Demo/Review of a Pink $30 Guitar… Literally the Cheapest Strat I Could Find!!


➤ Download the demo song “Bourbon and Cigarettes” here:

0:36 Demo in a Mix
3:30 My Thoughts
6:10 Clean Playthrough (Dry Tracks)
7:20 Dirty Playthrough (Dry Tracks)
8:40 Simon Says!

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Demo/Review of a $30 Guitar… Literally the Cheapest Strat I Could Find!!


Caleb C says:

Sounds better than the new Gibsons

tyler a says:

chinese guitar builder pay scale= homeless looking for change on the ground in a walmart parking lot.

Λευτέρης Σιδηρόπουλος says:

You should play more lead stuff. It suits the versatile character of Strats, perfectly.

Hans Baumeister says:

I looked up Paulownia on and according to one of the comments, this wood is preferred for building the Japanese Koto, also a stringed instrument. Seeing as the Koto has a MUCH longer history than the guitar, I would guess that the tonality of this wood isn’t that bad at all…

Alexandre Silva says:

I bought a CB Sky Strat for 20€ in a Supermarket (Alcampo which is kinda like wallmart but really smaller) in Spain a couple of months ago….. Doesn’t sound terrible, but needed fret leveling and they actually made me bleed the first time I played.

Logan Strattus says:

What cords was he playing on position 3 during the cleans?

Mike Rutch says:

I’ve got a paulownia tele and it’s neck heavy.

liam liang says:

In China we burn $30 guitars to keep warm in winter.

Hikup says:

Almost seem like p90s

i Electronics says:

where’s the link? I need this!

RetcoNz says:

8:05 even the cat was uncomfortable with that awful tone

Jaime T says:

if that shit is 30$ i must be depht couse that shit soudns way to incredible

TF2Blozi says:

Why do YouTubers only review guitars by playing with an ungodly amount of distortion? Everything sounds the same when you use that much distortion, you can’t tell the actual tone of the guitar. Of course a $30 guitar will sound okay when you’re running it through an expensive distortion… you could run a fart through it and it will sound the same.

Massimo Gazzola says:

where can you buy this guitar? Thanks

BubblegumShallow says:

I’ll give you $40 for it 😀

Manu Perez says:

I know the neck dive criticism was sarcastic buuuut…

…$1000+ Gibson SGs always have this problem…

… and so this Strat is better than Gibson

Sketchy Disc says:

Where can I get one

DustyCowdog says:

Sounds like a pink turd.

tobias menough says:

now play it thru an equally cheap amp.. Bet it sounds really horrible then.. Even crap guitars can be made to sound “decent” thru a tubed Marshall. . Lol.
Still,,, I’d buy that there pink geetar. . Lol
thanks for the review man..
I thought it was cool.. !!

Old Gamer says:

noise filter ruins the demo

Old Gamer says:

1 guitar = 8 Old Spice Pit Sticks

Cheese In A Can says:

The deodorant is staring at me

Zach Smith says:

Not gonna lie, that look has it’s own awesomeness. Seems like a punk guitar waiting to happen

The Prince Of Persia says:

That’s not fair. How did you make a $30 guitar sound and look like a $1300 guitar??

Lenny Henry says:

Don’t be amazed at how cheap it is. Be amazed at how much of a rip off most guitars are.

David Zaleski says:

That sticker oh my god I need a sticker like that…

Jared Hind says:

I think it looks brilliant! Hah!

gamerboyzeke says:

That actually looks cool

Drox Lar says:

Am I the only who doesn’t think this is that terrible of a tone?

Mr.SmithGNR Smith says:

Wtf is “cool” about pink? Are you a 13yr old female sir? Smh

Gabriel Martínez says:

Awesome lovely guitar !

TheTRUTH says:

cool jam!

marazm1 says:

you should relic it so the wood “breathes”. lmfao.

Evan Watoosie says:

Still better than the firebird 0

Tovas Stalin says:

Better than the firebird zero


Great revue, most thorough and efficient Ive ever seen.

Cathal Carlin says:

I got my squire strat affinity for £40

Jesse Barrera says:

Let’s not forget the player has a lot to do with the guitars sound.

trystan andrade says:

Where is the link to buy it?

Fred Suero says:

Cheesy Ass music makes me want to fucking throw up

AnnaAnnaYes says:

A good leather strap,will stop the nose dive.

His Honer, Special Council Covfefe Chocker says:

Ughh I wish i had that! I want a strat or tele in that color SO bad.

Name says:

Bitching guitar for $30. You’ve got to worry about the factory workers that are making them for that price though

Tarquin The Rotter says:


RyderTil IDyer says:

“High Intergrity” haha

Марк Литвин says:

Where did you buy it?

CornKing says:

This is probably better than modern Gibsons

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