Electric Guitar (Vision) for $60 – is it worth it?

Sometimes you can find very cheap new electric guitars on Ebay or Amazon.
But are they any good?

Over the past few years I had about 15 different cheap electric guitas on my worktable.
All were more or less in the $ 60 – $ 80 price range.
So I think it’s save to say that I know what you can expect when buying a very cheap guitar online.

You can expcet everything!

I had guitars with broken potis or tuning pegs.
I had guitars with faulty wiring.
I had guitars with a ridiculously high action and the intonation way off. So thay came without any setup.
I had guitars with a factory fret job that bad, so that I hat to file away a good portion of the frets to get them level.
But I also had guitas that were playable from the start, like for example the guitar in this video.

Naturally the factory producing these very cheap guitars don’t pay much attention to quality control.
So it very much depends on the seller or it is pure coincidence if a guitar is good or bad.

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ironfire98 says:

Im very new to this,Im trying to save money for a zeny guitar (72$ cheap but good for begginers) And I was curious to know,How are you changing what sounds the guitar makes when you play it,It seems it went from sounding like Jimi Hendrix,To Leonard Skynyrd,To ACDC

So how is that accomplished?If someone could answer that would be great,Thanks!

Stu Art says:

Its easy to become a Brand snob. This one is fine for its price.

Pádraig Floyd says:

Good luck getting a properly set up guitar from a store. Very few stores have ever set up guitars properly, just cranked the action up so there are no buzzing frets.

Of course, if you find a store that does set up guitars properly, then use it, frequently, so it doesn’t disappear.

Majsta Ć. says:

Woow what play, awesome. Thx for review.

Leo of Red Keep says:

It sounds “very dreadful”. Terrible, limited on both ends of the spectrum.
No, it’s not good enough to practice or learn, only to disgust someone from spending the effort. Replacing the pickups would bring the price in competition with a Squier Bullet or a Harley Benton at the very least, so this is not even viable competition assuming the rest is good, which wasn’t even the case for this one since it buzzes with high action.

corey delrosario says:

The first time i heard him say “cheap strat copy” i thought he said “shit strat”

Stephan Pöhnlein says:

This is the reason, that more and more guitars makers try to earn their money on YT 🙂

Marcel's Workshop says:

You play well Fabian, that helps to make a cheap guitar sound better.

ehsan74827 says:

for 60 bucks thats awesome,,,, also i am first 😀

notpopebuthope says:

Als Werkstattmeister hast du mir ja eh schon ganz gut gefallen … ABER … als Strat-Spielender-Werkstattmeister gefällst mir noch viel mehr! 😉 … das nächste Video MUSS ein Customizing Video dieser Gitarre werden! … lass die Fantasie raus und leg Hand ans Gerät! … TOP DIE WETTE GILT!

Günter Schöne says:

Schönes Video, Fabian.
Was hälst du von diesem Gitarren Lied?
sting of the bumblebee – manowar
Haste auch so schnelle fingers? 😀

Danny H says:

Wish i could get one for about 20 Dollars

pjsalchemy says:

Nice licks Fabian! My vintage too. Amazing for the price. Thanks for the review!

David McKean says:

Needs different pickups, the stock ones are very low output. I would buy some take offs from a MIM Strat and good tuners and have it setup.

Opa's Workshop says:

Great video Fabian and you got a nice Riff on there too!

Столяр Петрович says:

Круто )) Мне понравилась игра на гитаре

Aspirative Music Production says:

I have to set up my guitars anyway. Otherwise I don’t get what I want. Big stores don’t take time to set up guitars anyway so why should I expect internet el cheapo to be set up?

RJpiano says:

I actually have one of those for about 7 years now, but with the actual strat head stock shape. Still using it.

Gordon Aitchison says:

Probably made in China.

rythmosrythmos says:

well stick some wilkinson pick ups in it and you’re good

Hans Gruber says:

Very differentiating review, I like a lot. Sehr gut gemacht!

My Fingerboard says:

Cool vid man. Cheers.

Mark McCluney says:

Ya’ know it looks and sounds pretty good for the money. One good thing about a cheap instrument is that you don’t care too much if it gets stolen at a gig. It happens… Nice vid Fabian, thanks for sharing!

Aida Mendoza says:

HI Fabian. another great video! thanks. AIDA.

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