Awesome $200 Gold Top Les Paul by Oscar Schmidt OE20 – Review

Why buy a Les Paul? That’s what I’m asking myself after buying this amazing looking, sounding, playing gold top copy by Oscar Schmidt. I also own their OE30 and OE40 guitars which are excellent – but the OE20 Les Paul version is my instant favorite. In this review I show how close ups of the build, and then I play it through a simple $120 Fender Mustang 1 amp, showing clean and distorted examples of sound. The sustain is great, the tones sparkle or growl, the playability and feel are superior. How do the folks in China make such an affordable quality guitar? I really can’t find much fault with it at all. Thanks to the Oscar Schmidt company for putting such an excellent guitar within the reach of so many working people who can’t afford to plop down $3000 for a Gibson. Here’s a link to Oscar Schmidt company: – Here’s a ink to AAA Musical’s page, where I purchased this great guitar:
I play a bit of blues on this guitar in this video:


Benjamín Alcántara Lorenzo says:

It was a really nice vid. You covered more than anyone I’ve watched so far in your demonstration

loadi2 says:

Good review sir…. thanks.

Frank Smith says:

Pleeeease stop pronouncing the name like “Oskaarr” (Os Car). I know you’re a southern gentleman (I’m from KY, so I’m not putting you down), but saying Os Car makes you sound like a Jethro Bodine- type dumb hick, and it’s obvious that you’re not dumb. It’s pronounced as if it’s spelled with an “er”, like Oskher (her, not aarr). Sorry for the rant, and keep up the great reviews.

Manuel Gutierrez says:

I had one, and also Sounds great

serpent born of flesh says:

would you say its a good trade for an ltd ex-100? meaning I might trade mt ltd ex-100 for this guitar, I play mostly thrash and lots of neoclassical thanks! and awesome playing m8

Chris Cohen says:

Tony hello, I am very interested in this gold top and the vintage sunburst. Are these REALLY worth the money? All I plan to change would be the strings and the tuners to the Grover 135N vintage style keystones.

Final Fantasy says:

Thanks for the review. I have decided to buy a OE20FTPB.

Chris Pile says:

Tony, you are one Southern GOB….. You blames the tuners. I’m pretty sure it’s the intonation, or you are pressing down too hard on the strings and are bending them out of tune. Anyway – cool guitar.

TNungesser says:

To get the glue off the back just use Goo Be Gone.

kparc Parc says:

Ever play or buy a monoprice guitar?

James rice says:

Your accent is killer.

robert bullard says:

those little fenders are sweet.. wish mine sounded as good .. but for that I need the talent…grrr.

Celso Pereira Magalhaesjr says:

Woods used in the body and the neck please.

Alejandro Sanchez says:

i have one les wasburn Oscar… and this guitar is very good!! and cheap, hey excellent instrument!!

joweerocks says:

Would you say it compares to a Agile aL-2000 or SX les paul copy. I think your room is making it a little brite tone-wise.

dgaddi says:

What song was he playing on the 11:14-11:45 mark? Awesome review by the way, will be looking forward to purchasing this guitar. Thanks

Squazzoo68 says:

Seems to me like they might come from the same factory as Harley Bentons. For a cheap guitar and a cheap amp, your tone is awesome. Great playing too. Just goes to show ya, don’t have to shell out thousands to get great looks, playability and sound. The Chinese labor is so cheap and has gotten so good, there’s no way US manufacturers can compete.

Doug H. in VA says:

washburns are the OS branded guitars and this one is well known as a good guitar in every way

Wombo says:

do they make them in black ?

Keertikeya Gupta says:

this guitar does seem awesome! great review too
quick question, are those active pickups? which ones specifically?

Jason Herrera says:

I just ordered because of your video. You’re asome Tony!

Pri yon Joni says:

I wonder if this would be able to handle a Floyd Rose FRX install.

A1 Tint Kits says:

Really nice review. Awesome guitar for the price. I love cheap guitars too. Thanks!

Pri yon Joni says:

I just bought a Les Paul. And I think about to buy another one bc of this video.

Nick Sorice says:

Hi Tony, hows the gold les paul been since you have had it for over a year now. I was interested in getting one since I saw your review and always wanted a gold top les paul. Looks like a beautiful guitar. Thanks for the review

Psycho Unicorn says:

cool! i got a stagg L400 les paul style guitar i like it but the frets are huge only think i didnt like

oG-DaLLaS says:

Marshall Amplifiers
Washburn Guitars
Parker Guitars
Randall Amplifiers
Oscar Schmidt Inc.
Jay Turser Guitars

are all owned by the same parent company. “U.S. Music corporation”
Wouldn’t doubt it if the JT-220 is actually the same guitar as the OE20. They look very similar. Of course the only difference being OE20 is the better deal because it’s cheaper.

T K says:

Hey Tony, What song do you start playing at 8:31? Thank you.

GaryR55 says:

Thanks for a thorough, honest and expert assessment. I was looking at the Epiphone Les Paul Special II, but it’s a piece of crap compared with this.

zac gibb says:

use tea tree oil to get off glue from stickers

Richard Kirk says:

Tony, great video, beautiful guitar, what are you using to make it sound that good, like what amp or any pedals?

Justin Dupre says:

Thanks for the review Tony, I just ordered an OE 20 in black. I can’t wait to play it. Your smile while playing it sold me.

Chris Carra says:

I watch a lot of guitar reviews and yours is one of the best I’ve seen – I wish everyone was as enthusiastic and thorough as yourself!

Scott gregery says:

Wow, I can’t believe this $200 guitar would sound like that.  Tony, based on a few of your videos, etc., I ordered an OE-20 yesterday.  As a lefty, it is difficult for us to get a left handed model, first of all, besides a selection.  There are not many options out there, but I did find a Tobacco Sunburst on Instrument for $184.99, which is about the best price I could find anywhere.  You still run into retailers that want to charge you more because it is a lefty, but oh well.  You would think that Hendrix or McCartney would have put us on the map.   Can’t wait to see what its all about.  Sounds like upgrading the tuners might be the way to go?  What do you recommend?   Also, do you own the Monoprice 15w tube amp?  Another possible good deal.   Used to, you could not find a quality instrument for around $200.  Maybe the OE20 is Washburn’s revenge, haha!  Put good-value-for-the-money LP copies into their hands and corner the market, haha!  These days, owning a quality sounding guitar doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  As one guy mentioned, most likely it is in the pickups, and to a lesser extent, the hardware and electronics, no?  Any word on the new video?   Could you blank the screen and do a sound test on the three, label them: 1,2,3…?   I bet most could not tell much of a difference in sound?  We have been conditioned to believe that the more expensive instrument is SUPPOSED to sound better?

eljefeguapobarbon says:

Love your videos! Always fun.

Beck Nadir says:

I restore guitars and play local gigs as a hobby, and picked this guitar up in purple thinking I’d keep the nicely finished body, and scrap and replace that hardware. I am amazed that this guitar can be built for this price. I’ll honestly say I’ve played way more expensive guitars that don’t perform and sound as well as this. There are a few things that bug me, like fret buzz particularly on the 6th string, but I think that can be easily taken care of after scoping the fret heights, setting the action, adjust truss rod, etc. Besides I find LP guitars are particularly vulnerable to that. Thanks for the video. Enjoy the gold top!

Rodrigo Iván says:

Great video dude, how would you rate it for heavier tones such as metal, or hard rock?
Keep the good work

sysrq120 says:

Is this a better guitar than the epiphone les Paul special mark II?

Ateek Chowdhury says:

was that “stairways to heaven”?

Daniel Primavera says:

Hello I bought this guitar after seeing your video. You are a very good player!
Have you ever tried a (strat style) oscar schmidt?

HE15 RGP says:

Tony here Is A Tip For You Tony, At Around 4.45 You talk of removing the Made In China Sticker and how it left a sticky residue , Well Tony years ago in the 70s and 80s I used to Sell B&o Audio equipment in a store in Manchester UK Hardmann Radio the Store was called, and some times there used to be to odd sticky label that left a trace on the mirror finish stainless steal doors of a system. I learnt from Bang & Olufsen that you could remove this with a Car cleaning product, that Rolls Royce used to use and It works every time without and I do Mean with harming the any Surface that the residue is left on . Autoglym Extra Gloss Polish, you can buy it in 1 Litre size on Amazons USA I found the link for You

Just use a Cotton bud that you might use to clean an ear with its super fine liquid and you use just a drop but It will remove any sticky stuff and not leave a trace . Its Also Good A Protecting You Mavic Pro Paint Finish and works well on your Car for removing Tar or Asphalt Marks Its Not Cheap But I think You might Love what it Can Do . 1 ltr should last a Lifetime and I did see someone put tea Tree Oil but that will leave an oil stain Tony

Bigfoot Traps Snares says:

I bought one / love it / you video rules / OS rules / Trapper ED

Matt Hatfield says:

great review. really solidifies my hope for getting my hands on one

Vince Nowell Jr says:

Fantastic video, Tony. I just today submitted the order for the OE-20 Serpentine. The inlay adds a lot to the cost, and I may come to regret paying that much more for it, but after playing for years on an extremely cheap (and really bad-sounding) electric, I wanted a guitar that looked as awesome as it sounded. Plus, I had a ton of Amazon gift card money saved up, so I only ended up charging $43.45 to my Amazon Visa.

ZacksGuitarCovers says:

I bought one and it’s fantastic

oscar schmidt oe20g les paul electric guitar says:

Thanks for the video its great to know you dont have to pay big for a decent electric guitar

Alan Floyd says:

what is the neck shape? modern C, tapered D, other?

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