BEST GUITAR IN THE WORLD!? Kiesel Vanquish electric guitar review/demo/solo STEVE HUGHES

Hey Guys and Gals, here’s my review of my new(ish) Kiesel Vanquish 6 string electric guitar. I hope you all find it helpful and most of all, I hope you all go out and get one. It’s one hell of a company and one great piece of art. Enjoy!
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mike dothan says:

what a POS, my Squier bullet beats the shit out of it.

Fernando Treto says:



Absolutely ridiculous! We were sitting here saying, this guy better be good, with that beautiful guitar and…. good fricken show. Great playing! Look forward to playing one.


that guitar is a masterpiece, and then I heard you play…..

totally forgot bout the guitar and just ”zoned out” to your tasteful chops. well done sir YOU DESERVE IT

Steve Melsom says:

a million notes per second is not the way to reach nirvana

service2others says:

sure looks perrrrty

NoName Given says:

WOW!!! Who the -F- are you? and Why haven’t I heard of you before? FREAKIN’ MONSTER

Manny ___ says:

I just subscribed! Video was recommended… I Don’t regret clicking it

sopwithsnoopy says:

As an owner of four ’80s Carvins, I would order a Kiesel if I could get one with the ’80s neck profile ( 24.75″, narrower nut width at 1.65″) and if they’d make it with a roasted maple neck/fretboard. I owned a 2000’s CT6 at one time, and the neck was way too wide for my taste. The website says 1.69″, but I could (and did) take my USA Steinberger and lay it on top of the CT6 and could see the fretboard of the CT6 on both sides of the Steinberger’s fretboard looking straight on at them. The Steinberger is wider than the ’80s Carvins, and the current Kiesel/(Carvin) boards are wider than the Steinberger. Do not like…

SonofCastille says:

If Willie Wonka was a shreddin’ guitar Player,he would rock that guitar,because it sure is e’ffin SWEET!

Alex Krukauskas says:

this is the most comprehensive demo I have found of a Kiesel yet. thank you so much.

silver says:

11:28 WTF PACMAN atari

James Butera says:

you’d pay 8 grand for that if kiesel ever sold to dealers/

Ralph Niederlander Jr. says:

That’s the resin You are effectively sniffing glue and paint dude.

Malleability says:

how much did it price

shawn kiesel says:

Love these guitars

BK Bland says:

Dude. Holy crow.

jamiller379 says:

That looks expensive and awesome I want one.

Dx D says:

What are the specs on the build?

racoon killer 7 says:

Nice axe man

Avatar says:

mike dothan – you’re right! I have Kiesel DC127 ($1600 bucks) for 4 months, Duesenberg and Squier with noiseless pickups and Gotan tuners and tremolo. The quality of the Kiesel doesn’t fit the price. And!… Worst management that I absolutely didn’t expect. They even can’t update site for new options, I had incredible headache to contact this stupid and uneducated staff. Don’t buy Kiesel, don’t believe to these words about “custom shop”. It’s a bullshit.

Andy86L says:

Awesome playing and video man! What’re you plugged into/what’s your signal chain out of interest?

Joe Linen says:

Nice playin’ man

Jorge Silva says:

Now thats how to properly play a guitar! #Respect #mindblown

50gary says:

Yes, excellent. Some unique tones, not the usual demo sounds, very refreshing, super clean playing, thanks for a great review.

Bryce Saylor says:

Dude nice playing .

Mike Bledsoe says:

*Awwesome with 2 W’s demo and playing Steve Hughes*

Zachary Wright says:

Fantastic playing. I can see the benefits of stainless steel frets

radman d says:

Took me awhile to get to your playing. Specs should be no longer than 10 seconds shut up and play Yer guitar dude it speaks for itself

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