SJC Custom Drums Tour Series 3-piece Shell Pack Review

Looking for a custom-quality drum kit without the lead time? The SJC Tour Series maple shell pack boasts the same features, integrity, and status as SJC’s made-to-order drums — except these handcrafted American beauties are available on a touring drummer’s schedule and budget. The SJC Tour is a traveling favorite of hardcore drummers David Sandstrom (Refused) and Cameron Losch (Born of Osiris), thanks to its pure, powerful tone and crisp, cutting projection. SJC 45 (45°) bearing edges maximize volume and sustain, and a modern satin stain gives this kit a look that’ll take center stage on the road.

Learn more about the gear used to make this video with the links below:
Kit – SJC Tour Series 3-piece Shell Pack – Golden Ochre –
Snare – SJC Titan 2.5mm Brushed Aluminum Snare Drum – 7″x14″ –

SJC Foundation Flatline Heavyweight Boom Stand –
SJC Foundation Flatline Heavyweight Double Tom Stand –
SJC Foundation Flatline Heavyweight Snare Stand –
SJC Foundation Series 3 leg Hi-hat Stand –
SJC Foundation Series Dbl Pedal –

Ride – Sabian HHX Groove Ride – 21″ –
Crash – Sabian HHX Evolution Crash – 18″ Brilliant Finish –
Crash – Sabian HHX Evolution Crash – 16″ Brilliant Finish –
China – Wuhan China Cymbal – 14″ –
Hi Hats – Sabian HH Vanguard Hi-hats – 14″ –

Toms and Snare Batter – Evans G2 Coated –
Toms Resonant – Evans Genera Resonant –
Snare Resonant – Evans Snare Side –
Kick Batter – Evans EMAD2 Clear Bass Batter Head –

Vic Firth American Classic 5B Wood Tip –

Kick – Electro-Voice ND68 –
Kick 2 – AEA N8 –
Snare – Shure SM57 –
Toms – DPA 4099 –
Overheads – Audio-Technica AT5045 –
Room – AEA N8 –

Recording Gear:
Apple 15″ MacBook Pro –
Universal Audio Apollo 8p –
Avid Pro Tools 12 –

In Ear Monitors:
Westone ES60 Elite Series Custom Fit Earphones –

Playin Music:
Bass Guitar – Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray 4 –
sound – Appollo 8p – Neve 1073 Unison Mic Pre
Electric Guitar – Schecter Keith Merrow KM-7 MK-II – Natural –
sound – Apollo 8P – Friedman DS40 – 15 ROCK USA 4X12
Synth Bass – AIR Xpand2 –
sound – 022 Synth basses – rave saw + sync bass
Rhodes – AIR Velvet 2 Vintage Electric Piano Instrument –
sound – 2 Mark 2 – 19 MKII Sometime
Tron Flute – GForce M-Tron Pro –
sound – MKII Flute Wide Dyn
Tron Strings – GForce M-Tron Pro –
sound – M300 Solo Violins Wide Dyn
Sequence – AIR Hybrid 3 High Definition Virtual Analog Synth –
sound – 07 Sequenced – 018 Noiced Trance Seq

Playout Music:
Bass Guitar – Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray 4 –
sound – Appollo 8p – Tube Screamer – Freidman DS40 – gain at 2
Electric Guitar – Supro Island Series Westbury –
sound – Appollo 8p, Tube Screamer – Freidman DS40 – gain at 6


Roe Sham Boe says:

eveything you need to know is in the first 90 seconds

TheCosmicCharizard says:

Here is a secret. 90% of Custom Drum Companies just use Keller shells. Most custom drums sound the same.

kimmy101 says:

Just Keller Shells….

P.o.B pedals says:

They don’t build their own shells like most of the other high end companies do,, they are sourced

Ethan Winograd says:

Where’s my SJC family?

Félix259 says:

Omgg thx !

Samarkand says:

What is the intro song? Big big train?

Toaster Burns says:

My god nick you rocked that little kit so hard

Sal Rosas says:

You guys should try to demo Hendrix or Risen drums

Blake Wynn The Drummer says:

I’ve been waiting for this video ever since I went to Gear Fest and it’s exactly what I wanted to see! I absolutely love SJC and Sweetwater and can’t wait to buy my own kit one day. Keep it up!

SJC Custom Drums says:

Thanks Nick & Sweetwater!

Phantom Drums says:


Jetty Local says:

He definitely smokes a bowl before playing the opening and closing tracks! He looks so lit up! But seriously Nick has every style down cold. An incredible drummer.

Toaster Burns says:

I still want that aquarium mapex but now youve been throwing all these awesome kits at us. Great work as always Nick amd Sweetwater!

Devon Drummer/Organist says:

Nice kit

handy andy says:

Alotta money for a badge and finish on off the shelf shells….I’ll stick with my masterworks…although nick you rock…do more gonzo videos

Ben Dover says:

don’t care about the kit…just here for nick’s playing again

omar cortes says:

Nick should be giving lessons on at drumeo.

Arthur Azoubel says:

0:31 That’s what is all about. Thank you, Nick

Hamilton Moya says:

Man, Nick can make ANY drum sounds GREAT!!

TheCosmicCharizard says:

Hey SJC, will you guys begin to use more exotic sounding woods like mahogany, bubinga, ash, and walnut?

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