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Recently Rockler started carrying Unfinished Electric Guitar Kits for hobby woodworkers. This do-it-yourself guitar kit allows you to create your own custom style guitar with the finish of your choice. All electronics come pre-soldered, and the frets are pre-set – just sand, finish and assemble.


Eddie Wellman says:

For measurements or placing of the bridge. Go to Stew Mac They have that on their web site. You will need to know the scale of the guitar. LP scale.. 24 3/4″ Fender scale… 25 1/5″ or PRS @ 25″ And so on.

Chris Nesly says:

The head is ugly ! (and the player bad)… 😉

FuckYouWhosNext says:

i got one of these jobs on ebay for about $80, still applying primer and sanding

James Butterson says:

runnin threw the world with the Sun on my back trying to catch a ride in a CADILLAC.oh the memories.Nice job.

19Luke89 says:

This dude sounds like a south park character LOL

Grzegorz Witkowski says:

Looks good, sounds terrible. 😉 Nice project.

JillettProductions says:

Good job. Excellent explanation of the process.

twinsmm1 says:

Da Bears.

philo426 says:

Good video!The section on how to lay out the position of the bridge and tailpiece was especially valuable.

T O says:

I knew you were from Wisconsin.

Voxboy876 says:

You should seriously consider voice acting. I’m not kidding.

George M says:

the sunburst looks nice, but the clear finish is a real mess. looks horrible and ruins your guitar..

Ernesto Vanscoy says:


Joseph Whiteside says:

6:44 The Wind Cries Mary-Jimi Hendrix.
I love that song! Thank you for playing it in the demo. You are amazing.

Dean says:

drilling for the tailpiece and bridge and getting it clean and looking right is impossible without a good drill press. aside, looks very straightforward to put together.

modificationize says:

Is that Ron Swanson narrating the video?

Exterminence says:

I think you put the TOM bridge backwards. Shouldn’t the adjustment screws be facing the tailpiece?

Rondo McBower says:

I thought this is one of the better DIY kit guitar builds ive seen so far.

Even though ive read complaints about the finish i thought it was great, for the cost of the guitar you made everything easy and not look hard like some one would need a compressor and a special spray gun to shoot the professional type sprays.

Steve Gould says:

Set necks freak me out a bit – how do you know when you glue it and clamp it that you have not fluffed the angle just a little bit – I mean it’s not like you can have a couple of strings as guides because that would put tension on the joint.

ruffalo09 says:

Excellent presentation!

cast390 says:

Why dont they just pre drill the holes when you buy the kit? Most of us dont have a drill press…

mr42ndstblvd says:

honestly anymore i dont think these kits come with undrilled holes the factory pretty builds the entire guitar takes it apart and boxes it up. they claim no soldering no drilling holes pretty much you paint and assymble these new kits.

Steven Taylor says:

has anyone found the “instructions” he was talking about? the correct measurements would be helpful.

Brayden Conner says:

you should’ve out put the same finish of the back of the body on the back of the neck and when that dries mask it off and paint the headstock black and put a gibson led paul waterside on it just to make it look really nice

TechReviews says:

basswood, buff said

Josh Allen says:

Yep I screwed up drilling the bridge on…..put it on way too far back.

Billy Beane says:

is it me or did the finish look like crap when he started assembly? looked like wavy lines in the finish.

Mudge Mudgee says:

that finish was as smooth as gravel… No wet sanding, no polishing at all. Little bit of work will give you a glass finish. Use a compound on the lathe to get you there. At 5:59 you can see NO work was done to finish it. The clear wrinkling is evidence you didn’t let the undercoating dry properly.

Bernadette Husch says:

Go to woodprix webpage if you’d like to know how to build it. Good solutions for everyone I think

Steve Parker says:

@benford guitars. Why not Gorilla Glue? Does it muffle the sound or something?

loadi2 says:

nice job Sir.

Marcus Meow says:

Was that “Caught in a Dream” by Alice Cooper at 7:02?

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