexiest guitars. there is something classy about them. like an old cadillac.

Chris Wolf says:

First, well done video and great playing. Second, who makes that strap? I’ve got a cherry Casino myself and I’ve been looking for a strap just that color – none I’ve found were quite right. Thanks.

PeterDad60 says:

I liked your very thorough review and you are a better guitar player than me for sure. I am teaching myself and because I play the violin I don’t really excell with chords, I play mostly melodious concepts or lead. I use both tube and Solid State amps. S.S. amps don’t wear out like tubes do so I can play all day long, every day. But I also like my tube amps for their characteristics. Well I like both types to be really honest.
I just paced my order for my own Epiphone Casino in “Cherry”. Got the case as well. I guess all of us have spent around $1,000 just for guitar cases over the years. That’s the only aspect of my purchases that bothers me. Especially when I try so hard to get a guitar that I will love and at a price that I can afford. Just imagine the quality guitar $1,000 buy’s!
Anyway I like the Casino mostly because it’s a thine hollow body. I like playing my electric guitars acoustically- or unplugged. So I’m hoping that the Casino will be just a little bit louder unplugged than the rest. I have a wonderful Archtop guitar the Guild Newark Street A-150 Savoy-blond, that I expect to be louder unplugged than the Casino and that’s because it’s a full body archtop. Even the p/u is mounted on the end of the fretboard and so there is no hole (other than the two f-holes) in the top plate which is a one piece carved top. It does not even have a tone knob! It has Jazz Flat wounds too 12’s. I like it for it’s deep woody tone. But, yes there is a but! It’s body is as thick and large as an acoustic only archtop guitar and that makes it just a little uncomfortable for me as I play upon it. I do prefer the thinner body guitars such as the Casino. I also like P_90’s and rocking out as well as Jazz/Blues. It’s ok if it’s not as loud as my Guild when played unplugged. I’m sure it will be loud enough. I have a few semi hollow body guitars and they are loud enough but a little heavy.
It’s too bad guitar’s don’t grow on trees for free instead of guitars that are made from trees that we cut down and kill. Yes I love trees and birds. I am an artist and I love to paint landscapes.

Dani Toledo says:

Fantastic review and very nice playing! New suscriber here.

george scarlett says:

Oh, BTW, noticed on Facebook that you just joined a new band as a “BASS” player!! All I can say is if YOU are the Bass player, they gotta have the best Guitar talent this world has ever seen!! Gb bg PS: Ever do any 12st work??

Shoe Gazer says:

A W E S O M E demo dude!!!!!

Miguel Angel Sheriff says:

Another great video Matt, and a awesome  guitar. I’ve got the Epi Sheraton ll, also a great axe.

Matt the Owl says:

Good review, and great playing, but I think a lot of players are going to have a problem with presenting a Casino as a poor man’s ES. The Casino is a historic, classic guitar in its own right.

Óscar Romero says:

Thanks so much for the great demo and review. Best one I’ve seen so far!

Luiz Felipe Netto says:

The riff at 3:19 sounds very familiar but I can’t put my finger on it… what is it?
Great video btw

jimi jam74 says:

Really enjoyed that Matt – good job mate!

george scarlett says:

You are one very blessed with talent young man, GREAT Style, and control, BRAVO! Gotta tell ya though, I’m having somewhat of a “Gnat” problem, and almost sprayed my Comp. screen @ 7:54, Ha! Yeah, after that amt of play, the Nickel/Silver alloy content will begin to raise it’s ugly head. I’m a Luthier, and NEVER use less than 18% N/S. If they, (Chinese) picked this area to save $, for one, they picked the wrong area, Two, they didn’t save a whole lot except in Levelling, and crowning time, and that would only be in labor costs, of which I’m sure you know they don’t pay much!!! Good Shew, Cheers! Gb bg

Eugenius Williams says:

i was under impression that these commemorative casinos are made in their Japanese factory, hence theyre superior quality all round. The very best of Epiphone guitars only are made in Japan. The more normal imports are made in China and Korea. this is what i was told when I bought my Blonde-flamenco Casino, and hence their higher price ( but still heaps cheaper than a Gibson).what say U mr. Stottman?

mark hughes says:

great review – I think i’ll get one

El Efecto Mariarosa says:

Awesome video!! Thanks

Dan Nitsua says:

I find that I play my Casino more than my Strat or SG. I just love the variation in tone achievable from the P-90s. That plus the hollow body gives it that extra low growl. Great video and keep playing!

Toon Weekers says:

Great review and what a great player you are! Thanks for this awesome review. And please don’t get rid of those beautiful P90’s!

BluesDan321 says:

Great playing and demo, Matt!!!  I am trying to decide which hollowbody to buy.  It’s down to the Casino Coupe, which is the size of the es 339, or the new Gretsch G2655T, which is semi-hollow with humbuckers.  After your excellent video, I’m leaning toward the Casino Coupe.  Have you tried the smaller Coupe, and if so, what’s your take on it?  Thank you for another excellent video.  Take care.

george scarlett says:

Yo Matt, Finally got a Pic to post on facebook of my latest clone of “RIC” 330 12st in Autumglo. My alias is “John Winston”. email if you like. Gb bg

1VperOctave says:

I just watched your Wildkat review and subscribed, now this is the other guitar I am thinking of. Another great demo, excellent playing, professionally cut video. Which do you prefer, Wildkat or Casino? Which is better all round, which has the best killer feature/sound. In a burning building, which would you grab?

Thanks, Peter

jon Mclean says:

You completely missed the point of a hollow bodied guitar and dident play it unplugged, this was more a review of your playing ability and less about the guitar

Anthony Nicodemo says:

Great review and playing. I like the idea of finding best bang for the buck. Lots of great guitars out there for cheap. Sometimes just a question of a proper setup.

Kelly Young says:

This is how a guitar review should be done. Put through the paces in all settings with a variety of styles. Well done sir.

Felipe Solar says:

first song name?

Chris Munro says:

Man, I was just trying to decide between this and. Gretsch Electromatic. But now, I just want to play like you. That last song was amazing !!! I would buy that anytime !! God bless !

Adam Smith says:

would you rate the epiphone casino over the wildkat for indie music?

Fezzler61 says:

One of the best guitar reviews I’ve seen.

Ivan Robledo says:

well played man, your casino is a chinese model? i want to buy one sounds great

Eric León says:

Hi, great video. Have you played an Ibanez Artcore AS73 and how would you compare it to the Epi Casino? I’d like to know your opinion on that, if possible, thanks.

IGORMAN3224 says:

what’s the first music you had play?

André Rivs says:

Song of 3:22 ? please

Tim says:

nice guitar, good review,,,,,, i got one about 2yrs ago my frets are wearing nice, the only problems i have had with mine is the electronic, i have replace the 3 way switch with a starcraft switch, 2 days later pick up again stop working, recheck my work, mine was good, so then pulled all pots, and wiring out, wires were broken, not worth fixing and putting back, replacing wiring and pots with starcraft parts and wiring, im pissed,,,,, but i still love it, got fix it,,,,,,,,,,

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