The 5 best sounding drumkits under $ 1500 – HD

After many requests I decided to do one more “best drumkit” video. This time we’re talking some of the finest kits under 1500 dollars.

As usual, keep in mind that what’s best is usually a matter of subjective taste!

All prices shown are for complete 5 pieces drumkits INCLUDING hardware. BTW cymbals aren’t included, or the budget would have exploded!

I know you’re all eager to speak your mind in the comments but please be respectful of others’ views, having said that please feel free to ask or say your opinion freely.

PLEASE let me know if I have omitted any great kits for under 1500 dollars, I’m always willing to learn new stuff…

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See ya!



B K says:

Roberto Benigni on the Gretsch Kit…

Earl Brackett says:

why is it that PACIFIC JUST DON’T SOUND ANYTHING LIKE DW ? DW has ruined popular music !!!!!

Joe Martinez says:

Pearl or Tama are my personal favorites, quality construction and sound, complete with Zildjian or Paiste series cymbals.

Keith Richards Liver says:

I can make kit sound great with decent mics. Even cheap ass junk.
To know how drums sound you have to play them without mics to get a better idea.

Jeff Miller says:

Ayy wheres the yamaha rydeen

Earl Brackett says:

TAMA Superstar Classic 7-piece Shell Pack.

Earl Brackett says:

TAMA Superstar Classic 7-piece Shell Pack is the best kit out there for the money. I do know TAMA and when Billy Cobham & Peter Erskine jump ship from Yamaha/Sonor/et al to go to TAMA, there’s most definitely a reason that you can hear.

jay angstadt says:

ya all know that the sound system can make a cat sound like a drum ..the key is sound ,mics speakers and a pa mixer

Chris Wester says:

mostly shit. .high price tags don’t mean shit..none of these dickholes can tune a drum for shit..and as boring to watch as pigeons shitting on a favorite kit was none.all the snares sucked hobo Dick..

Seamus Worrell says:

No.3 is definitely not my favorite set but probably my favorite drummer out of all of them.

Jason Missimer says:

6 words…… Ludwig Epic Funk!….So much better!

Professional Youtube User says:

Nice information.

Tyler Pons says:

Pearl Decade maple?

Blair Burnett says:

All I wanna know is the kind of cymbal that are being used in the Pearl Vision set. Especially those hats! .. They sound fucking amazing! Can someone please find out for me!!? Thanks!

Todd Cooper says:

My Gretsch kit blow’s all these kit’s away.It’s the quality of head’s that are on them too.Remo sux# Evans4life

Amrit Mehta says:

8:26 that drum face tho

andrew elledge says:

I like my catalina’s a tad less now watching that guy play.

Max M. says:

How about the ludwig centennial?

Davey Jones says:

0.13. 1 dollar and 5 cents

The Gaming Drummer 123 says:

Silverstar= the jerking off drum kit

Random Matt games says:

I think the pdp sounds the best just the beefyness and how fatt the toms sound just sounds amazing

Huxxy says:

Good to see more people with Tourette’s are getting into Gretsch these days

Gabriel Herlein says:

To drummer #2. you try way too hard buddy….smh. Stop it dude!!! i know what you are going for with the slowing down of the time signatures but they are just not sounding right. One simple advice….quit drums. Get a job.
Just some constructive critiscm for ya bud…

Joe Cap says:

Does the moron on the Gretch kit realize that he is suppose to showcase the kits sound and not his dorkey personality or beats

Earl Brackett says:

wtf do the drum demos do more demoing on the cymbals than drums ? can’t you young guys play just the drums ? I’m not hear to listen to a snare (which most prolly don’t include) and a hi-hat.

MrSawlong says:

I enjoyed the pearl and the Gretsch set the most…

but dude… how about the DDrum Reflex? i bought mine for 600€ and it sounds awesome… i dont know how much it is in USA but i dont hink its more than 1500$

blkrubber1 says:

mapex looked like it had wheels under the base drum wobbling all over the place.looked and bounced like a kids kit.

Kcducttaper1 says:

I love that snare sound on the Mapex!

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