10 Best Electric Guitars for Beginners 2017

We went over our inventory to bring y’all the 10 Best Electric Guitars for Beginners between the $150 – $500 range. Let’s take a closer look and listen at what makes for a solid beginner instrument as well as some tips to assist your overall choice.

1. (1:04) Squier Bullet Mustang → https://www.alamomusic.com/squier-bullet-mustang-electric-hh-guitar-imperial-blue/
2. (7:41) Squier Affinity Series Jazzmaster → https://www.alamomusic.com/squier-affinity-series-jazzmaster-hh-electric-guitar-black/
3. (11:01) Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster → https://www.alamomusic.com/squier-affinity-series-stratocaster-electric-guitar-surf-green/
4. (15:45) Ibanez GIO Series GART60 → https://www.alamomusic.com/ibanez-gart60-electric-guitar-dark-violin-sunburst/
5. (21:08) Ibanez GIO Series GRX70QA → https://www.alamomusic.com/ibanez-grx70qa-electric-guitar-transparent-red-burst/
6. (27:56) Epiphone Les Paul 100 → https://www.alamomusic.com/where-are-all-the-gibson-guitars/
7. (34:08) Epiphone G-400 Pro SG → https://www.alamomusic.com/where-are-all-the-gibson-guitars/
8. (40:34) Epiphone Les Paul Standard → https://www.alamomusic.com/where-are-all-the-gibson-guitars/
9. (44:11) Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus → https://www.alamomusic.com/fender-modern-player-telecaster-plus-electric-guitar-honey-burst/
10. (49:38) Fender Duo-Sonic → https://www.alamomusic.com/fender-duo-sonic-electric-guitar-torino-red-maple-fingerboard/

Looking for a guitar not mentioned? → https://www.alamomusic.com/find-your-guitar/

Gear used:
Snark SN1 Clip-on Tuner Blue → https://www.alamomusic.com/snark-sn1-clip-on-chromatic-tuner-blue/
Mogami 10′ Gold Instrument Cable → https://www.alamomusic.com/mogami-10-gold-instrument-cable/
Fender Mustang GT 100 Digital Amplifier → https://www.alamomusic.com/fender-mustang-gt-100-digital-amplifier/

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Allen Parsens says:

Hi. I would like to offer my own experience. I have no background, no experience in guitar. I don’t understand the language and I don’t understand pretty much everything and I had no one to help me in my purchase. I have been practicing for about 8 weeks now. The advice I would give is to consider one of two strategies. Either go cheap or go for an intermediate price guitar. The point I want to make is that these youtube videos talk about “playing” the guitar. If you are like me, then you are “learning” to play not actually playing. If you are learning, you need strings on a piece of wood. After 12 months you might look to buy a guitar to play. At that point, you can go and demo every guitar in every store in your area and visit every home where a guitar is for sale and you will understand what you are doing. From the videos I have watched, the major problem with guitars is the quality control. It does not matter what the brand of the guitar is, it’s price or it’s style; quality control is the problem. So if you are learning you need a shop to set the guitar up for you. If the guitar is not setup, you are going to have problems, and you won’t know what is causing the difficulty; and so you are going to have setbacks when you practice, setbacks that most likely will stop you wanting to play. So the number one requirement is that the guitar is setup properly. I have seen many videos here where a Squier Strat is chosen as a good guitar however, the person who chose it, went through 15 of the same model to get a good one. Get the cheapest guitar and put money towards making it playable. Or the second strategy is if your whole desire to play revolves around a particular guitar and you must have it, then go and buy it. Or like me, pay a little bit more and get a guitar that has the bridge, nut and tuners upgraded already. That will keep the guitar in tune and help with the practice. I am learning from a website called Justinguitar. If you go there you can look at the first 5 or 10 videos in the beginners course. There is no fee for the instruction. Once you know what you will be spending your time doing on your guitar, I think what I have written will make more sense.

0isez says:

Surprised that the G&L Tribute series was not mentioned. I have a $2600 guitar and a G&L Legacy Tibute made in Indonesia. Two different animals for sure. But I don’t know which I prefer. The Trib is that good.

karlc267 says:

Cheers. – There are obviously a few trolls in here who think they are experts. I get the idea. Good show.

Rafael Abad says:

as i see guitar tuning in new strings makes difference, pls, take note

rogerwilco59 says:

I’ve had experiences where I asked the shop “Guitar Center” to setup the guitar and they did nothing it was crap I paid $1,400.00 for a Gibson LP Studio and they did not take the time to look the guitar over. I’ll never buy from them again. Now on the other hand I bought a $399 Squire from Sweetwater and they setup the guitar perfect. How hard is it to take the time to satisfy your customer?

123 23 says:

I started on a squier bullet and i thought it was good till i heard a fender stratocaster

# Dan says:

What re you think the cort cr100 or cr200?

Your God says:

I like les pauls

Renaissance Man says:

Lots of great guitars for under 1k that have decent pickups and even Floyd Rose and rosewood/ebony fretboard.

Davi T says:

The Mustang and the Jazzmaster seem to be the same guitar, except for the short scale. Same bridge, same pickups… but the jazzmaster looks so much cooler! Probably it is just the shape and black pickguard, tho.

Trijit Das says:

How is Cort X1?

mudguppy12345 says:

hey from all us BEGINNERS we appreciate the comparison. in the store we are not usually directed to the cheaper products or get these kinds of explanations about their differences. I purchased a strat because of all the chances of getting screwed as a newbie. and to all the haters shut up or make your own video showing us all how its done the right way (as you see it)

Daniel Souza says:

The little Mustang is a beast

Dayz_legend says:

Is the Ibanez RG421EX-BKF a good guitar?

Tristan Radeka says:

This guy is an expert on beginner guitars because he plays like a beginner. Jokes aside though how does one know so much about guitars yet play so fucking horrendously? I’ve only been playing for 2 years and he makes my playing sound like Jimi. Also the fact that he talks about things like intonation as if he really knows but can’t even hear when a guitar is out of tune is pretty pathetic. Every guitar was out of tune.

Angelo J Richetti says:

well Alamo Music many many 350 to 500 dollar guitars crafted today or over the past 15 years are either just as good or even better than a American made 1,200 dollar guitar that’s a fact not a opinion this garbage your guitar has to cost 1,200 and made in America in order to have professional quality is total BS ..China..Indonesia..Mexico ..all make professional quality Guitars and you don’t have to give your home up ..

BK C says:

gt a G that u can pla

Joshua MacLeod says:

You remind me of Anthony Fandango

Creeperkill says:

When you look for guitar videos and you find one based in your home city

Filip 36 says:

Check out Harley Benton guitars from Thomann. The best value to quality on the market. I have two and they play fabulous without robbing the bank !!

Rafael Abad says:

we call it i baa nee z

Renaissance Man says:

Get the MIM Strat over the Squier!

Mark Sealock says:

What about left handed players because it really sucked when I started out

Renaissance Man says:

I like the EVH Striped Series guitar super light comfortable and easy to play!

derekjohnsoncovers says:

You should’ve put the Epiphone Les Paul Special on there instead

LetsDriveReviews says:

My first guitar was a Kramer Baretta Special. I recommend this guitar becuase it only has 1 bridge humbucker, maple neck, mahgony body, floating bridge w/ whammy bar. It sounds great clean but distorion sounds much better. The price I bought for was AUD$350 (USD$273 approx)

siggiarabi says:

not sponsored by snark

Steven Pape says:

To those wanting a first guitar. Who do you want to sound like? What do they play on a song that sounds cool? If it’s a Fender get a Squier, if it’s a Gibson get an Epiphone. Don’t forget the full length mirror for posing. Enjoy.

autocrow says:

The strat has a 25 1/2″ scale. The Les Paul has a 24 3/4″ scale. The Mustang has a 24″ scale. Good to know. Mustangs are great for those with smaller hands.

ĎŹ says:

Godin session people! $499 and it’s the most professional guitar you’ll ever need. They are the best kept secret in the electric guitar world.

Dirk Diggler says:

please stop talking!! PLAY!

ledsohio says:

I think I would trust the workmanship out of Japan compared to China.

Spartanjp308 says:

Thanks for the video I think its very helpful but I would have lumped the Squier and Epiphone models together and tried to show other brands.

BK C says:

get a Les Paul

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