Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak Drum Set – In Depth Review

We give our thoughts on Yamaha’s new Live Custom Hybrid Oak line of drums.

Available for purchase here: https://www.drumcenternh.com/drum-sets-add-ons/yamaha-drum-sets/l/live-custom-hybrid-oak

Cymbals used in this video:

Paiste Signature Reflector Bell Ride Cymbal 22″
Available for purchase here: http://buydru.ms/CY0004055622

Paiste Signature Dark Energy Hi Hat Cymbals 14″ Mk I
Available for purchase here: http://buydru.ms/CY0004803714

Paiste Signature Fast Crash Cymbal 20″

Paiste Signature Fast Crash Cymbal 18″

UFIP Extatic Ride Cymbal 22″ Extra Light
Available for purchase here: http://buydru.ms/EX-22XLR

UFIP EST 1931 Crash Cymbal 19″ – Demo Deal!
Available for purchase here: http://buydru.ms/UFPEST19-DEMO

UFiP Experience Blast Extra Dry Hi Hats 15
Available for purchase here: http://buydru.ms/ES-15BHX

UFIP Experience Blast Extra Dry Crash Cymbal 20″
Available for purchase here: http://buydru.ms/ES-20BTX


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Drummers y Bateristas Videoblogs says:

I love the sound of these drums, and they have a great body on the toms, and naturally they don´t have many overtones.

spinadude says:

Great review again, guys. Thank you. Can you please tell me…between this and the new Tama Starclassic Birch/Walnut, which do you think had a more open sound with more sustain? Which one did you feel had a sweeter sound?

Ian Touzel says:

man ,i hope you guys are having fun doing those test videos because, im having a blast watching them. That Yam sounds perfect.keep up the good work.

Edoardo Leoni says:

Flawless review as always.

Austin White says:

The attack and response is ridiculous. Love it. I have a Yamaha Oak Custom and I can hear the difference.

Felix G says:

Great, comprehensive review … as per usual. Still marvel at my now discontinued Live Custom

GT 306 says:

you guys are awesome. is there anyway to really understand the power of the bass drum in these reviews. usually they all give a big blat from overwhelming the mics. It’s not just you guys but every online review the bass seems to shock the mic.

Benjamin B. Brighton says:


Rob Burgess says:

At the lower tuning the 12″ has a longer note and more pronounced pitch bend. It also sounds louder when listening to the overheads. I’m surprised that no one caught that.

Russell Loasby says:

Any chance of a video comparison between the original Oak Custom, the Live Custom and the Live Custom Hybrid? Might be difficult given how long the original Oak series has been discontinued but keen to hear the difference between all 3 if possible!

JulianFernandez says:

Yamaha is boss!

jmetz says:

uhm … wow!! Really coming through on both tunings, …impressive! Shane, … gram weight on that Reflector Ride? Didn’t realize how versatile that one was!

artcorvolet says:



always pleased when I see Yamaha as backline

Jam Tracks says:

Great video I’m in western Maine not too far away!

Marko Marković says:

Wow! I’m blown away and I can’t decide what sounds better – snare, toms or the kick

Rob Burgess says:

That’s a gorgeous finish

fl00d says:

I don’t like the shallow toms. Give me depth motherfuckers.

Dimas Gunawan says:

To the Video Editor, please use dark/black transisition instead of white. Thx

ryanplays says:

sounds great

Karl Maanum says:

Amazing drum kit. I have the Live Customs and absolutely love them. These sound like mine except on steroids. Did you try them with coated heads by chance? Thanks for the great review.

Larry Tate says:

Nice think they’ll do a recording custom hybrid shell. Or just a birch hybrid shell next?

Scott Lowell says:

Oak grain just crushes maple or birch. These drums sound like they own it.

deborah starkovich says:

how do they compare to noble cooley solid shell oak,from a players perspective?

inzanestrings says:

How are those Yamaha kick pedals? I’ve been looking into them and I’m not finding many reviews of them out there, also it would be awesome to see more reviews of hardware and kick pedals from you guys!

James Jackson says:

You had me at throw your back out

Davey Long says:


filthewheell says:

Hi. Can i buy the weighted lug to put in my regular live custom?

Francisco Viper Díaz says:


Bob Arrow says:

Guys, you will destroy all my savings.

Mohammad Rinaldo says:

please do Tama!

Matthew Smith says:

I’ve noticed in many drum demo videos that rack toms often have a clear note to them and the bigger one is lower than the smaller, but floor toms often have no note — it’s just a thud. You’d expect them to have another lower note than the bigger rack tom, but often they don’t. Why is that? Is it because hanging them lets them resonate more than sitting them on a stand on the floor?

JulianFernandez says:

btw, what was Yamaha biggest flop yet? Their Rock Tour maybe? I thought they were cool drums…

Tim Allen is a scumbag says:

Loved everything but the high pitched pingy paiste ride. Sounded like an anvil.

Opinion Watcher says:

Can’t say Yamaha bass drums don’t put out anymore, that’s for sure.

Sounds nice…

bryan macneil says:

I think I preferred the higher tuning. I’ve only ever played lower end Yamaha drums, but I’ve been impressed with them even with the entry level stuff.

scott morehouse says:

Did you tune the bottom head up as well for the higher tuning? The floor tom in particular.

Bill Perri says:

They can’t put something out half-baked… LOL! They do sound incredible though but what do you expect it’s Yamaha!

rob vel says:

I love those cymbals (Paiste)

Louis Hebert says:

Toute une sonorité….c’est du yamaha

Ryan Glick says:

I like the original live custom drums.The updates are cool but I don’t understand they needed to up the price when its only like not that far away from a recording custom.

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