Tama Metalworks Steel Snare Drums Review by Sweetwater Sound

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In this video I am playing on the Tama Metalworks Steel Snare Drums. This is a line of drums from Tama that are simple but very well made and all three models have a distinct, clear, and warm sound. I really enjoyed placing all three drums together and grooving between them. They gave off a real nice vibe and were inspiring to play on. I feel you can get the vibe of an instrument immediately, weather it be a drum, guitar, keyboard, or anything else that is used to make music. These three Tama Metalworks Steel Snare Drums had instant vibe and I really liked that.

All of the drums in this Metalworks line come with a 1.2mm steel shell finished in Black Nickel with chrome hardware. They also all have the same “pull back” style throw-off and bridge lugs. The main snare I have in front of the kick drum is a 6.5″ x 14″ with 8-lug, triple-flanged hoops. The snare just to left of the hi-hat is the 5.5″ x 12″ with 6-hole, triple-flanged hoops. The snare to the left of the 12″ is the 5.5″ x 10″ which also has 6-hole, triple-flanged hoops. The 10″ snare has a mount on the drum and also comes with the MC-69 mounting clamp. In the video I have the snare on a stand but with the clamp and mount you can attach it to any stand and you can also place the drum whereever you like. It does not have to live to the side of the Hi-Hat.

The sound of each snare is of course different because of the difference in size, but they all have a very pleasant crack at their pitch and all of the snare wires buzz very nicely no matter which size drum I played. The 14″ is warm but has a nice loud crack in the rim shot. The 12″ has a midrange bump and also had a great loud rim shot. The 10″ has that great high-pitched crack that only snare drums in that size can get. It is almost like a marching snare drum type sound but with more resonance. In fact, the steel shell really has a nice effect on the sound of not only the 10″ drum but on all of the drums in the line.

If you’re looking for a steel snare to add to your collection or you need something a little different to add to your drum kit, you should most definitely look into these Tama Metalworks Steel Snare Drums. They are all really fun to play on and could get you that extra sound you have been searching for. Thanks for watching!

— Nick D’Virgilio


Kascha Macka says:

i bought few months ago a 14×4 metakworks 1,2mm steel snare. this snare has die-cast hoops. it sounds not so bright as other 14×4 snares what i like.I use it for D n B, Funk as second snare. it has a fantastic thwaqky Sound . its easy to tune up or down. TAMA BIG UP.

Blake Gowan says:

Can talk the talk…and can play very well. King of the review videos! Nick D !

Drumstudio 101 says:

Never heard or played a bad Tama snaredrum , they are consistent in every way..sound /looks/feel!

Steve Batcup says:


Tony Lupo says:

yeahh…the sound is very cool!

aarwonable cheez says:

I play metal, what do you think would be better bang for my buck, the main snare of this line or the Tama SLP Big Black Steel?

nathan harris says:

It’s not about the gear that gets you the gig, it’s about how you play and how you good are as a musician that gets you the gig.

sheppfun says:

Cool, but they all just copy Ludwig.The center bead,bering edge.All of it. Buy american!!!!.Ludwig us.Made in Monroe N.C.

The Pasty Smasher says:

Dude, you’re a fantastic drummer, so versatile!

dzarren says:

Why does the middle snare drum sit like that on the stand? Is that intentional? It isnt sitting on the flush part of the rubber ends, it is being cradled, the rubber grips actually grab onto the flange of the hoop!

josefrancisco says:

Great playing , those snares sounds really good.

Biga173rd says:

Awesome demo.

frodis lover says:

how does this sound wise if any compared to the Kenny aronoff sig series

Rom Burford says:

Really dig Nicks demos… I check your/his reviews for everything before i purchase… Well done Sweetwater !!!!


14″ the best

drummachine86 says:

These videos are made in heaven. Absolutely amazing sound, Nick, you are an amazing drummer and also know your stuff with the gear. Also the gear you select is great, great value and performance ratio.

Corrado Drums says:



tooop. Tama the best

jrkopite77 says:

I could listen to this bloke playing drums all day long! Lovely laid back style and precise grooves. Could do with not calling everything cool though.

Worldwide Ghosts says:

I love 12″ snare – very precise sound!

Jakob Löw says:

i bought the 12 ” this day and im so stoked playing it with my kit…. thanks for the review it helped me a lot…. very good drummer 🙂

Alexander Jamieson says:

So want do this with my kit, so don’t have the money for it

Mark Pestonji says:

Nick, it’s amazing how you can make music to my ears with even just three snares! You rock!

Adrián Di Maria says:

Nick D’Virgilio!!

T.C. says:

Just got my 12 inch Metalworks snare earlier this week! I’ve wanted a 12 inch snare as my main snare drum for about 8 months now, and oh my it is exceeding my expectations so far in every regard! 

I highly highly recommend this snare


Nick’s reviews are really amazing !!!

Ivancient says:

i am traumatized with many tama snares. i can hear saint anger tone in much of them 🙁

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