Xymox Pad Review- I Hack On Drums

Many People Like to look at reviews of products they intend to purchase. Before i purchased my pad i looked for reviews and found some good ones, but not many. So i decided to make one so others can find a good review (it’s short and sweet). I hope this helped to influence your decision to purchase a Xymox Pad.


Rosss says:

The sky rim is no longer made xD. I emailed them about it. They’re just slow at updating their website

Caleb Boehm says:

i understand everyone play style is different but if you put a little more middle finger on the stick in your left hand it gives more control. also moving the ring finger back so the stick rests on the cuticle helps too. nice review tho!

Shea Lawless says:

They didn’t give you the wrong rim color. They changed what blue they use for the sky blue because they ran out of the original sky blue.

A SQUAD says:

What type of sticks are thoses

I Hack On Drums says:

Just to clarify at the time of making this video I had no clue they stopped making the sky blue rim color. However when I ordered, the sky rim color was still on the website, that’s where the confusion came in.

AMdrums says:

they said that this blue rim is the new sky rim, i was mad too when i recieved it, bc i prefer the sky one.. but they should update their website, bc we actually don’t know why they send us this colour..

djrabalais228 says:


Boualaphan Louanglath says:

What’s the snare stand that you are using

Jnbtm says:

How did you get the Xymox logo off?

Nicholas Tader says:

How long did yours take to get to you? I’ve been waiting since October….

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