Electric Guitar Review Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Standard With Tom Quayle iGuitar Magazine

http://www.iguitarmag.com/issue4 Guitar Review and Overview of the Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Standard with Tom Quayle from iGutiar Magazine. Tom Quayle reviews the Epiphone Les Paul Standard guitar in Issue 4 of Guitar Interactive magazine.
This review is part of a series of reviews in an article called ‘The ’59 Challenge’ in which Tom not only reviews the Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Les Paul , but also reviews the Marshall Class 5 Amp & the Vintage V100 MRJBM.
For more on the 59′ challenge head to http://licklibrary.ceros.com/iguitarmag/iguitar/iguitar/magazine/iguitar/mag/digital/guita/issue4/page/120

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Liam Lewis says:

I love the bridge pickup on les pauls they just sound righ for me

AndreNieri says:

Tom Quayle is much bigger than this guitar…

EElectric_M says:

Its a far east made guitar, dont expect much. I got a 2010 Epiphone Les Paul Standard and its perfect, but you always get a risk.

Willem says:

I just ordered mine 🙂

NickMass35 says:

@GoGatorsGoooo Probably added after the recording.

frederick2112 says:

I have a video posted of the 2nd guitar they had to send. 1st was a mess. I’ve been playing’ on and off my whole life, so I do know a warped guitar when I see one. I am not a master player, but if you watch the video, you’ll see I ain’t no slouch. Not to mention I’ve heard many complaints on the Epi. JB. for fret buzz. Video is under Joe Bonamassa Epiphone Les Paul. Or click on frederick2112. Peace

Edward Prete says:

Tried one of these last week. I’m sorry I didn’t buy it. A great fat tone out of it.

Nuclear Harry says:

amazing review as always you tell us what we need to know and answer questions without us having to ask 😀

Guitar Interactive - The Free Online Guitar Magazine says:

@xtremeguitar95 Hi there, We dont have a review of the Jackson RR5 im afraid – plus were not sure why your comment was flagged as spam?

Mark Anthony says:

Sounds like mud m8 sorry

skadinkus says:

LOL. The stuff coming out of the “far east” has a higher, more consistent manufacturing quality than what’s coming off the production line in Nashville where the quality control frankly sucks.

brandon whitley says:

false. bonamassa doesnt use much gain at all. you can hear it and hes said it several times.

Ricard C says:

good job!

Stu Nahan says:

actually, it is delay that I hear?

JLocni says:

sweet gtr 😀

skadinkus says:

Sounds like your guitar tech may be the lemon — sure you’re applying enough finger pressure against the fret? 🙂

Sam Light says:

hes probably running it through the loop mate

Aidan Millward says:

The Nashville built guitar I just acquired is a very well made and top quality guitar. There are more excellent ones than shit ones. People hear about one bad guitar to come out of Gibson and they slag them off. They are human after all.

carrie b says:

yes he did

Thomas Wilcock says:

Big reason i watch these is just to watch Tom play……

AftershockPS3 says:

joes use gain 10 all of his amp on stage ……..

dragonheart1947 says:

I’ve had mine for about two months, bought at guitar center, no issues, this thing plays awsome

Stu Nahan says:

You said you are not running anything in to the front of the amp. Why do I hear reverb?

Sylvain Alain says:

Yes, he is using two rocks amp in his current tour.

frederick2112 says:

the Bonamassa Epiphone is a lemon. I bought one 4 weeks ago and its been back to the shop twice for serious fret buzz. I just drove 100 miles to vegas to pick it back up and it still does not play. now the 17th fret wont even sound out. I really expected more out of Joe bonamassa. Very disappointed in this whole situation. I want my money back

David trueslayor says:

Forget the Bonamassa sound- I just want that Les Paul sound- this Les Paul sounds better than ANY Epi ive ever heard (some Gibsons too)- Rocks I need one!!!!

donthewatcher says:

i dig my epi Bonamassa goldtop it feels like a real 59 gibson les paul, the burstbuckers 2/3  makes the amp do all the work, i gig this guitar and so does my friend (old school hit funk band, rhymes with dodger and wapp) and in big venues /loud volumes,this guitar doesnt feed back

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