Are Cheap DIY Guitar Kits Really Terrible? | Pete Cottrell

How good or bad can a £60 self-assembly kit guitar be? Lets find out! 🙂
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Luke C says:

I’ve seen a hollow body kit on ebay for £180 what would your thoughts be on a price like that?

Jack Smith says:

Probably some cheap Chinese mahogany (the lack of weight is the give away)

TheCrow5854 says:

Where can I buy this kinds of self assembly kit?

Genny Mikel says:

Well for the hell of it I bought a telecaster kit for a once in a lifetime fun thing for seventy quid….I mean dollars, ha! If it sounds anything like that then I’m happy anyhow. I didn’t expect Van Halen to try and steal it from me, just want it to sound decent. I drilled all the holes myself but two that were misaligned, but that doesn’t bother me. great song in the video.

Guibson Fender says:


Musafak Ff says:

Seperti asuu

Iron Anvil says:


Jhunior ßeato says:

does the body influence in the sound? Can I get this kit. and an Original Telecaster pickup and neck . It may sounds like a telecaster O.o

bangasou12 says:

thats a good song

ben maguire says:

Now a warning .. lol .. I have about 21 guitars mostly rubbish .. strat copies 6 or 8 ? & I wish I knew B4 how much I’d need specialist tools & stuff .. but Hey I have learned a lot about guitars .. again more impressed by good quality content .. nice film / edit etc .. plus you speak well .. clear concise .. not condescending .. but .. gr8 riffs & a good point well made .. I was not bored once .. but 6.17 am now getting light .. time to let the chickens out .. & so my day begins .. well actually its my wifes job.. I just shovel the shxt .. bye for now keep up the top quality content ..

My name is . says:

you cant say it from hearing it in yt but if you stand near by the difference is rly big i can say

Jon Carpenter says:

A review of a guitar that doesn’t mention what is helping make the sound? Humm? They are junk. You get what you pay for. diy projects and guitars don’t even go together?. I’m curious. Weird couldn’t even hear pick slap. Hahahaha

Inshi Racer says:

Frets are terrible as u say. I had this guitar and is just a bad guitar for begineers, bad feel. For 30 bucks extra u have squier bullet, 1000 times better.

Mark Legg says:

…..or learn to do the fretwork yourself.

Trevor Altonson says:

The body says telecaster but the headstock doesn’t.

The Observer says:

That’s a ST headstock on a tele body, just pointing that out, maybe he did that on purpose.

Marines Jimmy Johns 23 says:

Drop c# right

Ryan says:

I have one similar to this, I didn’t use the pickups or the pick guard included so I didn’t really have any problems with that. I leveled and polished the frets and it plays just as well as some of my higher end guitars. Obviously it’s not gonna replace the craftsmanship of a real fender unless you’re just super good at building guitars and put a lot of work into it. But for what you get it was worth it for me. I think I spent about 75 bucks on the kit and ended up spending another 60 for the pickups and new tuners and it was good to go. Great little guitar, and it was fun to build.

Distortzz says:

Best of luck

damiking tattoos says:

killer riff…

Kop Prophet says:

I’m a luthier and let me tell you – I have to do a fret level or dress on many guitars I buy – not just these cheap ones.  Frets are almost always the biggest issue but with a bit of know-how it can be addressed.  Also, I have to marvel at the number of guitarists on this thread that just don’t realise that you can actually set up (some) cheap guitars to sound fairly decent.  They don’t all come out this good but a lot of them can.  Logos and labels mean very little these days – as even the big brands are importing, ghost-building, cross-branding – and some no-name guitar might be built in the same factory as your Ibanez or Guild.  Nice work chappie….

Paul Bush says:

Some clean tones rather than overdriven /effects etc would have been better to make a more clearer judgment

JENDALL714 says:

I have built many guitars from kits, it’s become a hobby of mine. I have never used any of the hardware that comes with it, I always purchase better hardware. The bodies do require work, I am convinced that kit guitar bodies are factory rejects from the brand name guitar factories, everyone I have ever done has had some kind of defect, but nothing I couldn’t resolve, it’s a fun hobby, if you take your time and have lots of patience.

Flopster2632 says:

Fret levelling tools for a kit are a tenner on eBay and easy to use, the fact is it’s not expensive to turn that guitar into a great guitar it’s time, skill and some actual work

Максим Попов says:

great sound! cheers from russia

jandera21 says:


Jack Smith says:

Why is it that you can buy a set up like this for $100 and you can’t find a blank bit of wood for that price? ironic

Will Maskell Music says:

easy to sort out neck dive by putting the strap buttons in a different position. Im impressed to tbh tho, for £60 thats a good deal

Anders Jönsson says:

I bought one of these to learn to do fretwork on before I start refretting my expensive guitars. You can’t even get a cheap neck for that price so it’s a perfect way to get started.

EB produces* says:

With all that distortion even a chair would sound the same

Emanuel Löwstedt says:

Great song dude

AG Zakuariku says:

in other words want cheap go harley benton and mod it and re finish it and youll have something greater

Kop Prophet says:

Definitely basswood.  Get yourself a steel bar and a diamond crown file and have at those frets lad.  You’ll be able to solo on that guitar then.

BoleBezKontrole 420 says:

sounds good… of course it fucking does when it’s played through precision drive and 6505 and eq’d after..

Defender of the Heart says:

Some people don’t realize how cool metal can sound, even if it’s from single-coils on a dirt cheap tele

Jack Smith says:

Been using teles for metal for over 20 years, fuck humbuckers i’ll take a tele bridge p’up over any other (bar G&L soap bars) so much more clarity and attack, and they still handle gain fine!!!

Linlin Nellerup says:

If IKEA start selling this ill eat my own shirt

Shaky Blues says:

Honest review. Shame you couldn’t play something clean. Really wanted to hear the guitar. Any guitar with lots of distortion, compression and processing will sound like that. Gonna give a tele kit a try anyways. Cheers.

davidAll5 says:

soundz is good, thanx for the vid

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