Toontrack Superior Drummer 3.0 Drum Software Review

Download Superior Drummer 3.0 here:

Superior Drummer 3 yields endless choices for honing, shaping, and molding drums. Over 230GB of raw sounds were captured at Galaxy Studios by the legendary George Massenburg. There’s also drag-and-drop support for individual or third-party samples. SD3’s mixer provides advanced routing, control over individual mic bleed, and is loaded with 35 top-tier studio effects. And with integrated audio-to-MIDI conversion, Superior Drummer 3 provides powerful drum replacement and augmentation. Finding the right groove is easy, thanks to advanced search functions, and you can build and arrange full drum tracks without leaving the program.


Miro Krizaj says:

Grate presentation, BRAVO MG.

John Baker says:

Sweetwater does great online demos! This is the best SD3 overview I’ve found, and it looks & sounds fantastic.

The Pleasant St' Mafia says:

Would tracker be able to identify open hihat sounds from closed ones from a mix? like old  drum machine mix?

95TurboSol says:

Needs a heavy metal kit though! I can see it now they are going to make us spend hundreds on this then have a metal expansion for an extra couple hundred, they BLEED us DRY lol

Elias Antonas says:

Comes out around Sept. 12th. The pluses I like are the Song Creator, especially since I’m not a drummer. The availability for auditioning intros, fills, verses, choruses, etc. saves me lotsa time. The mixer is great incorporating also a VCA track in my Pro Tools. I’m pretty sure I noticed in this vid I can also add my EZ 2 libraries and upgrade from Superior 2 for $199. Yep…I’m sold.

Mike Woodside says:

that grid editor though. hell yea.
similar to cubase

Roberto Amores says:

Any metal expantion?

Frank D Pece says:

I use EZ Drummer 2 for the ease of creating drum tracks. Does Superior Drummer have the capability to create drum tracks as easy as EZ drummer?

Eno Dos says:

I hope you can hide and show the track in the boton, a lot of us don’t use it at all.. and it takes too much space, Fantastic .

CahlajWasHere says:


25hourpartypeople says:

Is it possible to use individual outputs to mix in your DAW? Does it have individual top and bottom snare outputs?

James Harris says:

Nice! Love Superior Drummer 2 and looking forward to the upgrade.

Petti Backing Tracks says:

Might have to upgrade from EZdrummer2 now!

Island Dreaming says:

now all the new SD3 drum GRID editor needs .., is a nudge button with user setting increments , Add that toontrack >> and I wont even bother using pro tools midi editor .., until thats added toontrack , it’ll still be a time consuming game of exporting midi out of SD3 to pro tools midi editor , then importing it back into SD3 to do further work…, because I can guarantee SD3’s GRID editor will only snap to the (robotic) grid without giving us any options of being able move the note slightly forward or behind of the beat .

Chazz Hill-Hayr says:

Everything seems amazing (features, new UI etc)…. Except (to my ears) it still sounds VERY much like midi drums. Obviously – that’s what it is, but I was hoping for a bit more realism. The drums sound tones themselves don’t sound overly usable for the type of sounds I’m trying to achieve as well. The ‘Made of Metal’ drum pack and progressive are probably the closest to the sounds I want so far, so hopefully there’s some more ‘tight, and punchy’ sounds in here. Perhaps it’s just the midi beats used in the examples that feel a little flat and lifeless. Definitely looking forward to hearing more examples of the sounds though.

Mark Arandjus says:

Very interested how my SDX and EZX expansions work on this and what the new X-drums look like.

Eno Dos says:

a simple mixer in the boton instead of the track.. could be better. much much better.

CahlajWasHere says:

I have a question in the Grid Editor does it show the individual beats in a Bar (example like Bar 1: 1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4)? I use Logic Pro X and it has this feature in the Piano Roll.

The reason I ask is if I program the drums in manually in the Grid Editor I want to know how much control I will have. I primary produce Hip Hop music and I tend to draw in my drum notes.

Anthony Talamante says:

This looks legit! Can’t wait to try it out.

louderthangod says:

Already preordered my upgrade from 2

Nefarious Affliction says:

Alright! Next on the wish list is Metal Foundry 2

tgorycki says:

Thanks, Mitch, for a great product demo! Being an SD 2.0 user, I’m sold! BTW, I saw Keith Carlock last summer with Steely Dan. What a monster drummer!

Zach Miller says:

What is the best way to deaden the sounds in the pack (a la the very dry 60’s folk/psychedelic and the 70’s)? I’ve never been able to get it just right by using the drum volume envelope adjustment.

Marc LaClear says:

Anybody else notice the Helix Native folder? I assume Mitch has been working on an overview?

VirtualPicturesUSA says:

Okay Mitch, First of all, an amazingly detailed review of the product – thanks for going the extra mile and providing the info. Love your reviews. Secondly, and as an owner of Superior Drummer 2, I’m very excited about updating to version 3 as it looks incredible – including the extensive and new feature list. Thanks Again. Bob.

Eric Everhart says:

This software is awesome but I just started laughing when you replaced Keith Carlock’s drums that he expertly tunes and hits for lifeless programmed ones lol.

Darkone Studio says:

hope you can install the library on seperate hd.

deathrules001 says:

Can you aslo import Trigger2 Files ?

Ralf says:

Great! But what about new improvements for live drummers? For example the usability in a live situation. I would like to see a video for this.

MegaCrasherMusic says:

Love ya Mitch, but for the love of god, why choose the most lifeless, flaccid drum beat possible for the demo??

Daniel Mihaylov says:

All this is great, but does it djent?

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