Danelectro 59XT Electric Guitar Review

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In this review video you will learn all about the Danelectro 59XT electric guitar. Great electric guitar!

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YourGuitarSage says:

Hey there my friends! Hope you enjoyed this review. Thanks for stopping by and watching this video. Do you have this guitar? Love to hear your feedback below. e 🙂

Lou Amezcua says:

Even distorted, the sound on the guitar is so clean, it has a vintage look body, kinda like a RICKENBACKER guitar (I’m in love with those guitars and basses), I’m signed up and downloaded the PDF for the live stream, looking for it!

Jacob Beard says:

Sounds damn good, looks so bad IMO

Rare Hond says:

Beautiful guitar. But I would like to see him in black. With steel brushed metal parts.

Guitars are like motorcycles. They have to look good and sound great. And the sound of this guitar is not bad at all.

But yeah, I think that you even let my 50 year old 4 string no name guitar sounds good.

Vicki Miller says:

I’m a diehard acoustic player, but the little snippet of Pipeline sounded fantastic!
Looking forward to the live show.

Shawna Bee says:

Approximately how much does it weigh?

D1 4N4 says:


Greg Baker says:

Sounds good…I see what you mean about its versatility

Mary Beth Hempel says:

loved the surfing music

Thomas Mills says:

Love the look and sound of that beautiful instrument.

Vasuki Wakte says:


Supperconductor says:

Amazing tones, sounds like it would be great for live use – would cut right through the mix. Fantastic demo riffs, BTW!

David :re says:

Maybe I will love this guitar now

Shambhavi Yamgar says:

I don’t have any electric i would be extremely lucky if i win it

Charan Chandrashekar says:

How much ever the guitar cost ! Your playing is just fabulous ..

WORRO01 says:

Dude! Awesome playing with a very cool guitar!! What PICK were you using? I need a bigger meaty pick due to this MS stuff I have going on. I think that pick would be easier for me to hold if that makes sense to ya.. Thumb’s up video my man~~John

Harold Oran says:

Great Sounds. Real Vintage Vibe! Thanks, Erich!

Warren Postma says:

i love the sounds you get from this cool guitar.

vf7vico says:

been looking seriously at Danelectro’s for a while — your great review really ups the ante!

Mary Beth Hempel says:

Very Cool! Love it! 🙂

Mary Beth Hempel says:

I am so glad you are reviewing this Danelectro! Thank you! 🙂

Steve Johnson says:

Great review! I was wondering what the song at the beginning is (tried to identify it with the Shazam app but no luck)?

Yitz L says:

Sounds amazing love your videos man keep up the great work you’re such an inspiration to keep learning how to play the guitar

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