YUNOREVIEW: June 2017 (Big Boi, Royal Blood, Pond, Halsey + More!)

The magical monthly segment where I briefly touch down on a gauntlet of albums I didn’t get a chance to review this past month. These are just my short, straightforward, passionate, biased opinions.

The albums referenced in this episode (in order of appearance):

Imagine Dragons – Evolve
The Drums – Abysmal Thoughts
Danzig – Black Laden Crown
Pond – The Weather
Do Make Say Think – Stubborn Persistent Illusions
Marika Hackman – I’m Not Your Man
Big Boi – Boomiverse
Nickelback – Feed the Machine
Halsey – Hopeless Fountain Kingdom
John Frum – A Stirring in the Woods
Preservation Hall Jazz Band – So It Is
Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark?
Jlin – Black Origami (typo in vid lol)
Amber Coffman – City of No Reply
Dan Auerbach – Waiting on a Song
Christian Scott – Diaspora


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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Willfelder says:

Did u guys know that the word “twangy” is offensive ???

DylanJ says:

The Halsey one was absolutely flawless!

Thomes Maisling says:

Wankthony twatano!

Ash Unifallstevity says:


Infametheus says:

Every Imagine Dragons song sounds the same

bhr says:

1:23 evil melon laugh

Mr. Meat says:

You dislike anything I like

Thomes Maisling says:

Why didn’t you give Marika Hackman a proper review you melonspam Goatfucker? It may not be groundbreaking, but how often does an album not have one dodgy track on it?
Also Youtube spell-checker does not recognize the word DODGY or even the word Youtube as correct spelling. WTF!

Student - Finlay Harrison says:

Royal Blood is a 10 mate.

Joey Chapman says:

I really like the new format for this segment. You are great Melon.

Whatshisface says:

Nickelback’s new album is actually really great, the best in a while I would say. A lot more heavier riffs on songs like Feed The Machine and The Betrayal (Act III), the melodic final song does seem slightly out of place on this record not gonna lie but its something different and i respect them for that. Not so keen on the vocals on Everytime We’re Together and the lyrics of Must Be Nice are cringey to say the least but overall the albums holds up pretty nicely.

Spencer Robertson says:

Damn Melon

Connor P says:

I’ve been really wondering why you haven’t given your thoughts on the Joyner Lucas mixtape. It came out in June

Overhaul says:

review your unhealthy fetishization of black women

Ngozi Cooper says:

AND PHOENIX ..  . . .. . . . . and phoenix . . . . . . .

Jack Brown says:

why the hell do you dislike Royal Blood, they are champion

jjk087 says:

boomiverse is damn good

Prince vegeta draws says:

Why is there not 508 507 2209 by joyner lucas

AtomicMonkey32 says:

Dat dog tho!!

Justin Gitelman Music says:

Hey Anthony, I thought the new Imagine Dragons was shit too but am a huge fan of their first record, and the second record still has some interesting stuff going on too.

When you said you don’t think they can do anything else besides the formula on this new record, you meant right now it seems like they can’t, due to having the same formula on the record start to finish, or are you saying they’ve always been this way?

Cause I thought the first record was genius, and cannot believe they made such a piece of trash this year.

CheesecakeLasagna says:

Is Cal Chuchesta dog-friendly tho?

FishiiBoye says:

1:15 you clearly haven’t listened to any or most of their tracks…

Speissi87 says:

OOOIIIIDAAAAAA??? Royal Blood is amazing, how can you not see this? WTF

Hayden Bennett says:

What about that Washed Out album?

FishiiBoye says:

I have to ask, why was Evolve the only album that you didn’t review properly you ¨reviewed¨ in less than 30 seconds when every other album even the ones you didn´t like you gave more effort to

Dan Gray says:

Mate, I’m very disapointed in you. I can’t believe you hate the Weather! In my opinion it is up there as one of the best albums this year. I think you need to go back and give it a more thorough listen.

Jesse Reviews says:

Where the hell is Last Young Renegade

DeKorian Caldwell says:

Why did you never mention 508 507 2209 by Joyner Lucas

John Hamm says:

Imagine Dragons is like the worst fucking band ever. Like the worst. I literally throw the fuck up every time I hear their shitty music on the radio.

Christian Shimer says:

U petty asf

Ruth Rodrigues says:


Stephen Berta says:

What song or instrumental is the clip that plays inbetween reviews from?

atrass toumay says:

poor big boi…

TheRealMutttastic says:

What’s the name of the band on that shirt he’s wearing, always been terrible at reading these fuckin black metal band logos #FakeKvlt

George Cooper says:

Finally someone that will be honest about Royal Blood.

MurderousPurpose says:

What band is that crazy metal logo on his shirt for?

Jøseph says:


Bo Jaywalker says:


Collin Reeves says:

What about CHUCK by chuck berry

glasssOfOJ says:


Rod Jonse says:

I have a Pekingese too.

Jackson Catlett says:

The way he said “marika” as Muh-Ricka I wanted to die

Joe Bishop says:

Agree on the Marika Hackman album. Strongly recommend people listen to her last album (We Slept At Last). Far more distinct with more risky & interesting lyrical themes, also very atmospheric and chilling.

Jocelyn Marin says:

Que te crei pelao culiao ? con royal blood no ctm… it is a really good record dude, erase yourself from existence … chao

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