Snare Drum Hoops Comparison – Drummer’s Review

Following our recent video where we looked at our approach to snare drum tuning, in this special video we take a look at how different drum hoops can affect the sound produced from your snare drum. Featuring brass triple flanged, steel triple flanged, die-cast, S-hoops and wooden (walnut) hoops. Filmed at Middle Farm studio, September 2018. For more info, head over to


Sara Edge says:

I love the walnut!

Ramsey L says:

Wow I never thought that the hoops made that much of a difference in sound quality! I always looked at kits with die cast hoops as higher end, but I think I like s hoops now!

willsgotrythm42 says:

I like all of the different sounds, but I was surprised at how much I like the wood hoop!!!

vistalite 1972 says:

Steel triple flange

Mark Eurenz Cabusas says:

I love how my S-hoops sound but one thing I didn’t realize until I brought my snare to a gig is that it’s very hard to snap a clip-on mic to it due to the wide inward flange. It’s possible but after 3 or more backbeats then it falls off.

Josh Lentz says:

These are the best reviews around! Excellent comparison. Drumeo put out a snare drum comparison video yesterday and they all had different tunings and heads. While they noted this as a disclaimer it was a useless video and typical of most reviews. Your attention to detail and consistency is refreshing! Keep up the good work!

not BANGERTV says:

Comparing on a wooden drum can also be nice, I once heard a wooden drum sound like it was metal.

Rich Boshart says:

Terrific comparison fellas. As the owner of a brass TKO, this was especially useful for me. One of the best metal drums on the planet IMO.

Pheach Shorbet says:

The tapping of the hoops while disconnected from the drum made me LOL, especially the walnut. You know it’s coming and then when you finally hear the dry knock, it’s just so satisfying. haha …I think it’s worth noting that the prime benefit of S hoops is that they make sticks last way way longer. To a budget conscious drummer, this can be extremely valuable. …This was really well done and informative as all your videos are. Fantastic smooth speaking ability! Love it.

MrShaggrock says:

This such a great and informative review! I have been wondering if I should give die-cast hoops a shot on my 8″ deep snare with a little too much overtones – the answer is yes 🙂

Guru Drums says:

Another superb & useful review from the team, however, in this comparison, a more noticeable distinction between the hoop forms would have been apparent if both batter & resonant side hoops had been changed, not just the batter head side. Although the batter head hoop is the more influential of the two, the change in mass & alignment of overtones afforded by both hoops being applied would have offered a more complete / representative result.

David Suprenant says:

After the snare drum is finger tight top and bottom,approximately how many half turns with the key top and bottom.Please respond,a lot of drummers would like to know this.I can’t believe that drum companies don’t go more in depth on this most important subject. It’s like it’s this BIG SECRET!!! You guys always knock it out of the park with your tunning.The majority of drummers don’t know how to tune drums. They spend a lot of money on these instruments and then turn around and spend even more on drum heads looking for that perfect sound.You guys have a way of making a 300.00 dollar snare sound as good as a 1000.00 snare.please share your tunning skills.I think you would be surprised how many people you could help. Thanks,again.

Masoud Keramat says:

Your Channel Is Awesome, With An Exceptional Musician Like Nolly On Your Side, I Guess This Is No Surprise, this kind of success. Mentioning Both Good & Bad Aspects Of A Product Is So Exiting. Honesty Is The Key!

Den Svarte Metallkatten says:

Nolly? Bassist of Periphery?

pito100100 says:


Bill Nicholas says:

Always your reviews are to the point and thorough. Very much appreciated.

djentlover says:

I hate that I love the s hoop more than the die cast since I just paid a lot of money for die casts

Buck August says:

Excellent video!

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