Yamaha Drums – 6 Kits Reviewed!

Yamaha PHX, Recording Custom, Absolute Hybrid Maple, Live Custom Oak, Tour Custom Maple, Stage Custom Birch – Head to head review! Links to drum sets and cymbals from the video below.

Available for purchase here:

PHX – http://buydru.ms/PHXGBS

Recording Custom – http://buydru.ms/RC2F40JSFG

Absolute Hybrid Maple – http://buydru.ms/50TH2F5AQN

Live Custom Oak – http://buydru.ms/LC4PCEWS-JF

Tour Custom Maple – http://buydru.ms/TMP2F4BTS

Stage Custom Birch – http://buydru.ms/SBP0F50PW

Sabian Artisan Light Brilliant Hi Hat Cymbals 14″ – http://buydru.ms/A1401B

Sabian Prototype HHX Ride Cymbal 24″ – http://buydru.ms/SABPROTO-HHX24-3612

Sabian Prototype HHX Crash Cymbal 20″ – http://buydru.ms/SABPROTO-HHX20-1722

Sabian Prototype HHX Crash Cymbal 20″ –


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Arthur R says:

all of them sound fantastic, looks amazing, great value….hats off to Yamaha and you guys, thanks very much for this video

Scott Lowell says:

The PXH seem to beat sonor SQ2 (heavy) shells at thier own game. The 12mm sq2 shells don’t contribute as much, too brick-like.

Paul Daluz says:

Birch is such an underrated wood for drumming. The recording custom’s bass drum sounded thunderous!!!
However overall if I had my choice it would be the hybrid maple. It sounded the most balanced out of all the kits in my opinion.
All are great kits.

SuperBullies1 says:

Why do I feel the sound of the drums​ are being influenced by the mics and a mix. Get rid of the individual mics and lose the compression.

James Reith says:

Can you guys do one of these for the SONOR stuff?

Zack Zweifel says:

Those Phoenix kits are just unreal!!! I have a 90’s Yamaha Maple Custom with the gold lugs and I’ll never give it up. But if I ever was it would be for the Phoenix

Kevin Graham says:

Thank you so much… I need a stage custom…$$$

Also, can you do a snare video.

James Franklin says:

I’m a pearl masterdreamworks guy Wich is over the Pearl masterworks and if I was to get a second kit it would have to be the stage coustom in 8×7 10×7 12×7 short stacked rack Tom’s 13×11 14×12 14×14 floor Tom’s 24×16 20 lug vergin Bass drum all outfitted with Yamahas 3 sided professional rack system

Glenn Horvath says:

maybe I’m crazy but they all sound good and very similar. Cheap drums fall apart on the road with night after night use, bouncing in the truck,but they can sound good with mikes and effects. Expensive drums do last longer and are easier to work with but for me the sound differences here were not major imo. Plus a bad drummer who can’t tune shouldn’t spend $6000 and a great drummer loses tone in a live gig and in studio, damn its the player not the drums. Bonzo got his cheap ludwigs to soar

Richard Goldman says:

No YESS III on Recording Custom? You can really hear it needs it.

Vincenzo Vedovato says:

I find those Sabian HHX Prototypes just amazing !!!

Bobby Clark says:

Dang that was super informative! Do more of these videos please!

Ian Touzel says:

this video is absolutly amazing.wonderful work. i own a big Yamaha live custom kit, sounds good,loud and super easy to tune but, man the absolute hybrid and Phenix sounds good on your video .bravo again.

Cesar Fuenmayor says:

I liked yamaha live custom Thanks good video …

aloha from kenya says:

All dressed up

Francisco Viper Díaz says:

Spectacular audio production too.

Mkmusic marcos says:

Very little difference in sounding, definite stage custom should be the best one to go lol.

Daniel Choxom says:

Yamaha Phx

Ryan Halsey says:

I was surprised with how good the stage customs sounded, i think it had the best sounding rack toms out of the lot!

Yariel Díaz says:

Great review!!

FHDTV says:

Amazing video. Thank you so much!

XcluZiveBeats says:

One of the better comparison drum videos I’ve seen on YouTube. Please do TAMA Drums next!

starbeardiesyoung says:

I‘m not saying these drums are not good. They just don‘t have a signature sound anymore

Mike Kolesar says:

Seriously, that’s the best drum comparison vid I’ve ever seen. Clearly, it was a ton of work. Thank you so much for doing this with excellence.

Thomas Nappo says:

I JUS ORDERED A 6 PC..LIVE OAK KIT..THX TO THIS VIDEO…l have a new stage custom..but wanted also a higher end kit….SO THX AGAIN

LOUD7 says:

Thank you so much for posting these videos. So informative. Very helpful.

drumteacher43 says:

I love Yamaha drums! They all sound great but I own the recording custom kit same as the one you tested! They are awesome live or studio!! They are my pick!!

Flint Marshall says:

great informative vid. I appreciate the comparison at the end.

john sandberg says:

whats the snare on the hybrid kit please

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