Danelectro 64 Electric Guitar Review

Lewis Turner reviews the Danelectro 64 Electric Guitar.

You can check the full review here http://www.iguitarmag.com/


Alexis Alescio says:

beautifull guitar

flyonsoul says:

It’s a Mosrite copy with a few twists

ThatMetalBassist says:

Looks less Mosrite and more Univox

David Allen says:

I like it

bretta3 says:

The neck is a single coil, not a humbucker. I would think that if you are going to review a brand new guitar you would at least read the basic specifications. It took me about one minute to do so online.

philo426 says:

Sounds great!What type of amp did you play it through?

ruassmarkt says:

the neck PU looks certainly like a P90-style single coil, not a humbucker

Shay Cormac says:

i want

Tarsan97 says:

to much talk and to little playing. There is a distortion on the little we hear.

Steve Bennett says:

High end ??

elwrongo says:

Poor review. got a number of key specs wrong (humbucker?? its a P90) and fails to make key comparison with a real Mosrite e.g. neck thinness, vibrato system and pickups.

Guitaraholic458 says:

let’s rock out some Nirvana bleach era

ArielsSmartyPants says:

These always looked upside down to me, could never get over it.

Scott Morrison says:

neck is a P-90 single coil

Legolam says:

Looks a lot like a Mosrite ’65…doesn’t sound anything like one though. In fact, it sounds kind of dull. I’d spend the extra $150 and go for a Hallmark Custom 60 if I didn’t want to spend the $$$ on a real Mosrite. It’s a lot closer to the original in terms of both sound and looks. It’s also built better than the original Mosrites.

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