An Underrated and Overlooked guitar, the Mitchell HD400! – Demo / Review

An overlooked, budget friendly shred guitar! After a few years a poor marketing, these killer shred guitars have hit the clearance shelves! Drop into your local Guitar Center and see if they have any in stock!

Here’s a link to the Akira shirt, for everyone who’s asking:

Here’s a bunch of Mitchell guitars in the Guitar Center Used inventory:

I’m playing through the Blackstar ID Core amp in this demo. Link Here:×5-watt-2×3-Stereo-Combo%2F263809161413

My Backing Tracks:

Rubric: -5 points for Danzig references. -5 points for not reading the description. -5 points for not watching far enough into the video to answer your own question. -5 points for misquoting me in your comment. 20 points possible. Everyone starts with an A!


Dana Everhart says:

When he gets through playing you still have not heard the guitar lol

Dylan McCaffrey says:

screw the axe i want that akira shirt 😛

Mr Tom says:

Akira ? wow.. that brings me back 🙂

Chris Davies says:

Dude, put a tutorial together on that tapping technique of yours. Excellent skills there. Besides that, what was your signal chain? Amp? Pedals?

wklorenzino says:

Man I love your video’s! I tried a Mitchell HD400 next to a Jackson and Ibanez of simular build. In my opinion it was right on par with these other brands. The only difference I could tell was the locking tremolo wasn’t as tight and responsive as the Ibanez. I’m sure a pro set-up would fix this problem though. I would definitely be interested in seeing what is the cheapest guitar with a locking tuner that you can buy.

David Enoch says:

honestly I’ve never had a problem with Mitchells but its not really aesthetically pleasing to me. Very decent guitar

Blake Johnson says:

They are $300 on Ebay.

Peter Janak Jr says:

Currently $300 NEW at Guitar Center

Darkseidx2015 says:

Almost grabbed one of these a few months back at Guitar Center but was kind of iffy. Knew I should’ve got it. Great vid brother…and yeah mad respect to the Akira shirt.

Naga venkatesh Tummala says:

its always the player bro not the guitar….

Derek Jones says:

Dude, @3:41, was that lick stole from NES Master Blaster?

jorge calzada says:

You did adjustments prior to use or was spot on setup.?

Lizard King says:

So I watched your video last night and liked what you had to say about the Mitchell HD400 guitars. Headed to GC this morning and found the exact same guitar in your review for $199. The setup was subpar and it had some lime green cheesy 10-46 guitar strings on it. However, you are right the neck and Floyd Rose special bridge on these guitars is outstanding! Not to mention, the frets are the perfect size for me, (like my Dean Shadow) not too excessive but not too thin and cheap. The radius of the neck is perfect for shredding with just a touch of curve to it (thinking it is in the 14.75 inch range). So after playing around with it at the store I decided to pull the trigger and bought it. Took it home put some D’Addario EXL110-3D 10-46 regular light gauge strings on it and after tuning it up the neck and bridge setup came up perfect. This has never happen before with any of my 10 guitars I have purchased in the past. There was always some work that had to get the guitar into decent shape, i.e. truss rod adjustment, bridge string height adjustment, intonation, straight neck pocket, nut height adjustment and so on. But this guitar all I had to do is change the strings and bam it is perfect. Floyd Rose sits below nicely in the cavity and is dead nuts level, perfect. AMAZING FOR THIS PRICE!!! Plugged it in for the first time with new strings and I think the pickups are not too bad for the price I paid, raised the neck pickup just a touch and I noticed right away the tone improved a lot. So needless to say I am very pleased that I stumbled onto your YouTube video and can’t thank you enough for your honest review of this guitar. You know your guitars! I will be keeping my eye on your site for future reviews. Cheers Bro!

Komison says:

What do you do with all these cheap guitars you buy? Do you just keep them or what?

Duayne Howard says:

I’ve tried these at GC, and they felt pretty damn close to an RG.

Majin Samurai says:

Thanks for uploading this review.  I’m just now considering buying this guitar.  I’ll definitely go to my local Guitar Center and check it out more before I buy it. That and the Jackson Dinky 32 model because I always wanted a Jackson guitar. Keep uploading and I’ll check them out.  By the way, what is that purple guitar in the background?  Is there already a review for that or will there be one in the future?

Yard Sale Dale says:

Awesome. Buy 3. keep on your favorite tunings or settings and just swap out. Maybe add electronic effects to one.

maddgun says:

Great review and guitar

Brad Burns says:

Bore me to the core-it is about what dont play not all that slick crap;. Watch lightnin Hopkins. He got it, you don’t

Ken Hall says:

GC website has these listed at $299

Jesse Enriquez says:

Hi Guitar Max, Thank U for this Info!! You are also an awesome Guitar Player!!! Kep On Rocking!!!


I have a mini. Good guitar except it would not stay in tune.

Hugo Cubillas says:

Hey Max! Great video as usual, You should do a review of the Wolfgang EVH guitar from China. I´ve heard they are really great and cost arroud 250 dollars..

Speedforhire says:

I have the MD300……..Alnico 4 Hot Rails, tone split, locking tuners, etc…………LG!

Paul Martin says:

Do you have a brother named James that does gun reviews on YouTube? You guys look like twins. Same chin, build, voice. It’s nuts.

Michael Peretto says:

What really turns me off about these is the horrible headstock lol. Cant get past it!

Horatio Cheung says:

Where can I buy one clear out stock please?

rbagel55 says:

I own a Mitchell bass, it plays and sounds good

Michael Peretto says:

Also, a guitar that is really underappreciated are the epiphone les paul JR’s. Stupid cheap all day and are actually pretty good. Would love to see you shred on one man.

Teddy Overbaugh says:

Great demo and review. Nice to see demos of guitars that aren’t the typical run of the mill that everyone else demos. Keep up the great work

Nick Reid says:

I searched the nearby Guitar Centers.. no joy all Mitchell’s were > 299$ still there.. no clearances. I tried for a MD400 or a HD400, no joy. thanks for the review, you are definitely inspiring.

James Mata says:

Love that akira shirt. I’ve read the comic books and seen the movie

DudeManWow says:

AKIRA. ultra cool there Maxx. You found a hell of an axe. Needs nothing. I bet it’ll turn out to be one of your favorites.

Grey Fox says:

I bought a guitar in the guitar center parking lot, $75, took it home, set it up and went to another guitar center and traded it for a new Mitchell HD400. Such a great guitar for an insane price. Also, the pickup selector is wired to coil tap in position 2 and 4, like you see on a JEM for example.

Cypherdude1 says:

Guitar Max, I called 2 different Guitar Centers in Los Angeles County regarding the Mitchell HD400 in Transparent Blue. One store had a floor model left and the other had a new one. Unfortunately, both stores wanted the full $300 price, not a clearance price. If they had asked for $199, I would have driven over and bought one. Oh well.

What I liked about the Mitchell HD400 are the better pickups and the waxed pots. Usually cheaper hardware comes with the less expensive guitars.

Enthused says:

I have the purple MD400 and it’s unbelievable for the $220 I paid. I NEEEED a lime green HD400 now for under $150. Can’t find one!

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