$50 Ebay Chibanez RG Ammoon Unboxing Guitar Ibanez RG Review Sound Sample

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Saw this B stock Ammoon Chibanez for sale on Ebay and decided to pick it up, it was really jacked up when it came in, I got to playable form after a setup. Then threw on a pickguard so it wont look naked lol.

For the sound samples I used a Crate 212 for the first clips and a Vox VT50 for the second clips. I’ll make some better sounds samples at some point.


Big Dog says:

Weirdly, I am an old guy who has just discovered guitars, AND I FREAKING LOVE THEM !
I have learned a great deal from your video, so I thank you for that and would like to add some thoughts of my own.

First the guitar had so many faults that if the buyer had NO practical skills at all, they should have returned it with a note explaining the problems and asked for a replacement, (that SHOULD have been checked for these faults), and if THAT was faulty too, ask for their money back and buy a different model or make.
Very often the suppliers are aware of the faults and it is only fair that they should get the chance to fix it.

Next, if the buyer DOES have technical skills, I would recommend buying and fixing a cheap guitar like this as it is one sure way to get to know it. After customising, even in this way, it will REALLY become YOUR guitar.
NONE of the problems were not fixable at home, and sandpapering down the nut, sorting neck curve, etc, is all demonstrated here on YT.

Finally, if you are going to demonstrate the GUITAR’S abilities, we should hear the different pickups and their combinations via an amped unchanged signal.

Overall and generally, an EXCELLENT video.

Goodwill Mattu says:

hi. from which site can i buy this guitar

Goodwill Mattu says:

what u wrote while searching on ebay.

im the best pk says:

is the guitar good??
how is the vammy bar effect

im the best pk says:


Daniel Castillo says:

Good work

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