Anygig guitar AGS New Guitar Day – Review by Music is Win

Anygig guitar AGS New Guitar Day – Review by Music is Win


Nirvana VEVO says:

like si vienes por Eddie

Bratislav Metulski says:

AGS is the acoustic steel version – not the e-guitar

Axel GL says:

I love this <3 I come from the video of Eddie Warboy

Richter12 says:

I tried to buy one, they are sold out. when will you have guitars available?

Benjamin LaVallie says:

free musick evan koehler god of wonders dvd youtube

Nil Chowdhury says:

NO place to anchor your pinky , fuck!

David York says:

This guitar cracked at the back by the tuning pegs in less than two weeks ownership time. I wrote AnyGig and got no reply. I did not abuse the guitar in any way whatsoever, just normal useage. I took it on two trips, driving with guitar in backseat and like a baby I did not leave it in any heat or otherwise destructive weather conditions. When I pulled it out of the bag on the 2nd trip I noticed the break. I sent the company a photo, too. I think I could probably repair it. Mainly I am disappointed because I thought until the break that Tyler was showing us a good product. It simply isn’t strong enough! It is not built to last! My wish of course is that 1sty AnyGig at least respond to me. Then that their R&D recognizes either I may have received a defect and replace i. I included my address in the email to them. At the veryt least I would hope that AnyGig uses this information to create an improved iteration and advise me of it and how they might replace my broken AnyGig with the improved one.

CrisYTSwag says:

1 dislike. Probablemente un fan de eddie que no gano la guitarra

Greg Sloan FTSC says:

are the pickups active or passive?

Harry Kirk says:

How much does it weigh?

Benjamin LaVallie says:

romans chapter 12 verse 21 be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good

Alberto May says:

Eddie :’3

Abel Antonio Arreola Olalde says:

Quiero intentarlo Gg

kevin XD says:

Quero la guitarra de Eddie yeaaaaaa

sebastian cortes says:

OMG i wanna this guitar!! <3

Ivan Eduardo says:

hermosa guitarra

Yenner Castañeda says:

This Guitar is The best

John Sagittary says:

wow so its just as good for metal?

onsese joo says:

The strap mechanism seems to preventing going freely to upper frets.



Barchus says:

La necesito, mis manos la exigen D:<

Nik Roglich says:

I’ve order this guitar, but I don’t seem to be able to contact them. I’ll written them three emails and received zero response. What’s going on? Are they a small really busy company, not able to respond? I’m a little worried

Nil Chowdhury says:


Dick Dastardly says:

Has anyone done a head to head comparison of the Anygig vs the Traveler guitar? I’m wanting to get one of these but don’t know which one, I’m leaning towards the Anygig because it has a adjustable truss rod where the Traveler does have a truss rod at all. On the other hand I kinda like the in-body tuning of the Traveler if for nothing else providing some protection against bumping the tuners and knocking it out of tune, because whichever one I go with I’ll mainly be playing it from a sitting position. Also does anyone know what the dimensions for the Anygig guitar is mainly the overall length from head to the furthest point (guessing that’s the two tuners) and the width of the body at its widest point ?

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