Buying Your First Guitar – Squier Starter Pack

Buying Your First Guitar – Squier Starter Pack with Exclusive Tuition from Rob Chapman and Lee Anderton

Fender CD-60

Squier Electric Pack 1

Squier Electric Pack 2

Squier Electric Pack 3

Guitars for Under 12’s
For Children between 5-7 we suggest.

For Children between 8-12 we suggest.

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All audio was recorded & produced by Paul ‘Stick’ Annis/Maplewood Studio

Video edited by Dan Davies


Alex Garcia says:

Why am I here

Eddy Wang says:

shiiiittt, ive never owned a squier, but what i do know is im very sure from looks wise they shouldnt look much different to fender. HOWEVER, if you take a close look at all the strats shown here, im disgusted by how far apart the gap between the pickguard and the trem bridge is. has it always been like this now or what ?

Richardo Frankie says:

I messed with a guitar all my life, I just want something with a headphone jack as I have roomies, and electric – and be able to get back in the gig again. Great video and thanks for your time! I will ROCK OUT!

IWIQuest says:

I bought the first package and immediately had to buy a better amp (yuck!) But a couple of years later I am still jamming on the guitar and I am about ready to graduate to a more permanent guitar.

Kevin Bradshaw says:

BTW, though no one else will tell you, your DS-1 pedal sounds about as cheesy as the distortion on this monstrosity called an amplifier.

I Dont Know what to call this youtube channel says:

Look, if you are going to buy a sub €300 guitar I would defo recommend a yamaha Pacifica

matti utriainen says:

Oooh someone please tell me, what was the first song Rob played on the acoustic? 😛 Sounds so cool

Renaissance Man says:

I hate Squier made in china shit guitars absolute pieces of crap! Buy at least a MIM strat

guitarist_ 2004 says:

It seems like rob doesn’t even want to be there but lee forced him into doing like he did for the John 5 review lol

Ninja Guitarist56 says:

I have been watching this for ever since I wanted to start the guitar. I have not seen this video in like 1 year this gives me so much nostalgia, me sitting on the desktop faking the awesome solos Rob does… ahh, Being a begginer was awesome.

xneverwalkalonex says:

I’ve been looking at getting my first guitar, being a complete novice, with no intention of ever getting up on stage to play, I think cheapish starter pack would be all I need, I’ve been looking at the Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul special-II performance pack with, I think, a 15 watt amp.. would that be a decent one to get?

Jim Katz says:

would have liked the guitar info windows on longer to read them….
great info. great playing !

Aurin Ambivalent says:

I learned on a black cd-60 just like that

Joshua Frias says:

Yo, Chap. What was that tune you were playing at 1:56?

mehlox says:

I’m buying the Squier Affinity strat TODAY. NO JOKE. I may even upload a vid

Tendy31 says:

I bought myself my first guitar a year ago for 290€ and it is beautiful, and also a great budget guitar and just lightly used, happened to be an Epiphone Les Paul standar plustop pro cherry sunburst

DanielConley says:

This is for all the new or intermediate guitarists thinking of purchasing a squier.
Back in 2005 my first guitar was a cheap $150 Squier bullet with the amp combo, I was so excited because my other friends just started playing the same time as me but they all had jackson guitars or gibson SG as their first guitars and i couldn’t afford that and they would always tease me that i got a “cheap shitty guitar” and said I should have saved for a “real” fender strat
it almost discouraged me from learning guitar


Its now 2017 I now have a few american and mexican made strats, an ibanez prestige, a les paul studio, and a gibson firebird and to this day I still own and play that first Squier regularly. it still has the same pickups and everything aside from the strings I havent changed anything on that guitar and its lasted me 12 years. I even bought another squire for $100 just because.
Sure the Squier doesn’t sound as good as my other guitars but its really light weight and its fun to play and I feel having a guitar that is fun to play is they key for any guitarist to stick with the instrument.

My only advice is if you’re new to guitar playing and you decide to get a squier bring it to a professional and have it setup properly or even ask your sales associate if they would do it for you or you can research and learn to set the intonation yourself and I promise you you’ll have a good time learning to play on this guitar if its set properly.
Also having a decent amp makes a world of difference.

Basically to anyone reading don’t be discouraged by what people say and dont think just because a guitar says squier or epiphone or whatever and people consider it a “beginner” or “learning” guitar its a bad instrument you dont need an american made custom strat or a les paul or some expensive guitar to sound good especially when learning the main thing is having a decent amp, and a properly setup guitar, and some good pickups later down the line if you can afford it.

Gerard Cortes says:

Can someone give me a little advice about the frontman 15 cause I am deciding wether to sell or trade it for a 10 or 15 watt Marshall amp , does anyone think that it would be advisable?

Juju Smith-Schuster says:

5:30 a louder version of the earlier piece of crap

Tim Vandecasteele says:

I’m just starting off with playing guitar and am looking to get the pack shown at 5:40 (Squier Affinity 15G Pack) should I get this or is there better stuff on the market in the same price range?

Kevin Bradshaw says:

Of the box of garbage called the starter pack the amp is the worst. I hate those things. And this is as good as one of those things can sound!

Temppa-Setä says:

I have that GDEC Junior and a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro.

ExactHoboSoup says:

I have a Frontman 10G but it’s broken.

Andrew Tapia says:

That 10w fender amp was my first amp. I used to rock that with my pawnshop guitar all the time. Still use the same pawnshop guitar and upgraded my amp for a 20w cube amp. I will never forget these days of learning nirvana songs, then upgrading to avenged sevenfold and satriani jams.

Edward Wilson says:

My first guitar was an Applause strat and a Dean Markley amp. Things have certainly changed since my old Squier strat is now made much better

Daily Cup of Justin says:

i just bought my “first” guitar. its a 74 conn f-20. was only 120 bucks and i absolutely love it.

Ryan N says:

its 230 quid now

xneverwalkalonex says:

do they do a blue guitar starter pack?, just noticed the blue fender, would like lol.

CheerwineIsLit says:

Or just the one your uncle left under his parents bed for 4 years.

Fell Lava Creeper says:

5:06 sunshine of your love

Tommy Toal says:

Don’t listen to this pair of absolute dickheads

dayshawna courtney says:

the problem with these for me are the amps the guitars are actually great to start on for me the teles are amazing and my friend modded and now it sounds 100 times better.

as for the amps that come with these packs i think it’s better to just buy a squier separate, if you live in america go to the guitar center website or get the app and squiers are really cheap and affordable. even apps like letgo, some people sell really good guitars for really cheap. i recommend a blackstar amp though, a smaller one is cheap and sounds great!

Michael Dignum says:

This video needs to be updated to whats new/changed/prices ect since 2012 in the starter packs range. I’m new to learning guitar and after a week of reviewing different guitars i went for the Squier Affinity strat.

Del 234 says:

If I put that first amp at full volume it won’t bug my parents

Hank Memes says:

affinity sells for $200 by itself lol

Zippy says:

I still pick my bullet strat up and play it.

matthew says:

11:43 – i thought the guitar was going to start smoking – lol

GoodKevin111 says:

Just got my first guitar today. The store owner said that it takes years to make the sounds that I made.

TruthBy Design says:

Spent 1.2k for American Standard Strat w/ case/strap, Roland Cube 40gx amp.. Overkill for a starter guitar? You be the judge.

A Triggered Parrot From Texas says:

I came here for that awesome intro…. And Lola.

Caius Lavelle says:

Tele is so much better. I have no idea why I am watching this vid. I have an epiphone 339, a fender strat, a Gibson les Paul, and a Gretch, electromatic no bigsby. Don’t need to watch this. Although this stuff is good.

5150Blizzard says:

The amp doesn’t sound bad with clean, but with the distortion it’s really bad. Parents, if you want your child to pursue the amazing instrument that is the electric guitar, then don’t buy a starter pack. Instead, look for a good guitar for $200-250, such as Ibanez GRG120BDX, or anything in the Ibanez Gio series. Then a good amp for $100-$150 such as the Blackstar ID: Core 20W, or for a little bit extra cash, the 40W. Buying the gear separately might be a little bit more expensive, but it will save your ears, and your money, in the long run.

Leonard Vaivada says:

Quit trying to be funny.

BrandonFleming says:

im wanting the electric guitar kit for my bday

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