B&G Little Sister Crossroads Electric Guitar Review

In this video you will learn about how the B&G Little Sister Crossroads electric guitar is different than other electric guitars.

B&G Little Sister Crossroads Guitar: https://bngguitars.com/little-sister-crossroads

B&G Main Website: https://bngguitars.com

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kimbiwa says:

Happy for you E! Welcome to the B&G family! My Crossroads is one of the very best guitars I’ve ever owned or played. Congrats!

BallisticBryan says:

Way too expensive

TheTRUTH says:


Mutheu Atsiaya says:

‘Out of the 30 guitarish and hundreds that I have owned…’ I had to pause the video and repeat this part…….I have never owned a guitar 🙁 🙁 I would be happy if u would bless me with one 🙂

Mary Beth Hempel says:

What a beautiful guitar! Just LOVE IT!! 🙂

Lou Amezcua says:

I’ve always had like a crush on guitars that have that old school air, and look, like Rickenbacker guitars or Gretsch, now i have checked out B&G, it’s one elegant guitar brand, even if their prices are high or out of my league, i can tell that it’s worth it

Kim Baxley says:

It is beautiful!

Paul Stanford says:

Cool video. Been getting a lot of web ads for these guys, so I’ve wondered how they were – not that I could afford one. LOVE the look of their Proper Copper version.

If I do buy one of these, will I be able to play Yngwie’s Black Star?

richard humphers says:

Very nice looking ax & really love the 50’s style pickups that sound ado nice.

Chucks Stuff says:

A review for a guitar about 5% could afford

Carl May says:

That is a sweet sounding guitar. I’ll be anxious to see how the guitar your developing will compare. Also anxious for Saturdays live webcast.

Alexis Lopez says:

woow, it’s a cool guitar, and fantastic video.

Chris Barbaree says:

It actually kinda looks like my old Stella… regarding body size..

medom3167 says:

Now that is a truly stunning piece of art…if you ever give this one away Erich, I’m your man !! Take care my friend.

Shambhavi Yamgar says:


Abid Hassan says:

Love it !!!

9 Fathoms says:

Beautiful axe, I know what I would do with it…

Adrian aka ACE says:

What a cool guitar!!!!
Love the parlor size and the choice of color and hardware.

florian kitzing says:

Sorry, but you are mixing up the specs of the handmade models with the crossroads series. For example this Model does not have a one piece body. And the crossroads series does not come with handwound picups.

Paw James says:

I’ve been checking the crossroads out for some time now. Hopefully I’ll have one by next year. Awesome sounds

lewisbeeman says:

Congrats on a sweet guitar.

Fidelity Quester says:

Very nice, B&G is the real deal, I believe they have their roots from Leo Fender. Sweet guitar, but one thing I don’t like is the string pull, angle, from the nut to the tuners. Especially the top and bottom strings. It could be the way it’s been strung. I would be careful when stringing to be sure the angle is minimized. I do love the slotted head, but is there a need for a fucked up string pull? What’s up with that?

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