SJC Custom Drums Heirloom 3-Piece Shell Pack Review

Nick D’Virgilio presents the SJC Custom Drums Heirloom three-piece shell pack. After the video, check out the links below for more info on the gear Nick used to make this video.

SJC Custom Drums Heirloom 3-piece Shell Pack – Custard Matte Lacquer ––sjc-custom-drums-heirloom-3-piece-shell-pack-custard-matte-lacquer/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=WQoxPjNs-lQ

Cymbal Stands – SJC Custom Drums Foundation Series Heavyweight Boom Stand ––sjc-custom-drums-foundation-series-heavyweight-boom-stand
SJC Custom Drums Foundation Series Heavyweight Straight Stand ––sjc-custom-drums-foundation-series-heavyweight-straight-stand
Snare Stands – SJC Custom Drums Foundation Series Heavyweight Snare Stand ––sjc-custom-drums-foundation-series-heavyweight-snare-stand
Hi Hat Stand – DW Machined Direct Drive Hi-hat Stand – 2 Leg ––dw-machined-direct-drive-hi-hat-stand-2-leg
Kick Pedal – Pearl Eliminator Dbl Pedal (2016 model)

Toms – Evans Calftone Drumhead ––evans-calftone-drumhead-13-inch
Kick – Evans EMAD Calftone Bass Drumhead – 24″ ––evans-emad-calftone-bass-drumhead-24-inch
Snare – Evans Power Center Reverse Dot Drumhead – 14″ ––evans-power-center-reverse-dot-drumhead-14-inch

Meinl Cymbals Byzance Vintage Benny Greb Sand Series Cymbal Box Set with Free 16″ Trash Crash ––meinl-cymbals-byzance-vintage-benny-greb-sand-series-cymbal-box-set-with-free-16-inch-trash-crash

Crash – Meinl Cymbals Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash Cymbal – 18″ ––meinl-cymbals-byzance-extra-dry-thin-crash-cymbal-18-inch
Crash – Meinl Cymbals Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash Cymbal – 16″ ––meinl-cymbals-byzance-extra-dry-thin-crash-cymbal-16-inch
Bottom cymbal in Stack – Meinl Generation X Signal Crash/Klub Ride
China – Meinl Cymbals Byzance Extra Dry China Cymbal – 18″ ––meinl-cymbals-byzance-extra-dry-china-cymbal-18-inch
Splash – Meinl Cymbals Byzance Traditional Splash Cymbal – 10″ ––meinl-cymbals-byzance-traditional-splash-cymbal-10-inch

Drum Sticks:
Vater American Hickory Drumsticks – 5B – Wood Tip ––vater-american-hickory-drumsticks-5b-wood-tip

Kick 1 – Audio-Technica Artist Series ATM250 ––audio-technica-artist-series-atm250
Kick 2 – AEA N8 – Ribbon Microphone –
Snare – Audio-Technica AE2300 ––audio-technica-ae2300
Rack Tom – Audio-Technica ATM350D Cardioid Condenser Drum Microphone –
Floor Tom – Audio-Technica ATM350D Cardioid Condenser Drum Microphone –
Overheads – Audio-Technica AT5045 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone –
Room – AEA N8 – Ribbon Microphone –

Recording Gear:
Apple 15″ MacBook Pro –
2 Universal Audio Apollo 8p –
Avid Pro Tools 12 –
Glyph Studio 2TB Desktop Hard Drive –
Computer Stand – Meinl Percussion Laptop Table Stand –


Craig Cordova says:

Love seeing the list of gear with links!!!

Karen Setzer says:

Sounds AWESOME! Thanks for sharing

Matthew Paluch says:

Hey Nick, how about a review on
SJC’s bell brass snare drum!

Roy Beckerman says:

No more music, please.
It drowns out the sound of the drums, which is why we are watching.

Павел Гур says:

wow. Good job!!!) You are the best.!!!

daniel bejmar says:

i think they sound really great!

P O says:

Oh dear Jesus

Elias Figueroa says:

Nick could make “trash can-type” drums sound good, to where you would actually take a moment, and consider purchasing it, haha!

Great Kit, Great playing, and Great video as always!

Ruben Carver says:

Lovin the hair dude

Josh Lentz says:

Nice kit, but if I am honest I’m here to watch Nick do his thing!

Joey Sturgis Tones says:

Thank you for all the links! Super helpful! More people need to do that.

Derrick Badenhorst says:

Love it!

Az The Drummer says:

Got this kit I love it man

Adam A says:

I’ve never been disappointed by g2 coated batters over resonant glass bottoms.

David Suprenant says:

Beautiful drums,and Nick your great.Your playing is top shelf brother.

The Forbidden Left Foot Of CallMeCarson says:

I like me some SJC gear!

Adam Ray says:

This kit sounds great. I really love the way the Meinl Vintage and Extra Dry cymbals fit together sonically.

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