Best Choice Electric Guitar Review

This guitar is Junk for the price


xxda codfish says:

#best guitar 🙂

anon bot says:

Hows the weather in Wallace?

jed clampitt says:

I bought one that was just fine.  It required a set up of course.  Then it had the action I wanted.  I adjusted the pick ups for equal volume and good tone to my ears.  Put a new nut on.  The SSS original pickguard was replaced with an HSS I found for $12.00. I prefer a humbucker in the bridge.The amp that came with it is not that great, but it will play a decent clean tone at a low volume.

James Ledger says:

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gi_v## gaming says:

I just got a fender frontman 100 watt, and replaced all my pickups, bridge, etc. And it’s still a piece of shit. I’m going to get a VM mustang, or Jay turser guitar. But yeah it’s horrible.

C,L,B Guitars Intonation Tuning says:

A total price of shit. O bought 1 2 yrs ago. It’s a 20$ guitar for a kid. Junk ..

Chris Horton says:

Could it be upgraded to be a better guitfiddle?

xxBardiAxxHD says:

love your accent

Harcourt Mudd says:

Not trying to defend it or the company but its possible a decent one could be produced now and then. Not because they try to or quality assurance brings down the hammer. Just a lucky accident. Maybe some reviewer got a good one. Probably not but it could happen. I bought a no name guitar off Ebay for under $60.00 for a project and got sorta lucky. The body was nice and very light. The neck was dry and rough. I reworked the neck and refinished it and did a fret job on it. I put a HH setup and a nice pickguard on it with a 3 way switch and new pots. Probably had $100.00 in it and 15 or 20 hours time. But its a nice, fun, light guitar and it plays pretty good. That is not what I bought but what I ended up with. Still some luck involved because the cheap parts I got for it were great for the price.

2bikemike says:

What about the amp? Are ya getting a freebee guitar for price of a cheap practice amp? What kind of amp is it?

ShadowViper593 says:

I bought one no problems what so ever

June Bromley says:

i have seen them at flee markets and they just look cheep i guess B C means before campfire

Vgdvgdedbgbrgdbgbbf Car says:

I have the same guitar same color and it’s good

Chris Voss says:

I totally agree with you,I bought the same guitar and kit for 70 bucks new a few years back.This guitar is a p.o.s. amp sucks also.My kit was missing Tremolo bar and extra strings and guitar cord.I wrote BC and they sent what was missing to my surprise.You get what you pay for.

Justin LaFleur says:

I bought the green version of this guitar just to beat on and learn to play on. I know that I will “get what I pay for” but I won’t be too upset since it is a cheap guitar When I am ready for something nicer I will get probably a build kit or a Strat, maybe a DIY Strat kit and set it up the way I want. But for now I got a cheap guitar I can beat on and learn on that I won’t cry over if it breaks or cracks, or I drop it or whatever happens to it.

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