Emily Hastings Guitar Review of the Wylde Audio Viking with Floyd Rose Electric Guitar

Here’s what you guys have been waiting for! I finally had time to do a review of my precious guitar, the Wylde Audio Viking with Floyd Rose Electric Guitar Black Pinstripes! I hope you guys like it 🙂


Josh Carter says:

Who else kinda feels like she won because shes hot?

Klaus Frischholz says:


Woodsman says:

You are totally cool !

Jordan Mayer says:

I’m sorry these guitars are cool looking and they play alright but for the factory and country they come out of they should be 700 bucks, essentially that’s just like a Ltd or charvel desolation but they’re asking so much money just because of the name, and the thing has emg’s in it, which would be alright, but fuck a little selection would be nice. Overpriced shit. That’s all I’m gonna say, if you don’t believe me you haven’t experienced a guitar brand with good value.

Ben Hebert says:

hate the christmas tree headstock

Mxolisi Ndlovu says:

You inspire me Emily i wish I can have a way of having all your video lessons . I know they can change my story in music industry

nobody says:

Horrible guitars ,sorry ,EMG pickups come on!

Jason Goodsell says:

you could put emg’s on concrete and they would still sound the same

SeaFox says:

Oh, fantastic guitar. Thank you! 🙂

Sea Level Cain says:

I like the way you look….

Gina Always a VIP! says:

Thanks for sharing your video and congratulations to you! Zakk is one of the nicest in the music business out there. I love my Vertigo Barbarian?

Vixen Vendetta says:


Murad Alm says:

Girls are like:
well it’s cool guitar and it feels good to play it..
fuck the specs it’s just a nice guitar!

but that god damn guitar down girl -_-

Ozielzinho says:

Very good!!

stefan pista says:

emily you hat sex with warleyson?:-) haaa?say:-)

Pete Hawthorne says:

Awesome review. That’s the first V I have ever liked, but the position of the switch boggles me. I hope down the road a maple neck option becomes available.

KK says:

Promote it because you got it for free.  Sure, I get that.  O/wise you never would have looked twice at it..

Addie b says:

Not my kind of axe but sounds pretty mean! I am more dimarzio Ibanez, Fender strat, PRS kind of sound. Are they active EMG’s ?

SphennyMusic says:

I mean a free guitar is a free guitar, but damn thats the last one id want to get. Not a fan of this guitar at all, especially the location on the pickup switcher.

A. Yıldız says:

I. L.O.V.E. Y.O.U.

ElectroStaticA says:

good guitar 🙂


I wouldn’t call a video lasting 2.20 minutes a ‘review’.

OKFCPrez says:

Great video, but I really lost track of the guitar at 0:37 when the cat stepped in on the lower left of the screen. Like other viewers, I want to know more about this cat. What’s it’s name? Is it male or female? How do we get to know this animal better? Your video is a great review of the guitar, but it should also feature that cat more. It was walking to the other side, then at 0:43 the pop up pictures blocked him/her. Will any of your future guitar videos feature more of this cat? You have amazing guitar talent for sure, but can we see any of this cat’s talents? Does it like boxes? I do like the guitar, but I really, really, like that cat and hope to see more of it in more videos.

Paul Cheeseman says:

You could play a cheap plastic ukulele and you would still look cool.

Recardo Recardo says:

wot an axe!! and congratz

The TROLL says:

“Masterclass”. It makes me laugh

Phantom Riffs says:

I think the pickup selector switch placement on that guitar is just weird

BestTits says:


thaynamite says:

You look like Nita Strauss :))) Very nice …

stefan pista says:

emily plz cover play song from Destruction-the ritual,is perfekt guitar solo,only solo please please!!

Владимир Ильин says:

Emily, this guitar has a prolonged strong striking design and allows you to really fight for the Art. Success! With all my heart! But there is one question – the lever has a long switching and located too far from the rest of the controls. Of course I subscribe to you!

Charles Fleury II says:

Cant get into the style…kinda plastic…

quit293 says:

the neck is to weird.

Lyn Smith says:

Very nice Guitar and congrats on winning it keep the good videos coming

mythyas says:

that pickup combo was being used way before zakk wylde I was using it when Jake was playing for Ozzy either way gratz I wish I would have known about this masterclasses thing keep shredding the fiddle lol

Daniel Sale says:

I remember when Zakk’s web site offered free guitars to everyone who bought his his little die-cast motorcycle toy. Nobody got guitars, and Zakk said something to the tune of, what did you expect? You really thought you’d get a free guitar?

Richards Guitars says:

Cool video. I have just got a camo Zack Wylde Gibson Les Paul Custom which is insane. Shame he’s no longer working with Gibson.

Waycool jr says:

Out of all your guitars I prefer the tone of your(never thought I’d say this) Jackson.

Robert Innes says:

Very nice guitar, love your video’s, keep them coming….

Christopher Davis says:

congratulations!!!! hate the guitar but awesome playing!

Mississippi Blues says:

The guitar doesn’t make you cooler Emily, you make the guitar cooler 🙂

D- Dog says:

I wanna be a guitarist, i’m 16, I have passion for rock/metal but i don’t know anything about guitar, how many years I need to learn play guitar?

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