Tama Superstar Classic Maple kit – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of a Tama Superstar Classic Maple kit and added Tama hardware. Filmed at Middle Farm Studios, November 2018. For full specs and the latest drum news, head over to our website: www.drummersreview.com, and connect with us further via our social channels:





Bruce Wayne says:

That colour is beautiful. I love it! Great review! Greetings from Argentina!

Nik Aqil says:

Finally a mid-level drum review from you guys ! Would love to see a Sonor kit being reviewed though

David Velez says:

I don’t know why, but Tama has always had a special place in my drumming heart, and this kit is no different. I feel like they mic up so well and always sound killer in the room. Another set that has REALLY impressed me lately is the Crush Drums Chameleon Ash kits. If you find one in the UK, sit down and play it for a minute, the ash wood they use sounds AMAZING!

Mike StClair says:

Diggin the tom sounds. Bass would benefit with the Emad heads. Snares are really personal, so I would have to toss that one in favor of one that suits your individual taste. I wish they offered more of the low to mid range shellpacks without the snare for less money.

Nick Reza says:

I’d love to see a Tama b/b kit be reviewed! Awesome work guys.

Bill Nicholas says:

Your reviews are to the point and always very informative. A suggestion would be to discuss the snare bed of each set you review. Keep up the excellent work.

Mike Van Daele says:

Great review, once again.
Glad to see a Tama drum finally made it to your studio 🙂
I’m in the market for a more high-end kit, and particularly charmed by the sound of the Starclassic B/B. I hope that one could be reviewed in the upcoming period!

On the review itself: to me a good idea from Nick to do comparable drum parts on the different sets since you started reviewing drums, certainly on the toms. Makes the comparison between the different sets you reviewed much easier.

Sid Marks says:

Another thorough review. Not a bad kit at all, I would like all review kits to use the same skins in order to compare.
Great work as usual and thanks very much.

RandomViking 380 says:

Great review, honest and in depth. Easily one of the most informative and comprehensive of all the review channels and not afraid to point out flaws or dissapointments to the consumer, but in a way that shouldn’t offend the brands you are working with.
Having already looked at a number of the kits in the ‘intermediate’ section of the market it would be great to see a review of the Gretsch Catalina Maple to round out this competitive and important area that is such a staple for students progression.
Thanks for such a good channel.

PB says:

Nice review, as always. Great drummer too! Love the tuning. Could you do a video on tom tuning, some day?

Wayne Drumline says:

Great sound considering the price but it say alot about Tama.

Kirill Konyaev says:

This kit sounds too good for its price. Loving those toms especially!

CHAU says:

best in the business

MrShaggrock says:

So glad to see you reviewing Tama kits! You also nailed it, and that’s coming from a Superstar Classic owner. Keep up the good work!

Andy Ham says:

Finally a Tama review. Imo the best sounding kit and review so far and it’s only tama’s mid range kit!! Insane the quality and sound you get for the price. Please review the starclassic line preferably the BB or bubinga. Nolly also has a lot of great input since he has had a lot of experience and time with the bb and Tama in general having worked and produced for Matt garstka, Alex rudinger , anup sastry.

Friday says:

I recently got a pack of these for $599 on sale. Personally I don’t think there are many drums in this price range that are this nice. Pearl decades feel cheaply built. And come priced below the export, a poplar drumset. The only other sets that compare are Ludwig element Maple and a Yamaha stage custom birch.

I disagree with the review on a few points. The snare is probably the least well built item on the drum set. I’ve owned rockstars and you can’t tune up the snare very well and it has a nasty overtone that needs a lot of muffling. The heads on these suck, as well. Kick drum is one of the best sounding for this price point for this kit. The maple really shines and the claw hooks are rubber lined, giving nice suspension. If youd like to see how good thes can sound with stock heads you should check out this video.


Bro Stallen says:

Great review, as always! Thank you! Kit sounds very descent. Colour is killer!

markmainchannel says:

I own this exact kit, only exception is the 8×10 rack Tom that came with my kit. Otherwise same exact setup and I also have the Stage Master hardware. The color is beautiful and once you get rid of the stock heads on all the drums you will love this set of drums.

Richard Penman says:

Good review. Drums at this price point always seem to improve with premium heads as does even higher price points. When in the market for a new kit I ask how much without the heads.

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