Danelectro ’84 Electric Guitar Review

Danelectro ’84 Electric Guitar Review

The Danelectro ’84 is a SRV Stratocaster inspired guitar that is loaded with three amazing sounding single coil lipstick pickups. This is the first time I’ve had a chance to play a lipstick pickup guitar and I have to say they have a bit more output and bite than a regular strat while still sounding warm and round.

Check them out at http://www.danelectro.com

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Leland Berg says:

Your opening blues solo sounded quite passionate. I think that Dano’ is a keeper.

Fred Nielsen says:

I think I seen you play more left-handed guitars than Elliot Easton

Aaron S says:

Never mind. I made my last comment before I watched the video

Daz Jay Gee says:

Sounded damn good.
Can’t find any here in Aust after a quick search though.

Rluce75 says:

I have noticed a lot of guitars in that price range need a little extra TLC due to sharp ends/fret sprout. Anyway, to anyone who is concerned it is really an easy fix that you can do yourself and there are plenty of videos on YouTube of various luthiers demonstrating how to cheaply and easily make the fret ends feel like a pro instrument.

Kevys Rc & Music says:

pretty cool man

Aaron S says:

It’s modeled after the guitar SRV had made by them in 84 with lipstick pickups. His was white. Wasn’t sure if you were aware of that.

Darrall Dougherty says:

Good looking fiddle! Sounds great Shane. Might have to look into one of these.

ramma lamma dingdong says:

Sounds great! I’m a Southpaw too.

Alberto García says:

I would like to see a comparative in between this Danelectro and a Mexican Strat you have. 😉

kingstumble says:

I like it but the UK price is ridiculous. Can’t them selling many.

mark dakel says:

Looks great, sounds fantastic

Todd Flowers says:

Great demo Shane ! This guitar is kind of a “mashup” of SRV’s guitars,look up Hamiltone guitars and you’ll notice the head stock is this one. :-)P.S. he owned a custom Hamiltone and it’s featured on “Couldn’t Stand the Weather”.

HeirApparent80 says:

Also the second guitar used here…


Chrismayo1981 says:

Shane, thanks for saying Stratocaster instead of “S” type. I’m done with the whole dance around the name crap. If i hear one more person say “Vintage three pickup style” or “Classic Double cutaway three pickup” or “Vintage inspired “S” type” I’m gonna just quit the internet for a while.

Marc Piechowicz says:

Personally I don’t like the pau ferro fretboards, gonna be second hand guitars only for me from now on.

Funky Monkey1886 says:

Hey Shane. SRV’s white strat was made by Charley’s Guitars in Dallas. It did have Danelectro lipsticks in it. He named it Charley. Nice demo.

And when are you doing some more IntheSega ha ha?

Quentin James says:

Thought this was a “Shane plays chick kicking people video game” video. HA!

AngryBogart says:

i would love to buy some danelectro telecaster now

Miguel Martinez says:

Wow! So inspired.

Charles Farwell says:

That’s a SRAT copy! Where is the outrage?

Adrian Coker says:

Love those lipstick pups for this kind of stuff. It would be cool to see a shootout between this guitar and the Squier Vintage Modified series guitar that has the Duncan Designed lipstick pickups.

LucianSarbu MD2 says:

no hate, but why every single guitar youtuber should play Danelectros?

Ronnie Williams says:

wow. sounds damn good!!

Rogerio Sartori says:

Who doesn’t wanna copy a strat?

Boxcar Stewart says:

There are not enough quality reviews of Danos. Nice work, Shane!

Clay Smith says:

Your new camera setup in 4k is fantastic. Well done my friend!

johnny 2shoes says:

Sounds great! Same price, sounds better than a mexican, better trem. Really miss the rosewood.

moyle Eppelstun says:

Bugger and Damn knew I shouldn’t have watched this, I just got a music man now NOW I got to get this Beautiful Dan 84! I just went and had a look at the site wow that antique bust is my fav colour!

Edgar Arias says:

Sounds awesome Shane! Would love a comparison of how it stacks up to a Mexican Fender strat. Great job. Lots of great tones on tap.

Cletus Anfernee Jackson says:

Nice playing man.

Ralli Blues says:

better this… is the squier vintage modified surf with lipstick

Ben Hackett says:

I really like the look & sound, but you have to check out the Ibanez AZ series. It’s a mash up between Ibanez, Suhr & Fender in a strat style body with stainless steel frets, 5 way switch, coil mode/split, etc. So much bang for buck & not a pointy shred machine.

Guitar ocd says:

Seems whoever’s running danelectro had a choice to make. I’m sure they could have made these in China and kept the price down. To me that would have been boring. Quality is much higher in Korea. Chinese guitars have there place I’m not knocking them. Hopefully they are rewarded for making the decision to make their guitars at a higher quality. Time will tell.

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