The Drums- Portamento ALBUM REVIEW


The Drums’ sophomore release, Portamento, was an album I was pretty excited for. The group’s self-titled debut contained some of my favorite singles of last year, and I was hoping the same would happen with this release.

Maybe my love of the last album lead to some unrealistic expectations, but at least some of them were met. Overall, this album feels a little more mature, and the recording is noticeably better. Plus, the band seems a little more confident in its style, sticking to a similar “twanged-out” sound for every track–with the exception of the synth odyssey that is “Searching For Heaven.”

Unfortunately, this has lead to a group of tracks that just feel, well, the same. I never assumed the Drums’ debut to have a ton of variation, but this album made me realize just how much it did. Together, these tracks, in my opinion, weaken one another a little bit.

What do you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?





Grant Muir says:

Mmmm, you wanted change and this album is very different from first album. Can’t you make up your mind? 😉 I don’t think it is as good as first album but I still really love it.

Jim Rowe says:

It’s one of the best albums in the last 20 years

MrRobynLover says:

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Fernando Gastelo says:

I agree, its basically an Ok album. You don’t hate the songs but when its all said and done, you just go meh

Mackwel 05 says:

Will you review the new drums LP when it comes out ?

Charlotte Brewster says:

exactly!!!!!!!!! loved the self-titled album, and portamento was a lovely progression. :)!!!!!! i can’t stop listening to it!!!!

Jacob Carey says:

“Lets Go Surfing” is about Barack Obama going in to office, not just surfing.

Kevin Farinius says:

do Encyclopedia pls bb

renzorco says:

encyclodia kicked ass

ToolsnFire says:

the singing on their first two albums was meant to offkey in many parts, that was part of the intended art with a type of fresh naive pre-flower power americana character

Kris Kubric says:

I think Portamento is a masterpiece. Definitely more personal and mature than their first album… Especially the track Book of Revelation. I recommend revisiting Portamento it and giving it another listen or two!

Nadia Woźniak says:

Encyclopedia please

Eric Jones says:

ha! easily the worst song on the album. I skip it 95% of the time.

Randle McMurphy says:

Anthony Fantano has had a terribly negative effect on independent music.
Listen to what this guy is actually saying about this album..
“they still sound like joy division …. if they had a really upbeat disposition”
WTF? do people still honestly take this guys opinion seriously?
This album is great. As are countless others this guy has probably slammed.

Ranard Gillis says:

Review The Drums Encyclopedia album bro!

MrLizardking101 says:

Do encyclopedia man

Alan Flores says:

i cant believe there is a music nerd well i guess that makes me one too

McDank Memester says:

or abysmal thoughts

SBV123 says:

Surprised you mentioned I Don’t Know How To Love, I thought that was one of the catchiest songs on the album and the execution was perfect. Agreed on the rest though, I tune out at about the halfway point of the album due to it getting repetitive. Not enough highs and lows.

JUCENS says:

I love Portamento, each and every track!

Jadles Dude says:

I fuckin loved it. But i also fuckin loved the first one. But i am a HUGE sucker for post-punk so i’m very biased.

bbeaup says:

i take that back, kudos on snowing!!! last show next weekend.

...It's all too wrong to make it right... The Cure Forever!!!! says:

I want to buy it,but it’s so fucking expensive here in the country i live!

Peter Carlovich says:

so that you have to watch the video?

roxxanne heisenberg says:

@VengeanceIsMineBitch GTFO.

Thrashzone005 says:

Great record

Rodger Stokes Jr says:

I always thought that they sounded like Joy Division in this album

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