Yamaha Recording Custom – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of a Yamaha Recording Custom shell pack. Filmed at Middle Farm Studios, March 2018. For full specs, more reviews and the latest drum news, head to: www.drummersreview.com


CayNin X75 says:

Dang I love them drums

TalkShowHost says:

Sounds great, but for £3500 and no snare, the law of diminishing returns holds true. If you can afford this kit, you probably know how to make a cheap one sound just as good.

Jazz Martyrs says:

Nice, and quite accurate.

Declan Campion says:

I ordered a nice wee little configuration of this set. 5 Pce shell pack 18, 14, 12, 10, 8. Solid Black or back in the day piano black. I have the RC 14×5.5 Aluminium Snare 6 mts. The finest sounding snare drum I’ve played. I just had to go for a complete set. The New Recording Custom are North American Birch 6 mill, 6 ply shells with a 30° bearing edge to update the series into the digital clarity of records today. I have to wait & be patient for mine. The surf green looks really nice and fresh but I think the black have an altogether beautiful finish that’s just pure sex

65 Drums says:



That is not a 12×9 tom. They do make one tho…

Matthew Smith says:

I couldn’t help but notice that at 4:46 the plate on the side of one of the drums says “Made in China”, yet there is another video (posted by Yamaha) of Steve Gadd playing a set of these which is made in Japan. Given that he’s the poster boy for these drums, is he actually playing these or an actual *custom* kit?

qw1419xtj says:

why is his beard flashing?

Michael McIntosh says:

Memory locks on the floor tom legs? Come on! What do you expect for only three-and-a-half grand!

The Unspeakably Crass says:

Man those drums sound sweet. You guys make great reviews. That second rack tom looks like an 12×8 though, Ludwig players discuss below.

Jay Lee says:

The KICK is more subdued because they THINNED it out by about 2mm. Thinner the shell , especially in the kick….. , the LESS attack.

photographerjonathan says:

is there a kit you think sounds better ? better bass drum maybe, what drum set do you consider the best sounding kit available ? and did you make a review video of it ? thanks

Felix G says:

Hope they have in mind doing a review on the Live Custom soon!

mgdrummer78 says:

Hey Nolly, these or Sonor SQ1??

Thomas Mclaughlin says:

I don’t get it: Regular content, High quality videos, thought and attention to detail. But only 840 Subs???

Declan White says:

sounds good, but I still wanna hear a heavy hitting drummer in these

Chris Wright says:

Sound Great!!!

Scott Lowell says:

Great kit, improved by new round over edges. Agonizingly bank-account burning expensive. That bothers me because IIRC, they are made in China for a pittance compared to Japan. Massive profit margin.

bruce cryor says:

I currently own a recording custom Yamaha kit from the 90s with the long toms and they still sound sick. My configuration has 10,12,13,16 with a 24×18 kick drum. I bought used and without the original snare. It emerald green and I’m not selling it ever. Still want a newer model next.

Larry Tate says:

I expect birch kicks to be dark.

Frozd says:

Interesting review . It seems though that it might be a better solution to go for a second hand kit from the glory days rather than this upgraded version.

james mccarthy says:

Yamaha stage custom sounds just as good for $2,000 less. For my money sonor sq1.

Eberhard Gräf says:

Very detailled, objective and thorough review! Exactly my experience with the new Recording Custom: better bassdrumsound with more bottom end and a rather bony…woody tomsound with the coated heads…the toms, especially the 10″ tom have a lack of punch and tone…clear double ply heads (emperor) should make a difference and maybe will get closer to the real recording custom sound…I would love to know Your Opinion on the Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple…

Kirill Konyaev says:

This kit sounds massive!

Johnny Merritt says:

Beautiful drums and top quality 3500 for a 4 piece shell pack is a bit steep When there are others out there in the 2500 range that will sound as good js

Andrew Whorton says:

you guys should review the ludwig neusonic kit 22″ kick

Larry Tate says:

Should offer some more exotic finishes for the price imo. Nice sounding kit tho.

Justin Lee says:

They sound great on video and I’ve always admired the Tom mounts. They appear to be tougher than shit and extremely adjustable.

Jack Gildea says:

Outstanding Review!

jmetz says:

7×10, 8×12

Tim Cline says:

Another excellent review. Thank you.

Dan Rivera says:

One out of thousands of of videos that does actually review the item that it’s talking about.

Tomas Canteiro says:

My dad had a 22 inch Recording Custom bass drum back in 1994, he regrets some much he sold it !!!

FONO134 says:

How would you compare this kit to a Pearl’s Reference series. From your personal perspective, I know you are very objective, and that is part of the reason I love this channel. But from your personal perspective. Thanks!

Andy Ham says:

Please review the new generation tama starclassic BB or tama starclassic full Bubinga kit with the brand new updated hardware brought down from the star drums. My favorite drums in the entire world. Wouldn’t trade my hyperdrive BB’s for anything.

John Herreshoff says:

Nolly talks about drums the way some people talk about fine wines.

And please keep it up, it’s great to hear from someone who has to deal with the nuts and bolts of producing great drum recordings.

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