Brian May Super Guitar | Review | Guitar Interactive

Brian May Super Guitar | Review | Guitar Interactive

Jamies Humphries Reviews for Guitar Interactive Issue 40

Guitar Interactive Magazine | Issue 40 | Brian May

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Welcome to GI 40, a very special issue that we’ve been hoping to bring you… well, since we first planned the magazine!

Brian May is a unique figure in Rock guitar and he has been interviewed on many occasions in many different publications, so when we were finally able to arrange an interview with him, we decided to take a different route. Instead of sending a mere journalist to interview him and his highly regarded tech expert, Pete Malandrone, we sent Jamie Humphries, who as our features explain has a unique inside approach to the Brian May team. We like to think we’ve produced the definitive Brian May special as a result.

Also on board is Zakk Wylde, making a welcome return to GI, telling us why he’s going into the guitars and amps business!

Don’t forget the usual abundance of reviews, columns and this issue’s stonking competition opportunity to win a complete set of Moog’s Minifooger pedals – in our estimation some of the finest effects pedals money can buy!

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marcenciels says:

Nice! Bought a BM creamy one about 10 years ago. Would buy this one if I was a decent guitarist…but I’m very good bass player lol

House RN says:

Brian May is a guitarist worth emulating.

Greg Hayes says:

0:16 goddamit bro, you were so close to getting the lick right

endrizo says:

make a version with a standard neck.

Mike Reseigh says:

Wow thanks for posting this


Brian’s original Red Special has to be the most unique star guitar ever. I mean, who else built the entire guitar by hand? Eddie’s “Frankenstrat” is amazing, but it’s a “partscaster” with a unique paint job. I can’t think of anyone else who designed their own body, neck, headstock, electronics system from the ground up and created a one of a kind guitar that looks like nothing before it. I always wanted one of the Guild Brian May guitars when they came out in the 1990’s but I was too young to have that kind of money and now they’re quite expensive last I looked. Cool story about how the trem arm is a knitting needle from his Mom, I didn’t know that part. I heard there’s a book coming out that is just about that guitar with a ton of pics and diagrams, I have to get one when it comes out. Great vid!!

Dan Anthony says:

How tick is the neck?

Queen: O Filme says:

Amazing!!! Amazing!!! We Will Rock You Is Guitar Amazing To World. “We Will, We Will Rock You!!” . Brian May Is Guitar Of “We Will Rock You” E “We Are The Champions” Is Amazing!!!. Queen – “Bohemian Rhapsody” For Amazing.

G. V. Quinn says:

I don’t love it, but man; what a legend to make this from scratch.

John Pick says:

Wonderful review of an awesome instrument…thank you !

WyoColo Experience says:

A very cool and informative video! Thanks for your opinion on this guitar.

P4P KING says:

thats an iconic gat. the sound and the look, absolutely unique and cool. oh that i could add it to my collection.

kidwajagstang says:

Of all the Brian May guitars, which would be, in your opinion the closest in terms of neck shape and sound specifically, to Brian’s original?? And, if you happen to think to do so, maybe suggest having a signature model for his father since it was a joint project. Perhaps have it incorporate ideas his father had or wanted to do to the original Red Special when they were building it, but may not have been done for one reason or another.

Matt Nes'heim says:

That is a VERY nice looking and sounding guitar.

Adam Terry says:

Ive kind of secretly wanted one of these for years. This demo is not helping matters…

apollo slowmo says:

What amp (and pedals) did you use in this video?

hohaia rangi says:

It’s an ugly instrument.

hughjass311 says:

One of the most elegant sounding guitars I’ve ever heard

Veronika Rose says:

guess i’ll have to save money for a year then

Young Baz 69 says:

How much are these?

Anthony Lee says:

been trying to buy one for years keep getting email to register in listing order still nothing…

Cloxxki says:

Is there any footage of someone else than Brian playing Red Special itself?

Jake Arama says:

He ain’t a doctor

D Silva says:

Replica’s are a complete joke! Other than looking similar,they are completely different.

Dan Anthony says:

That thing ,I’m speechless !!!

Herman Helmich says:

Great great great

vishnuh12 says:

Uhm uuuhm uh uh uuhm uuuh uh uh uuhm uh

Geoffrey Paquette says:

The tone is incredible.


That guitar/amp combo sounds amazing!!

SuperEdge67 says:

It comes with a curly wig.

Mazinager says:

What baffles me the most is, these guitars are quite affordable for what you get, concidering it in fact is a signature gutiar.

Will Dwyer says:

Big necked guitars and fat bottomed girls. I think I’m seeing a trend.

z z says:

Tyson Fury playing a Brian May guitar.Guitar looks great but would look better with a more matte finish,not into that super shiny look.

Mr.Mundee says:

This has a sound I have never heard before

Godzilla gojira 123 says:

Whats the intro guitar solo again??

Jacob Crowell says:

I want to hear this guitar with other rigs/amps too

z z says:

There’s a billion guitarists who start everything they do with that *ooooo* slide on the low E..annoying as f*ck by now

Eesh SinGer says:

Cooollll i want one of those

LouPaFoid says:

It sounds fantastic and magical…

Dan Anthony says:

Wow that thing is the right tone. Man it’s so sick. The coin has so much to do with it. I didn’t realize.

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