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Hi there, my name is Leo and I run a studio on the westside of Norway where I record and produce bands, do video work and play live shows.

On my youtube channel there is lots of videos with covers, gear reviews , studio updates and other shenaningans.

For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.

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Charlie Bergesen says:

Give a cheap guitar to Steve Vai and the most expensive to me and you will see …

Bob Holland says:

Great amps and cabs can make a crappy guitar sound decent as well.

Maxx-Lenoxx says:

Cherrystone was pretty amazing for the price! I would have blend the Musil and the Cherrystone!!

David Garcia says:

Goes to show that any guitar can sound good. It comes down to the player and the gear it’s being played through.

Daniel V says:

Love the Cherrystone, even for metal.

GT1Reach says:

In the mix the bc rich sounded best to me. Musil close second.

Konstantin t says:

All 3 super!

themplar says:

I went for Harley Benton guitars right around the moment you had an give away of one of those guitars. I bought a cheaper version SC (les paul model) for around 140 euro. And its really nice. I’m going for a few other Harley Bentons now. But someday i will probably buy a chapman, but first i need to be better at playing. And still not really convinced its worth the extra 800 to 1200 euro.

Bob Barker says:

I’m convinced I should buy a cheap guitar and just mod it. No reason to spend $2-5k on a guitar

Gilbert Craven says:

I can hear the difference between them, but once you add the whole mix – like you said Leo – it would be hard to tell the difference. For the riff you played I kind of prefer the BC Rich mixed with the “jazz” guitar. The “high end” guitar had a little too much “high” in it’s tone for me for that riff. Just my two cents. Internet……bring the hate! LOL

Iñigo Zapata says:

We can’t feel the playability in a video, but the sound was more than useable in all three.
There are PLENTY of affordable guitars that can be and sometimes are perfectly set out of the box.

Nipulkrad Msinatagras says:

I definitely agree with you last statement.

Mariano González says:

With a Kemper all guitars sound good, with an amp the sound is very different between a cheap or an expensive guitar. Anyways Leo is a master!

Jake Anderson says:

I’ve played cheap guitars for years cause I’m left handed. It all depends on the amp. A great amp will make anything sounds amazing.

Chris Carter says:

I dono man that Cherrystone sounds real good 😛

Doug Gyver says:

The Bronze Series is just plain awful in terms of quality control, fit, finish..everything. I picked up the same Warlock Bronze as Leo is demo-ing here for forty bucks was basically unplayable as built. The neck pocket was routed 1/4″ low on one side..had to route the pocket flat and then add a tapered shim to get the neck angle somewhere in the vicinity of “right.”

It plays great now, but this repair would cost more than the guitar retailed for if you took it to a luthier..  

I’ve seen multiple examples of the same flaw in these el-cheapo BC Rich models since, so, yanno..buyer beware!
If you’re looking to save money, make sure you inspect before ya buy, kids..ordering a cheap guitar online is like playing Russian roulette..

Pier Luigi Fiorini says:

The tone is (mostly) in your hands and your amps/effects.

MuggzyDubzy says:

how do you not have buzzing on those crappy pick ups?

iMediaGamer RPG2 says:

The 94 $ sounds pretty good

Effen Bamm says:

Now we want cheap amp vs. expensive amp to REALLY hear what makes the difference! 😉

Francesco Zannino says:

I’m not an expert, but I think the third one has a more defined sound, you can hear the individual notes better. The second one has a softer sound.

Demonikz - says:

What is wrong with me, i liked that jazz guitar more than the other 2 wich are madre for metal, i eveb think it sounder better than the $14000 Guitar lol

Mike oliver says:

Even a high end guitar sounds like shit in my hands.

Paul Hurtado says:

My first guitar was a cheap BC Rich Warlock, so this is right in my wheelhouse… skill and practice trumps quality of tool always.

Renaissance Man says:

Once you reach 2k the cost is a diminishing return and you are paying for fancy woods and name

Ken Maziarz says:

Not that I could hear much of a difference but I liked the BC Rich.

Lulu Banzai says:

that hollow body sounds the best. WTF

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