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Here are my top 10 drum products of 2017!

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Thank you to all of the awesome companies who helped me make this video possible! Check out all of the products below:

Slap Klatz:
Ching Ring:
Practice Tips:
P77 Snare Head:
Vic Firth X55A’s:
Cymbal Bacon:
Tama Cymbal Toppers:
Back Beat Tambourine:
Benny Greb Practice Pad:

2017 was a ridiculous year for me. So many of my dreams and goals came true and I couldn’t be more thankful. Now I want to help you make 2018 your best year yet. Let’s start off by checking out my favorite gear of 2017!

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Isaac MartinezVillaseca says:

Gabe u son of a bitch

Caleb Lea says:

Off brand Adam turrimo, but somehow better

Joshua Colyer says:

I would like the slap klats

PaulyG Speaks says:

Whys this guys snare sound like a cardboard box. Wowzers that’s a bad snare sound… personal opinion though.

Qenous says:

What is up with all the food names Drum Tortillia and Cymbal Bacon xD

4th WARRIORS says:

Gabe you are pretty good

Street Drummer says:

Dude the drum tortilla looks cool definitely have to check that one out!

David McAninch says:

I subscribed

Luis Valverde says:

Should be top 10 meinl/Vic Firth products lol

Francisco Montañés Alcañiz says:

A lot of thanks fot your review its so helpfull to have an idea about this products…
Really thanks

Doufus Styles says:

Fuck I dig your playing brother

Metal Fan says:

I bought a pair of fiv firth x55a’s, i personally use los cabos sticks but they’re not to bad

Emile Pache says:

What’s the type of your ride cymbal? Love it!

It’s me! says:

The first transition with the Ching ring scared the crap out of me

Amon Figueroa says:

1:45 – 1:49
heh heh get it?


Does any 1 know what style of Remo heads he uses on the toms

Safelights says:

Yeah man I totally love the x55a I use them all the time

Tim Worley says:

holy fuck, you can really tell the australian dollar is terrible watching this shit! i paid $40 for a 4 pack of those quick release cymbal top things! cheers government.

Patrick Gleason says:


Gavin... Nuff said says:

This video was brought to you by Meinl TM

Dwight Samuels says:


Evan Stueve says:


I really dig the hoops you use on your toms. I actually haven’t seen it before. I’m assuming you did this because you do a lot of rim/clicky work?

Where could I find wood hoops for 12″ and 16″ toms (and/or snare)??

tommy stueland says:

1. The Ching ring is awesome
2. I was surprised by how suttle the cymbal bacon was, I never got one because I thought it would be overpowering
3. Where is the big fat snare drum? That thing is (admittedly way overpriced) but amazing and I think it is $20(?)
4. The Vic Firth marching stick bag (i think it is called) is super awesome, it straps right onto your floor tom
#staytrue my dudes

pep sanchez says:


The Drummer says:


Wannadeth says:

Promark Progrips are great and solid for metal drumming

Carl Garcia says:

I love Tama Starclassic @@!!

Oliver Brissenden says:

Wanna win plz

Nga Kino says:

What is the small hi hat

Cale Douglas says:

This is honestly really good content good job man

David Zubiate says:

What snare is that? It sounds amazing!

Christian Hansen says:

Wich Hi-hat are you using here. I Think they sound really good

Wizardly says:

I’m getting that drum tortilla, my snare does not sound that good.

David says:

Hi! What is the stack beside ur hats? 🙂

L Penston says:

Nice video!

Joshua Colyer says:


Zachary Volt says:

One of the green Slap Klatz dots left a big green spot on my schools white snare head. It needs to be changed anyway, so not a huge deal, but if it matters to you, there you go.

Bryan Gutierrez says:

Those X55A’S are my go to sticks

Morning Star says:

What notes do you tune your snare drum to? It sounds really cool

Afjal Hussain says:

I love you video keep playing

Egg Fries says:

Slap Kalyn does leave residue

Az The Drummer says:

Have you ever tried the extreme 5b there my favourite stick

Reyn Time says:

To be ridiculous

Buy *A L L*

Professional Youtube User says:


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