Tama Imperialstar vs. Ludwig Element Evolution Drum Set – In Depth Review

Head to head comparison of the Tama Imperialstar and Ludwig Element Evolution drum sets!

Available for purchase here:
Tama Imperialstar Drum Sets – https://www.drumcenternh.com/drum-sets-add-ons/tama-drum-sets/l/imperialstar?dir=desc&order=price
Ludwig Element Evolution Drum Sets – https://www.drumcenternh.com/drum-sets-add-ons/ludwig-drum-sets/l/element-evolution?dir=desc&order=price

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Davor Bendelja says:


Ben Middleton says:

Ludwig all day

Aiden Ludwick says:

I think Ludwig has it all.

Patricio Troncoso says:

I am forma the Pearl export. Jejejeje

MrFunkyjive says:

Those 50 dollar cymbals are about as good as any paiste cymbal.

Drake Crider says:

I’ve always been partial to Tama but I think that Ludwig sounded better to my ears. Great video though! Answered all the questions I had about these 2 kits.

DrummerGrrrl says:

I’m shocked at how good that Ludwig kit sounds! And Zildjian ZBT’s??! I had written them off a few years ago but, wow, these sound really amazing! I mean, obviously A Customs or some K’s are going to sound 500% better but for budget cymbals these could totally work..
The Meinl cymbals are an embarrassment. Absolutely no sustain and just crap sounding. Meinl makes good cymbals but these are wretched.

thetimahawk1 says:

They both have good sound but the Ludwig snare sounds way better than the Tama snare. The Meinl HCS cymbals are scrap metal at best . Zildjans win there. Tama hardware for sure . The Ludwig heads are decent . The Tama heads , meh . With some upgrading , both are a good deal. Personally , I would go with the Tama . Good comparison.

TheKch2112 says:

Both are a great deal, but to get the Remo pinstripes and ZBT cymbals…Ludwig!

Bob BobbyB says:

I like both but I believe the Ludwig set gives a better total value and they sound great. The Tama drums also sound very good. I prefer Ludwig. Great comparison.

koolBOY8323 says:

tama imperialstar, with pinstripes off the ludwig, the zildjian cymbals, and a roc n soc throne, cuz my back is important to me.

LeMTails says:

Creamy Zildjians. I liked their sound a lot actually many harmonious overtones on the ride and it really sounds like two symbols depending on how and where it’s hit. great video

Mike Hayes Drummerman says:

Sonor vs Ludwig

Shane Dorsey says:

Please don’t compare me to Lars I’m not him I’m my own person I do like lars but I’m not him

Estudio Tamboril says:

Tama = Punch, Power, etc

WarioIs Good says:

I like the toms of the Tama but the bass and snare of the Ludwig. Although the toms on each kit are very similar, I do prefer the toms of the Tama a little bit more but the floor tom on the Ludwig sounds bad worse in comparison to the Tama. However, I prefer the snare and bass drum a lot more on the Ludwig, and I think the cymbals on the Ludwig sound better too. The Meinls sound like they have been muffled but the Zildjians sound very open. For those reasons, I’d pick the Ludwig.

chase x everest says:

Na Ludwig is the best the speed king was the best bass drum pedal since the 50s so I mean even tho it’s discontinued still Ludwig wins all categories

Carl Forward says:

I am a tama man I love tama so much and I love sabian

Drum Center of Portsmouth says:

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t a says:

as soon as he hit the Ludwig’s I knew the winner.

gregmgm06 says:

Fantastic video! PLEASE make more comparison videos like this! As for the drum sets, my favorite is the Ludwig set, but it’s a personal preference.

Todd DeGennaro says:

Holy crap he’s got my setup!

Michael Bysterveld says:

Hi from Australia. Yeah the drum shells were near identical except the Ludwig bass drum slightly deeper and more punch. Not significant though. I feel the cymbals tip it to Ludwig and I’m a Tama guy

fabian sampayo says:


Anthony Brown says:

Without the mics it’s not going to sound as good.

Matt Schoonmaker says:

Does anyone think either of these sets are too much for a beginner? I’m going to get into drumming and I’m doing some research. Ive been looking at a Lugwig Backbeat 5
piece set, comes with generic cymbols. After seeing this review, I’m wondering if it’s worth spending another $300 for a full size set with much better symbols. If I end up not sticking with it, seems like it would be easier to sell one of these and recoup the money. Any thoughts? Nice review BTW!

John Collins says:

Both are OK but I will stick with my mapex mpro and paiste pst7 ,way better apart from snare for that a steel tama.

John Ryan says:

They are both great kits. The type of heads you use will make a HUGE difference in the overall sound. Tama wins my vote for hardware. The Ludwig kit looks a little more modern to me though. The cymbals are the low-point. Upgrading the cymbals will make everything sound better!

Mike Hayes Drummerman says:

I’ll take Ludwig any day

Aaron Strepka says:

Hold on how much does a new export cost?

Todd DeGennaro says:

Tama is my company! Every time

Shane Dorsey says:

I recommend tama any day over Ludwig tama all the way

TheWhynaut says:

The puzzling question is how would the TAMA’s sound compare with the same quality heads? Are the sets tuned the same? I’m trying to know which shells are best, I’ll be changing heads and cymbals regardless.

D'yer Maker says:

I expected the Tama to sound better than the Ludwig, but it didn’t. The Element sounds more like a maple kit. The Tama’s kick was a bit weak and muddy.

anusheadproductions says:

wow ludwigs sound very different.

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